Milkshake Factory @ Gurney Plaza

We always pass by this pinky shop because our car just park at that floor, just that floor. It attracted me very much so we eventually went in to see what they actually offer, although there is a signature stated Milkshake Factory but hey some just offer selected flavors only right? However this Milkshake Factory offer lots of varieties, for those who want to on diet or low carbohydrates intake you all are welcome here to enjoy without feeling guilty! Because it is healthy, refreshing and make you real full for a day.

 They offer varieties of chocolates for you to choose to varieties of cereal then varieties of cookies to varieties of fruits and Malaysian Delight. You can even mix it up! So you will never get bored from eating this every single day until you reach your targeted weight *wink* XD.
Me and Boyf always go for chocolate or cookies because we need something that boost up our energy and feel full for the day when we go for dating =P, its really helps us to save more than spending almost (minimum) RM 25 - 30 per meal sometimes only per person at Gurney Plaza, exclude snacks!!! While Milkshake Factory only cost around RM 22 for 2 Large Milkshake. That include lil bite of dessert that was blend in your Milkshake such as Ferroro Rocher, Snickers, Toblerone or Famous Amos Chocolate Chips, Tim Tams and so on...

Don't worry that they will be stingy by just giving you little of the ingredients, just see the photo above, it is quite pack with chocolates and the texture is really really thick not like others so watery. And not too sweet either.

I personally recommend this although it is not really famous in our region or even practice this way of having a meal (for Chinese).
I also attached their menu and price, feel free to click on it to view. They also have promotions from time to time and happy hour so do check out from their outlet or their website.

For more information, please click here.

And their address is...
at 6th Floor Gurney Plaza. (Just beside Cool Blog)

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