Sin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice @ Macalister Road

 Just coincidentally I was in rushed of time for my lunch time and 45 minutes left before my lunch break end, therefore I don't have time to go other places to have my lunch and we passed by this chicken rice shop and just walk. That's it. Ever since then I really like this chicken rice, it is not only yummy, nice, delicious but also cheap! The amount of portion is medium depends on head counts but it always drive me to order lil bit bigger portion of the Char Siew because it's really nice and you just cant have enough of it.

Chicken: They just have roasted chicken instead of steamed chicken like many others chicken shop stalls. The textures of the chicken very soft and the aroma just fine for me, it is not very chewy and the meat is very moist even the chicken is roasted as I experience some roasted chicken their meat become dry and it really hard to chew. They will help you to remove the chicken bones for you, well it makes you easier to eat and still the chicken meats remain very pretty, I once tried before one chicken rice stall and the person not good in removing chicken bones for their customers, end up my chicken was in a mess on the plates and it turnoff by appetite by looking at it.

Roasted Pork: Well I don't have a picture of it as I missed it, well mouth still faster than camera click lol, my apologize. Hmmm...the textures and aroma for me is just so so, not really impressed. Not really crunchy for the outer skin nor taste a bit salty. I personally prefer roasted pork that taste rather a bit salty as it really open up your appetite.

Char Siew: Wow! This is my favorite dish although the pork it slightly oily but hey this is their signature of char siew, besides oily the char siew also slightly crunchy, lil bit of sweet, shiny, the aroma really awesome, very moist as well despite the outer meat is crunchy though it will make you slightly thirsty later on, might be due to too much of seasoning and flavoring still you will love it. This is the dish that I always order for bigger portion or extra another plate XD.

Chai Boey: It is stew soup which we Chinese will throw in leftover pork and vege into a big pot and put a lots of dried chili and slowly boil it until it thicken and the nice aroma come out, MummyQ call it rubbish soup because of the leftover dish will be dump into pot and boil it. It may looks messy and not really appetizing but the taste really awesome and you will wish for another bowl and so on. If it is during rainy days this soup really warm you up, it is not really spicy nor hot but enough to make you addicted and it is also taste a bit sour but not because of spoil vege that kind of produce sourness smell or taste, it has its unique sourness that I wasn't able to explain it. The folks once said this stew soup not good for health in long run if you keep drinking it so I just drink it like once in a month. This shop stew soup really satisfying as some sellers unable to come out with the thick textures and aroma. So is a thumbs up for me!.

Rice: The aroma of the rice is just enough for your taste bud and the rice kinda fluffy and not so oily, the color of the rice looks ok for me.
Lunch time or weekend this shop will be crowded, I wasn't sure when is their off day and their operation hours is from morning to noon. Price is very affordable and kinda cheap for me, usually 3 dishes (roasted pork, roasted chicken, and char siew) including chai boey and rice for 2 person only cost RM11.10 exclude beverage.

The location is quite hard to find parking lots and it usually cause jam, I prefer sitting motor if you want to eat in peace. Although a lots of people but their servicing is quite efficient and fast, sometimes you will automatically eat fast and let other people to occupied your table as they will standing there and look at you even though not a single word come from their mouth but body language says it all.

P.S: Beside Sin Nam Huat there is another chicken rice shop BUT my advice is if you are really rush and cant wait your nice chicken rice from Sin Nam Huat then go to the another stall, seeing the crowded customers at Sin Nam Huat will says it all which shop chicken rice is nice.

The address is...

Jalam Macalister, Georgetown, 10400, Penang, Malaysia (Just opposite of new building of Hospital Loh Guan Lye.)

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