Yohan's Bakery @ Gopeng

 In 2009, it is my first time birthday was celebrated out from Penang. I was celebrated with new found friends and Boyf at Ipoh. And from that moments I tasted really nice cakes from Ipoh, the first time I ate Yohan's Bakery cake was Tiramisu Cakes which we celebrated at Sushi East.

Since then I keep waiting for another opportunity to try their cakes again.

Lucky me my Industrial training happened to be in Ipoh and so my friends and her Boyf brought us to their Shop and surprise surprise they have so much cakes on their display and makes me drools lol and good enough they have they dessert set which consist of cordial drinks, Sticks cookies and mini cookies and your choice of cakes. If I'm not mistaken one sets only cost RM 9.90, kinda affordable right?

Above picture are Fruits Cakes.
Another picture of Yohan's Bakery Cakes: Chocolate Moist Cakes

I had already tried most of their cakes during my Industrial training at Ipoh #kekekekkekeke# for example...
Black Forest, Tiramisu (my birthday cake), Marble Cheese Cake, New York Cheese Cake, Chocolate Banana (Boyf favorite), Pandan Layer, Nyonya Agar-Agar, Mango Delight (Jing's birthday cake), Honeydew Special, Batik Biscuits, Chocolate chips biscuits, breads and many more lol can't really type all XD
 Chocolate Banana Cake
 New York Cheese Cake 
Honeydew Special Cake

But unfortunately I did not have the chance to try their Chocolate Fondue=( it's really cheap in price and I saw a lots of people order it *cry*.

The cakes are really fresh, not too sweet, not too dry not too soft nor hard just able to melt into your mouth, and their fruits cakes are using fresh fruits like Mango Delight. Their serving plate also very nice very colorful with different colorful fruits are serve with the cakes.

The environment also nice for afternoon tea time with friends or on yourself as it is very quiet for after work relaxation.

And their address is...
No. 292, Jalan Gopeng, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.

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