Telok Bayan Food Court @ Bayan Baru

I Love Tom Yum
I Love Tom Yum
I Love Tom Yum
I Love Tom Yum Because It Is Yummyy...

I especially love this stall Tom Yum Noodle, not only they have seafood's such as prawn, squibs or fish but also Pork!!! The business open by one Chinese man but not Thai however the taste was so so awesome. It used to operate at 3/Sha Kak Eng, it is under express bridge at Bayan Lepas food court just near to one Chinese Primary School but that area was demolished few years back to expand the road due to jam, so then it was moved to Telok Bayan Food Court to continue his business. Many people do not know where it was moved but I'm telling you now, it is at Telok Bayan Food Court!

There is another few stalls selling Tom Yum as well, this Tom Yum Noodle is located inside of the Kopitiam.

For those who cant take spicy foods it is better to advice you not to try this Tom Yum, Serious, No Joke. It can Kill you.

I love spicy, I even carve for Chili Padi (Bird's Eye Chili) whenever the food taste is off or when I really need  extra spicy on my foods but this Tom Yum Noodle really killing me. First bite, you already can feel the spiciness and the following bite you'll fell warm then hot then sweating then running nose, then your lips and tongue is numb, when you finish the whole bowl your head is like spinning (well it happen to me). When you eat it is better to eat carefully as once you choke then cough next, everything you just ate will come out from your mouth. And never challenge yourself to drink the soup with straw, I know how things goes by then and it is not a nice experience.

He serve the Tom Yum noodle just very simple as you can see from the photo, I ordered Maggi because for me Tom Yum should partner Maggi or rice, it is a great combination. I don't feel like eating seafood so I ordered pork. The Maggi a bit hard to chew at first but slowly become soft, I think he know that his customers cant eat fast due to its spiciness so to avoid the noodle to become double to its original size he just cook it for awhile and the rest let the Tom Yum soup do the work. If you really not in hurry and want the Maggi become soft then just leave it on the table for awhile. While pork is so-so but the pork ball is yummy.

Well overall the meal is not concentrate on the Maggi nor pork but the Tom Yum Soup. So go get to try it!!!
To end our dinner and to kill the spiciness off from our mouth, I ordered Apom or Indian Fermented Rice Pancake. Actually it can taste a bit more better but the person served it COLD!!! so it was way off. Though still crunchy at the corner and fluffy in the middle and taste so-so but the aroma is too light and a bit too sweet for me. Still I finished it to kill the numbness of my lips and tongue and well already paid for it but not worth it lor...

The food court have varieties of foods to offer you so if you really does not feel like eating Tom Yum then explore other foods and share it with me and other readers ok? Well I always went there for the Tom Yum only but will try out other foods if got the chance.=D

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