Kuta Bali Food Court @ Paya Terubong

 MummyQ bugged me and Boyf to go to Paya Terubong Kuta Bali Food Court to try out their foods, it is her second time go there while me and Boyf first time. We don't feel like going because that area often famous for its traffic jams but to please the Queen of the house so we went. According to MummyQ the foods at there taste not bad and many varieties of foods you can choose, very spacious, a lot of people and there is parking lots free of charge. In my opinion, yes many varieties of foods they offer there, not really spacious and the way they arrange the stall make a lil confusion to me, parking free of charge but not really they have a lot of parking lots and yes there is a lot of people due to the housing area there and varieties of foods and kinda affordable.

Boyf ordered this Philippines set rice. Not Impressive. And Expensive. The portion just okay, but will not full for sure definitely not worth every penny we pay for it. The chicken is very chewy, Boyf intend to put it aside already but due to the price we paid he just ate it, the gravy is very oily and the smell really very light and weird to both of us also a lil bit too sweet for me. Soup was very small bowl MSG really very strong with few vege, I think without the MSG, the soup will taste like plain water. Rice, egg and coleslaw was okay, just okay.
 Me and MummyQ ordered Claypot Chicken Rice With Egg. Taste not bad thanks to the chinese sausage (cheong) sweetness and aroma, the soy sauce a bit too bland and they are too stingy to give so few that make the rice a bit too dry for me. Chicken not that impressive, less meats, lots of bones and chicken skins, but the portion is quite big for me to finished it alone, the claypot chicken rice aroma also quite light, once they opened the clay cover it really smell nice but just for few seconds. Overall editable if you are hungry and the price a lil lil lil higher than what I willing to pay for it.
 We ordered Chinese Pasembur a.k.a Cheh Hu in Hokkien for our appetizer. Quite good but again a lil bit too sweet and thick for the gravy in my opinion. Price are affordable and the portion quite big actually, just that the cracker a bit too thick and the cucur too lil for but a lot of vege.
While beverage not worth for the money we paid for it even one penny! I ordered warm Chrysanthemum shared with MummyQ but the taste totally exactly taste like plain water! very very disappointed and Boyf Carrot Milk very watery just like plain water except a lil bit of carrot smell.

As for dessert I ordered Lao Ban Soya Beancurd or Tau Foo Fah (Cantonese) or Tau Hua (Hokkien). I recommend this personally although in my guessing they use soya powder as I tasted powdery texture but yet really nice! Very soft, smooth, shiny, aroma just so fined for me not too strong not too light, not too sweets and refreshing. But very expensive for a small bowl and portion it cost RM 3 - RM 3.50, if it only they lessen the price to RM 2 I definitely will buy more to store in my freezer. They have Durians, Honeydew, Almond, Peach (not printed on the label) and Original flavors, so far I like their Durians, Peach and Almond. As for Original I did not try it out because not worth in my opinion because we can get it at any hawker stalls with one big bowl and only cost RM 1.50 or less.

In my labels I did put it Halal as well because there is few Malay food stalls but majority is Chinese foods they offer at there.

And their address is...
Lintang Paya Terubong 1, Paya Terubong, 11060 Penang. (Just behind Permata Sports Complex)

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