The Chocolate Boutique @ Lebuh Leith

 So I went to this boutique after my GodBro told me we have chocolate boutique in Penang, the curious me though that out chocolate boutique would be something like Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory or Charlie The Chocolate Factory movies but no! Too much high expectation from me lol lol lol but well not really disappointed as they do have varieties of chocolates on their display cabinets such as Durians, Chili, and many more flavors and FREE TASTING!!! They do have chocolate drinks and some coffee with interesting flavors and FREE TASTING as well! Still it is a must visit list for me.

They have souvenirs, valentine's and so on types for you to buy. Well it helps sometimes on what you should buy but sometimes it do confuse you as well as it is too much of varieties to choose.

I attached the map to the chocolate boutique as well.

Price range was acceptable, it starting from RM 15 - RM100+

Free entrance and there is tour guide that will lead and guide you throughout at the chocolate boutique tour and they will explain to you all about the chocolates they display however you can choose to walk by your own and they do not charge any penny for the tour as well. Their service kinda good though. *Happy Customer* Xd

Cheapo customers may actually come in and taste all the chocolate and walk out with empty hands, but definitely not me!!! I bought 1 box of chocolate well I really do love chocolate but my body kinda hate it *sad*
Dried Blueberries Coated With White Chocolate
Taste not bad, very refreshing but not a fans of white chocolate so ok acceptable for me, the blueberries really have very strong taste and aroma, not too sweet as well. Might actually cause you pop in all the chocolates in your mouth without you realize it.
Then we indulged our self with their small cabin look like ice cream stall just beside the chocolate boutique. We were served by one lovely sweet and pretty Korea girl. There is limited selection on their ice cream however it is homemade and definitely will not disappoint you with their quality and taste!.
Jing's ordered Black Sesame - The textures really thick and aroma just so nice, not too sweet not too bitter. They do blend very well, the textures as well not too sticky.

BoyF ordered Mango - A bit bland compared to Black Sesame but still have its flavoring.

Me - DURIANS!!! Awwwwwwwwhhhh...the textures really really thick and the smell of it OMGAWD!!! although a bit sticky and you might as well taste the Durians meat. Durians lovers will love it!!!

Thier address is...
22. Lebuh Leith, Georgetown, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.

They definitely have the potential to expand to a better and interesting boutique.

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