The Bakery @ Maxims Genting Hotel

This may sound ridiculous to some but we actually did this. We found out that Genting have one famous bakery that is a must to try through Lowyat forum so we decided to have one day trip up the hill just to try the bakery and pastry also enjoy the chill weather.

We did not drive there with our own car as we are not really good in driving skill so we took bus. We depart from Penang Bus Terminal to KL Sentral then took Genting bus to reached, we depart during midnight time to avoid jam and by the time we reached Genting is around 8-9am.

We headed to find the bakery location and have our breakfast at there and only few people dine in there. I quite like their interior simple and nice but one thing not so fun is wifi not available.
Turkey Ham Sandwich
Due to our jet lag for the long travel and lack of sleep we just simply ordered one sandwich to stuffed our growling stomach and I actually can't really remembered what we had ordered but one thing for sure is something turkey XD

But really nice, the bread very warm, moist and soft also smell very very nice. However ingredients quite little for me but very fresh and juicy and crunchy. The portion quite big for me alone to eat finish but due to too hungry at that time I actually managed to finished it alone. But price wise is a bit too expensive for a sandwich like this, mine was RM 17.50.
And I ordered Cold Irish Coffee, it turned out to be so big disappointment! So bland and it just taste exactly like Nescafe 3 in 1 for a glass of coffee cost almost RM 10! Not worth it!!! Will never order it again ever!

During my Q-up to pay for my coffee, I had a short conversation with few aunties behind me and they told me they are from KL and they frequently will just go there to buy their breads and lofts in big baskets and then back to KL. The way they bought is like the breads can last me for a month long but actually they bought it and give to their children and grandchildren to eat #such thoughtful mom#. The manager actually recognized them and ready packed what the aunties regularly ordered, WOW!

Their price range are RM 6 - 21, Genting foods and beverage usually are expensive and Malaysian's know it well XD. They serve Pastries, Sandwiches and Desserts, and their desserts really tempting and nice. You must have a very strong will to resist it all else you going to be broke and gain some weight.

Thier location is at...

Maxims Genting Hotel Lobby

or you can click here to find out more.

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