Snow Ball Oreo Cookies (Non-Baked)

 What you need:
Cream Cheese 
White Chocolate
Oreo Cookies
(P.S: Brand's are up to you, mine is on budget XD)

Paper Cups
Boiler Pan
 Big Plate
Big Plastic Bag
 1) Put all the Oreo in a big plastic bag, sealed it and smashed the Oreo with bowl (according to your like on which to use to smash it) until powdery like.

2) Mix the ready smashed Oreo with Cream Cheese (depending on how much you want) until it is well mix.
3) Put aside the Oreo and melt the White Chocolate by double boil it to avoid any burns chocolate.

4) Mold the Oreo into round shape and coat it with White Chocolate. After coating put the Oreo on paper cups then put inside freezer until the chocolate is harden and cold. 
TAaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaa...Snow Ball Oreo Cookies is ready!!!

5) Eat It!

P.S : To avoid wasting space in your freezer, after the chocolate is harden, put Snow Ball in a tupperware and seal it with cover.

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