Stupidity Lame Proud Celebration

It's been very long I did not sign in Nuffnang to check my updates, and today I just did and I found that many readers came to my blog through Google search and most view blog post is Street Grill Burger VS Hero Burger Bakar, I am shocked!

Being KayPoChi (busy body) me, type on Google search - burger bakar penang - and I found my link as second line after Street Grill Burger webpage.  Woooohoooooo~~~

There is nothing much I wish for my blog but to hope readers are enjoy reading them and hope they will re-visit again in coming future and I really hope that my post provide useful, fun and joyful information to you all.

Many many thank you to all the readers...

Terima Kasih
Thank You
Thor Jek
Xie Xie

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