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 Living in Ipoh for 5 months surely I will make good use of the time by hunting good foods, so, Boyf and me visited this place call Beacon Point twice during the 5 months in Ipoh and still I miss it Now! *sad*.

It was recommend by our friends from Ipoh and the newbied in Ipoh and of course being a nerd in the town which unfamiliar to us get some helps from our friends to recommend good place to dine in, and she and her Boyf have a good taste in stuffing their mouth with food, lucky us. *Happy friends*

Once I stepped into the restaurant immediately I fall for this place, not a high-end restaurant or normal any restaurant you see but it is more to family feel restaurant and it will make you so comfortable and cozy. The environment also very peaceful, delighting, quiet and their service as well very efficient, fast and friendly.

For first time visited, I still use my lousy phone camera so really sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Okay. Back to the point of this blog, we ordered;

Beacon Point Mushroom Soup - When they say their soup definitely not from cans I bet you can trust their words, the soup really creamy and rich with mushroom plus the aroma really open your appetite more over serve it warm *thumbs up**licking lip* that's not all, they really make it like fine dining place where they warm up the bowl for standard serving and that's really bring the foods another level of delicious.

Laksa Lemak - Although it's not the same Laksa I eat in Penang, at first I totally feel awkward but I gave it a go. It have its spiciness and creamy, the Laksa aroma smell nice as well but for sure they did not use Ikan Kembung to boil the soup because the taste of soup totally different from Penang Laksa although they cook it Lemak, however the smell and taste of Ikan Kembung will never miss.

Chicken-in-a-Basket - Well not that they really put a whole chicken in a basket lol. It is a deep fried chicken and fries then put it in a basket with their special seasoning, it is more like chicken popcorn you can buy at Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] or groceries market but here they make it their own chicken popcorn instead of small bite of it they make it bigger a bit.

Roasted Chicken Season with Mushroom Sauce - Overall the dish is very satisfying, although it will not really make you full if you have big appetite person. They comes with mash potatoes and some fresh vege and cherry tomatoes, when I say fresh I meant it. No Lie. The vege really juicy and sweets however I don't know how it taste like for cherry tomatoes because I not fans of it and just because I don't like it. Same with mushroom soup the plate serve with warm temperature.

Grilled Fish - What I can say here is very fresh and juicy and sweets, it does have the fishy smells so as long as they can get rid of the fish smell I'm happy. Their other dish just as same as Roasted Chicken fresh vege, cherry tomatoes and mashed potatoes. They like to serve their foods in very simple way but it is very satisfying. Oh ya, their mashed potatoes in my opinion is really nice and nicely mixed. Not too salty nor plain and there is a lil bit of chunks potatoes and well mashed potatoes, plus the smell of it really nice.
Wantan-in-a-Basket - Just like Chicken-in-a-Basket, except this time is wantan wrap instead of popcorn chicken. Still I prefer Chicken-in-a-Basket.

Egg Sanwhich - Very moist, suitable amount of Mayo's but the serving is like a bit small and the lettuce although it may really enhance the serving looks but personally I prefer without lettuce. Overall Ok!

New York Cheesecake - I'm a cheese lover so definitely I will say I like it plus I'm a dessert lover as well so again I will say that I really love it! The cake is very compact yet very moist, full of cheese flavors but the smell of it not too strong and once you put in your mouth, it melts! This is what I'm looking for in cheesecake. Some cheesecake may actually make you have just one piece of it as it makes you feel enough! No more! but in Beacon Point you will have 2-3 cheesecake in one shot without feeling yuacks!.

Espresso Cheesecake - I used not to be a coffee lover but I love this cheesecake however. The coffee aroma really tempting and the looks of it really shiny, smooth textures and moist. Some based may be dry that sometimes you scoop on it, it will fall apart but Beacon Point based as well is very moist and compact. Same like warm foods serving, their dessert comes with cold serving, the plate as well as their folks.

I tried their Walnut Carrot Cake before but that was tapoued (take away) so I forgotten to take picture of it. It is their signature famous cake in their restaurant. Overall I really like it but I prefer lesser cream on it. And their Sinful Cake, is really sinful for those on diet but well not for me (but sinful to my health) three layers of chocolate cake with thin layer of chocolate coating. It is very rich in flavors, the chocolate really thick, compact and smell good...
Grill Chicken with Mushroom Sauce - In the middle of the chicken is not cheese melts but it is mashed potatoes comes with Mayo's corn, lettuce and strawberry slices and with dried basil leaves. I personally does not really like it because the mushroom sauce a bit plain, I prefer if it comes with the same mushroom soup that I had then I will be happy.
Fried Chicken with Pineapple Sauce - It does not have the pineapple sourness but sweets just like the pineapple you will have in Pizza Hut, the different is they make it in bigger chunks. A little of tomatoes ketchup to bring out the colors instead of plain white sauce, I'm happy with this dish it really mixed well and I finished the whole plate just left empty plates for them. Chicken portion are okay. The taste of it really tempting and chicky and it comes with Mashed potatoes (some brown spot you see in the picture is not that the mashed potatoes is spoil but they mashed it with some potatoes skin) and salads.
This is Beacon Point Restaurant picture...and one thing I regret is I don't have the chance to eat their Chicken Pie *sad*=(

And their address is...
41, Lintasan Perajurit 6, Taman Perak, 31400, Ipoh, Perak

For more information of Beacon Point please click here. Thank you.

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