1901 Hot Dog

This is our another favorite spot to dine in whenever we're undecided what to eat in Gurney Plaza. We love it because of the bread, so soft, so aromatic, warm and moist also its sweetness. Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) used to sell it at their snacks and beverage counter but I'm not sure what happened they stop selling the hot dog and replace with their own, kinda disappointed because I love eating them while watching movie's with my love ones, it's perfect combination for me.
We always order New York Chicken, regular for me and large is for Boyf but sometimes we will also order Coney Dog or Chicago Beef (just Boyf as I'm allergic with beef). We usually order set which comes with drinks of your choice and the price range is a bout RM 13-15 for both of us.
Their presentation of the hot dog looks real simple and tempting, their hot dog are steam #duh lol# so its kinda a lil healthy and the dressing is their special tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, crushed black pepper are sprinkle on top of it and some pickles, tadaaaa~! it is done and is ready to serve your growling stomach.

Ohya for your information, every 19th of the month you are entitle to enjoy real cheaper New York Chicken and Chicago Beef hot dog with the price of only RM 2.99 for regular ones. We did not notice that and we ordered Coney dog that day #aiks wasted# but now we know so is a yay for us =D

Their address is...
Gurney Plaza Basement (beside Japanese Dessert Mochi and opposite of Speedy)

For more information please click here, thank you.

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