Cranberries Chocolate Cornflakes (Non-Baked)

 Alamak Chinese New Year is Coming~!!!

No budget to buy gifts for family members?

Don't Worries...What you need is...

1) A Box of Cornflakes (depending on how much you want to do)
2) Dried Cranberries (According to your likey, you can replace it with almond, nuts or so)
3) A Block of Chocolate (I used Colatta Brand, you can use your favorite brand)


1) Chopping Board
2) Knife
3) Wooden Spoon
4) Paper Cups
5) Boiler
6) Bowl
7) Big plate 
8) Tupperware
 1) Chopped the cried cranberries into small parts, break the chocolate compound and weight them or you can just use assuming (agak-agak) way, pour out the cornflakes into a bowl. P.S: All the ingredients here can  just eat it like that!!!=D

2) Melt the chocolate by double boil way to avoid any burn chocolate.

3) Pour in cornflakes and chopped dried cranberries in it.

4) Mix it well.

5) Put in paper cups and let it cold in freezer.
Taaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ready Cranberries Chocolate Cornflakes!!!

6) Eat it.

7) Put it in tupperware or nice tight covered boxes, wrap it up nicely and give it to family members during Chinese New Year. Simple and Nice and Cheap gifts during this seasonal occasion.

Well cheapest hamper almost cost hundreds and it is not handmade. Why not we made by ourselves right?

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