Les Delices De Valerie @ Gurney Plaza

 Again my Bestie opened their yet another branch at Gurney Plaza last weekend and invited their families and close friends for their grand opening. When I received her SMS, I was shocked as their first business just started not long ago in this year and it is just approximately around 8 months and Now they have their second stall in Gurney Plaza. Business expanding too Fast!!!

I did post up their first business few months back, you can read it here.

But this time they added few more desserts in their business which is handmade chocolate and pastry besides their macaroons.

Loh Loh recommended me to try out their Huile de Citron & Lavender as this is her favorite and the Boss KimHock he himself recommend his own favorite to us as well which is Chabot Armanac (alcohol flavors). So eventually I bought these two mini elegant chocolate to try out.
 Boyf love Chabot Armanac which is very rich in flavoring and chocolate, very soft and inside is very moist and creamy. Very elegant.
While I personally love what LohLoh likes which is Lavender, very refreshing aroma yet the smell of it not too strong, not too sweet either, very soft and moist inside of the chocolate, not too creamy compared to Chabot Armanac. Very girly.

And most importantly. It immediate melts in your mouth which I really like.
 I like their packaging. Simple and nice and cute. Since LohLoh good in arts so there is no problem in designing ones in very vintage way.

KimHock absolutely kind to us, he treated us another chocolate on the spot! Well I never expected that as I just went there to support my LohLoh. So I want to say my many thanks to him;
Thank You (English)
Terima Kasih (Bahasa)
Xie Xie (Mandarin)
Nandri (Hindi)
Arigato (Japanese)
Merci (French)
Kamshahammida (Korean)
Thor Jek (Cantonese)
Kamsiah (Hokkien)
Orkun (Cambodian)

He treat us Japanese Matcha Azuki, according to LohLoh, its is Wooi Lip (her lil bro) favorite. Well KimHock does not have much choices then as when I reached at Evening their chocolate only left few on display, yes I delayed my wishing a bit late but better than never as I'm working on something. Hmm...first bite was a bit bitter but slowly it turn out very aromatic and refreshing.

The size of the chocolate actually quite small, is like end of your thumb size, you can just pop-in in your mouth and gone! The price range are from RM 3 - RM 3.50 per piece. Which I personally feel okay as their ingredients is good in quality, no extra flavoring nor coloring, everything is in pure ingredients. For an example; Lavender flavor. They personally extract the taste and aroma out from lavender itself and they really handmade it. For macaroons they have few trips to fill up but for chocolate, once it's finish, it's finished.

As for pastry I did not take picture of it. I've tried out their Profiterole and Boyf really likes it as their filling really nice and a lots, once you bite it, it burst in your mouth! Very soft, moist, smell quite nice as it is freshly baked, the custard not too creamy and sweet nor it looks harden. Affordable price, RM 2.50 per piece.

Last but not least~

Congratulations Again to Both of you

Hope your business continue to be this awesome and good and famous!!!

And their address is...
Gurnay Plaza Basement, next to escalator. opposite of Famous Amos.

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