BeerBQ Bistro @ Precinct 10

 Precinct 10 is a brand new commercial center in Penang Island and basically occupied with pub or bistro so this place is brand new place for the youngster to hang out with. I quite like how it was build because of its convenience to find parking and the distant is just few steps away from which bistro or pub you want to go.

Like westerner's they love to dine their meal with beer, BeerBQ just have the concept of that with varieties selection of beers or alcohol for you to choose and I just ordered small glass of Hoegaarden because I'm not a drinker and it was said that it tastes sweet and the alcohol level it not high, so I give it ago. And ok I'm not drunk or anything just feel super duper zuper hot at the end of my dinner.
 They also offer Roasted Pork in a very fine serving unlike how we buy it in pasar/market place which look quite untidy for serving. The price is RM 16.90 which it give me a extreme shocked because with this portion I can buy it at market place for only few Ringgit but since it is  recommended so why not give it a try right? Thinking of the price it makes my heart ache. Really.

The textures a bit too dry and not really aromatic and not really salty enough for me, also not that crispy for the outer layer, it also come with sauce for you to dip in but the sauce it's just like Thai Chili Sauce you can bought in Hypermarket so it's really a turn off for me. Ohya roasted pork comes with real fat layer, I know it sounds really unhealthy but good roasted pork is a must to have fat layer with it but in this case they remove it. So sad, I know they try to serve healthier meal for their customer's but it won't do for roasted pork lovers.
 I ordered BeerBQ Pork Ribs which cost RM 38.90, presentation is good, simple and nice but the portion is a bit small for a person like me who have big appetite =C It was well marinated with their special sauce but the sauce was a bit too lil and I do hope they serve small portion of the sauce on the plate to dip for the meat as the meat is not that flavorful compared to its skin.

However the meat is well cook, so tender and easily falling of from the bones and just melts in your mouth, and it is quite juicy. It was serve together with potatoes wedges and some salad, I like their wedges, it taste awesome, very moist and it melt in your mouth.
As for dessert, since they don't have much choices and selected, we go for Stout Chocolate Cake which cost RM 12.90, in my opinion whom love desserts than anything else a bit not worth it due to its portion. So Small!!!

Although it was flavorful with stout and chocolate but it was too dry! Or maybe it is not fresh baked and its already few days ago, kinda disappointed  =C But the presentation not bad, simple and nice, the cake top with love letter and whip cream.

The address is...

10-B-06, Precicnt 10, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang. (Next to the Island Plaza and drive through Starbucks) and the shop just next to SOHO bistro & pub.

For more information, please click here. Thank you.

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