Restaurant Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park

 We dropped by at New World Park to taste this Nyonya cuisine, out of the blue we felt like eating ones so as we are near by there, there we go. My maternal grandmother is Nyonya and her cooking is like really really awesome but unfortunately she's no longer with me, still I miss her cooking now and then even MummyQ cooking lose to her. I desperately looking for almost likely my Fatty Granny cooking taste but so far non of reminds me of her cooking. *sad*

As you pass by by New World Park, you'll immediately notice the restaurant as their interior and exterior build like Nyonya style.
 Just only three of us and we are afraid that we might order too much and we are not sure about their portion so we just ordered 2 dishes.

1) Chien Chuan Tauhu - They cook with beans paste or we called it (tau chiao) in hokkien, the taste of it not bad actually not too thick nor too watery. A bit of sour and sweet, although there is chili in it but not spicy. Sprinkle a lil bit of fried onions really brings out the taste but the smells of this dish not strong enough for me and the tauhu not really impress me although quite smooth but it is ready packed tauhu in hypermarkets, I really miss those homemade tauhu. The price is RM 12.
 2) Ayam Ponteh - Again this dish as well cooks with tau chiao (beans paste), soy sauce and sugar so this dish really a bit cheeky because it have sour, salty and sweets. The way they cook I kinda like it because not too oily but the sauce a bit too little. Too bad they do not cook it with potatoes as I remember my Fatty Granny ayam ponteh have potatoes in it and wow it really nice yo! Soft, smooth and the potatoes absorb the sauce in it...oh my...heaven!!! If you really want to try out Nyonya cuisine, ayam ponteh is a must to order at any Nyonya restaurant. The of ayam ponteh is RM 15.
As for dessert well just me who ordered dessert, I ordered Black Beans Soup/Bee Khor Moi (hokkien)/Bubur Kacang Hitam. Bee Khor Moi is my all time favorite dessert for chinese dessert, for me without dessert the meals will never complete. Okay back to the point, the bee khor moi not really impressive a bit of disappointing of the texture and aroma. Very rough, the smell of the bee khor moi also not strong and the beans very dry, the coconut milk also not impressive, the coconut smell too light and the texture a bit plain. Even though I personally don't like my bee khor moi mix with coconut milk but when you having it outside instead of home cook then you have to bear with it. The price of bee khor moi is RM 4, Not worth it.

Boyf ordered soya beans ice for his drinks but trust me is like drinking plain water, not sweets, the soya smell also very super light and it cost RM 2.80!!!. Luckily me and Jing's just ordered plain warm water.

Overall just okay for me. Enough said.

And their address is...
No.102-A-6, 102, Jalan Burmah, 10050, Penang.
Telephone no...

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