Steamed Rice Cake/Pak Thong Kou @ Cintra Street

 Okay, today I'm going to talk about my another favorite Chinese Dessert, it is extremely delicious and super duper uber zuper cheap which everyone afford to buy and enjoy this simple dessert.

So, as picture already says its introduction to you all, it is Pan Cake a.k.a Ham Chim Pheng and Steamed Rice Cake a.k.a Pak Thong Kou and each only cost 60cent. Cheap Right?
 They start their business hours at night probably around 7.30pm and their off day are uncertain, yes as this is just part of small family business to continue providing these tradition dessert to everyone, part of their hobby. When MummyQ asked have anyone in the family going to take over after the elders retire, the Taukeh answer "No, as this is hard work and the youngster prefer easy work such as office work.'

Well it is kinda sad when no one willing to take over this small business =( So, fast grab this opportunity to try one!!

Oh just for some reminder, they have a lots of customers from young ones to elders so their cakes probably selling off very fast, once it is finish then it is finish. Be there early if you don't want miss it.=D

For PanCake a.k.a Ham Chim Pheng, they have 2 types of it
1) Filled with Red Bean Paste
2) Just plain PanCake with some sprinkle of salt
And I bought 1 piece of Steamed Rice Cake and 1 Salted Pancake each time I passed by, well these are my favorite. Some times we might bought until 5 of each for late night supper and you may saw some that bought 1 whole big plastic, well I guess the family have big appetite or big family members=D

Both cakes taste awesome, not too sweet for Steamed Rice Cake and not too salty for Salted Pancake. It just soothes your taste buts and it is very fluffy, soft and the aroma just make you can't stop salivating. Once you take one bite, you'll want more...

Their address are:
Cintra Street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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