Sky Hotel Famous Char Siew Rice @ Lebuh Chulia

I edited the photo to look more old as the building is one very old building, very long ago Sky Hotel is one famous hotel but now it looks more to abandoned building YET! Every noon the place will be crowded with ppl to have a simple meal called Char Siew Fan/Char Siew Rice at Jalan Masjid along the way of Chulia Street.
The drinks is quite expensive though, I ordered Ambra juice with Dried Sour Plum and MummyQ ordered Apple juice, both beverage cost RM 5+. For a place like this it is considered quite expensive although its taste good and refreshing but a lil bit too sweet for me.
I've been eating here since my lower secondary where it is quite close to my school, just a short distance walk. Since they are famous for their char siew and roasted pork so better to ordered that when you are there, other than char siew and roasted pork, I suggest not to order the rest like duck and chicken meats since is not their specialty.

Char Siew - Oily as in the pork fats is very thick but what to do their signature char siew is like this. Crunchy and sweets but it cannot be your light snacks just eat it like that just what we do in our childhood time because it will make your throat very uncomfortable, it must be mix with rice to eat it.

Roasted Pork - Although the uncle did not finely chopped the pork but it actually taste not bad! A bit chewy but that's fined for me, not too salty and the pork smell not too strong, however they lack of crunchiness on the outer layer skin. Good combination to eat with rice.
To be honest I'm not really a fans of this vege as I experienced it bitterness before but this shop will not let you experience no good food. They quickly cook the vege is like they cook it within 1 minute time so the vege look fresh and maintain its crunchiness, besides look fresh it also taste fresh, juicy and sweets. But for a small plate and just vege, this dish really quite expensive for me. Serious.
The meal also comes with a bowl of soup but it taste so so for me, and their special chili sauce that I seldom eat as I find it taste weird to eat with the rice and porks but their char siew sauce is something that I like! Is their special sauce actually, it you just taste it like that, the sauce really taste very plain but if you eat it with char siew it really brings out the yummy yummy, just like magic! and it only works on char siew.

And the rice just a normal plain white rice.

Overall the price is around RM 15 for 2 person exclude the drinks.

You may want to come early for table booking cause it is really crowded with people or you feel lazy just to wait for a table just tapao it back BUT it will not taste the same like you eat it at there.

Their business start at 11.30 and it ends at as soon as all the porks are sold out, usually it only takes 2 hours or 1 1/2 hours. Good business.

And their address is...
348, Lebuh Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

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