Hui Lau Shan @ Gurney Plaza

 Talking about dessert at Gurney Plaza, Hui Lau Shan seems to be one popular spot for Penangites to enjoy yet another level of desserts offer by varieties of dessert shops in Penang. Most of the time I passed by Hui Lau Shan, I see a lot of people lining up to be seated by Hui Lau Shan staffs as all the tables and chairs was catered by other customers, I personally don't really like to queue up for long just to taste new foods as it really ruin my mood but seeing many good feedback from friends and Boyf aunty (though she does not blog but she is a very good food hunter) still both of us waited for a lil longer, as we always beliefs "New Things Always A Lot of People Try it Out But Wonder Will it Last." and still this dessert shop full of customers so we give it a shot.

We ordered Mango Feast (above picture).

It was suppose comes with cakes in one of the dessert but due to running out of cakes so it was replace with Glutinous Mango Rice Ball, we are okay with it as it makes things easier for us "1 stone kill 2 Birds" lol.

It was one of Hui Lau Shan signiture dessert so we does not hesitate to try it out as they are famous for their mango specialties dessert and I've since to be mango big fans ever since came back from Cambodia last year.

The mango glutinous rice ball was really nice with mango filling in it and coated with coconut flakes so with the mango ice-cream taste, it was very smooth texture and the sweetness just enough, not too sweet and I guess they really using fresh mango to make this ice-cream. Mango puree and glutinous rice ball for the last bowl of Mango Fest, I just love the mango puree and the mango meats but not the glutinous rice ball as it was quite hard to chew.
We ordered another type of dessert offer by Hui Lai Shan. - Pomelo Icy Sago Honeydew Melon.

I will not try this for another time and really not recommended by me. I guess honeydew are not their specialties they can offer to satisfy customers taste as I glance through other customers table non of this serving was order but due to my likes to honeydew so I just ordered and I face big disappointment. The honeydew puree and the meats taste are too flats, no sweetness of the fruit nor the fruit sweet aroma, it was just too bland like drinking plain water just that it is more thicken testure. Pomelo was very bitter and it really unable to bring out the fruit aroma as well.

Overall, the mango parts was acceptable but true enough to say that Hui Lau Shan desserts is kinda healthy as they really did not extra too much add sugar in the dessert, I doubt that they really add as I unable to taste extra sweetness from the dessert like others.

The address are...
Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang. (Hui Lau Shan was located 3rd floor near to escalator and Daiso Shoplots.)

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