Perfect Ice, Original Fresh Fruits Sherbet @ Kampar

Seriously I really miss those times where we go to have ice after a day at campus, we will talk, gossips, laugh, discussed, chillax and so on. At least once a month or more we will come here to buy ice or sherbet for English  term. Kampar, Perak weather is extremely super hot so we really need something nice and cold and healthy to cool us down and chill our day either we tapoed (take away) or having at there. Perfect Ice is where we always go and our is favorite place.

There is a lots of variety flavors you can choose from signature to premium flavors and you can mix up 2 flavors of your favorites or you can just enjoy your one and only favorite flavor. We usually ordered large cups instead of regular ones, as we, majority of us love ice and the weather really make us need to order large ones. Once I ordered regular cups and I had not enough.
Chi's - Red Bean & Soya Longan
Jing's - Passion Fruit & Mango
Mine - Mango & Mint
Wai's - Red Plum & Dragon Fruit
Boyf - Durian & Chocolate
and yeah he is in our group and the only boy in the group.XD

I really lovee it although the ice is not fine enough compared to good quality sherbet like Haagen Dazs or Baskin Robins but the sweetness, the flavors really from fresh fruits, you can taste it! Like Soya Longan, it have Soya aroma but the sweetness is from Longan and you can even taste the Longan meat chunks, same goes to Red Plum, Mango, Dragon Fruit (the seeds), Durian and while mine mints, you can see the mints leaves that is not finely blend well. I really like the freshness, the sweetness came from the fruits itself so it is not that sweet, and it is healthy. For those who really love having ice but seldom the intake of fruits, this is really prepare for you.=D

Talking about it makes me really want to have one now and I really miss it but unfortunately Penang don't have, it used to have one here at Prangin Mall, just a very small stall but I guess it's not popular here. At least I get to ate it once this year when we hold our own group gathering at Kampar, Perak.
Here is some of the menu but some fruits is not include in the menu as they don't really update their menu and price. This is just for references, for more accurate price and what flavors they offer during the day it is better to refer on the ice freezer which you can refer back to the first photos. And don't worries about the price, it is very affordable price.

The address is...
Taman Bandar Baru Kampar (New Town) Westlake, 31900 Kampar, Perak. (Just beside stationary shop)

For more information, please click here. Thank you.

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