Kedai Makanan Different Taste @ Bercham

During these rainy days, what I really need is delicious hot soup to warm up my shivering body and I kept thinking of this dish from Bercham, Perak. It was Jing's introduced us to this place and booked a table for 5 person, also I remembered during that day is raining.

We ordered what usually Jing's family ordered so we have Tang Hoon Noodles Soup with Crabs. The textures of the soup is really thick and the smell of fresh sweet crabs is really strong although it may looks a bit too plain but trust me tis slurpieeeee!!! 5 of us agree that the soup did cooked with a lil bit of alcohol as when we taste it, the soup have some alcohol fragrance but not too strong just enough to warm you up and pump up your blood circulation, no warm if you did not eat it often as shells seafood as well have high cholesterol. Good is of course good but health always comes first. I personally recommend this! *Thumbs Up*.
Second we have this huge Butter Prawns. What I can say is the prawns is indeed super fresh because once you bite it, it is so juicy and so sweets!!! However the butter too light for me although the aroma is killing still fresh ingredients do not need extras to be good, simple yet nice. I only able to eat 1 as I have minor allergy to seashells, Daniel asked me whether I allergy to the shells or the meats, but I'm not so sure, so he asked BoyF to try peeled the shells for me and I just eat the meats just to experience it whether what I'm allergy of. Don't worry my allergy here is just some itchy rashes like mosquito's bite nothing serious. And so I finally know that I just allergy to its seashells more than meats!. *Happy me* From then Boyf have to peel for me to eat *like a Boss*.=D
Steamed Clams
Lala a,ka, Clams in English and Lala is Hokkien. Although it looks super plain and not so appetizing but its really nice! The sauce doesn't look spicy but they cook and shimmer it with chilli padi which is one kind of spicy chilli we have here in Malaysia so the sauce is actually a lil bit spicy and biting in your tongue, just like appetizer, this dish able to opens up your taste buds. Chi's find it very spicy but we all knows that she cannot eat anything that have chilli in it. Nothing more I can say here, the clams again is very fresh.
Third. Sweet and Sour Crabs. I wish the gravy can be more and more tomatoes paste, overall the textures is nice and the smells is awesome, nothing to whine about this dish as I quite satisfied with it but one things is crab shells is hard to break off and eventually your fingers can feel the pain after break too many crabs shells, especially when you want to break off the crabs (finger?) parts its like OAuch damn it but still you want to eat it. I hope they will provide something to break the shells, maybe mini hammer?
Steamed Fish
Oh oh oh fishy. I don't know what type of fish is this as Chi's ordered it, we just ask for fish tail part and small in portion as we already ordered many crabs dishes and the person said okay, she will make 3 person size for us and explained the size of the fish tail is just like small palm of her and yup we trust her.

But when the fishy came on our table, we were like so shocked! its really big that it can cover my meaty face . I felt cheated. Sometimes people will do something different from what they intend to or explain if you know what I'm trying to say here. Then we said to that lady we did not ordered this size of fish tail, we just ordered 3 person pax size and  the lady replied us nicely that this is 3 person pax size fish tail and is the smallest size they have. Then Jing's told us it is like that as they usually bought bigger size fish than usual, Jing''s indeed remind us not to order so much as their portion are quite big but we never listen until we saw all of our dishes on table.

It is really simple cooked fish, steamed and poured in the cooked soy sauce and the ingredients that already shimmered together. The fish skin is super thick and I hate fish skin so I always remove the skins and only eat the meats, again again and again the fish is really fresh. Not chewy at all and the meats somehow will melts in your mouth due to its freshness, so juicy, so sweets and no fishy smells at all!!! They really did a good job to wash away the smells else I will feel like going to puke because I really really hate fishy smell. I did enjoy the fish a lots which I seldom do it.
This is our overall dish and their serving is fast and billing also fast as a lot of customers are waiting so they really need to work fast. However the place kinda hot due to the Wok Hei the chef cooks at behind but that day was raining so we feel warm instead of hot at there.

During the weekend according to Jing's is a lots of customers and so we went during the weekdays still there is a lots of customers as night fall and sky are getting darker, people are still coming in even it is raining.

And their address is...
72, Persiaran Bercham Selatan 2, Taman Desa Kencana, Bercham, Ipoh Town, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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