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Chinese New Year is coming and I bet everyone is busy doing their spring cleaning in their house and start deco their house however, there is one thing that we can never miss during this coming auspicious day. Food!!! Yup, foods we started to buy necessary ingredients to keep then cook for reunion dinner and the following days. But never ever forget to serve some tid bits or sweets for our guests who visit our house, of course usually the host will present Mandarin Orange for our guest's as it is symbol of our Chinese New Year and is "Gold" because we call is 'Kam' in Hokkien or Cantonese which almost the meaning as gold with a box of drinks. Some may even offer Kuih Kak Phek or Kuih Bang Kek which is somewhat Chinese New Year cookies. 

While for me, I will always refuse those tid bits as my house got tons of it and I seldom eat them due to the 'heat' of the foods, I really don't want to lost my voice or fall sick during this auspicious day to collect Ang Pao's money and so I really appreciate if host's able to serve other tid bits in their house. In my house of course there is some tid bits to serve the guest's together with 100 plus isotonic drinks instead of box drinks which really cool down our body heat during the hot day of Chinese New Year.

Don't worry of where to buy those tit bits there is always a place called Country Tid-Bits to serve you. This shops have hundreds of varieties tid bits for you to choose from, from sweets to salty or sour to junk foods with reasonable price according to weight (grams/kilo's). They also offer ready pack or you can self service.

Among all the tid bits they offer, me and Boyf serious like Cola Gummy Worms as you can see from the above pictures but seriously so expensive that I can only afford to buy it once a month but able to finish it within a day or two. =C
And we also bought this due to our childhood memories where we get to eat this sweets after we finish drinks the bitter medicine from Chinese Meditation Hall.
So so nice to eat after drinks the super bitter med but not without super bitter med. I wonder why *thinking*
Also this Lemon Tablets sweets, 80's kids should know this or remember this sweets. It used to be only 20 cents per packet but know RM 1.20 per packet, so sad!!!

It is good for our sore throat, you can eat it as tablets or smash it into powder and eat it like icing sugar or you can mix it with warm water and drinks.
This is how it looks like, awwww it's making me want to eat it right now. Oh ya this is a reminder from me, although it may looks so-so and not so appetizing and it is cheap but once you have it, you'll never stop eating it. This sweets is evil!!! super  E V I L !

They also sell dried spicy sweets squibs which is also my favorite but MummyQ doesn't allow me to eat that so much as it is unhealthy junk foods but I still hide behind her back and eat without her finding out but I never bought it back home for let her catch me XD so no photo for that, sorry =P

They also let you to have free tasting so feel free to taste it but remember to buy their products instead of after taste it and walk off like a cheapskate people since they already give you to taste so many tid bits just at least buy one packet go home even the cheapest one. Well no offend but business is business, people work due to earn money for living and there is nothing free in this world even the air/oxygen, you have to work for it to get clean and fresh air.

And their address is...

AEON Tebrau City Johor Lot 22
AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang F02
AEON Ipoh Station 18G08
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka LGBN30A
Genting Skyway Lot 3.25
Genting Hotel G/LG18.00
Gurney Plaza Lot 170-B1-03
Jusco Ayer Keroh Lot G05
LCCT Airport LCIDM 06 & 07
Mahkota Parade Melaka G25 & G26
Mid Valley Megamall LG 056
Prangin Mall Penang Lot 3.339
Queensbay Mall Penang LG 25
Sg. Wang Plaza G130-131
Sg. Wang Plaza C42
Sunway Pyramid LG 2.93
The Mines L1-104 & 105

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