Street Grills Burger VS Hero Burger Bakar

Hmmm...How long I did not blog since my last post? I guess 1 month plus eh?
Well I got my pretty lame excuse of being 'busy' XD ever since I quit my job and hunting for new opportunities and pursue something that I like! Well, things did not go smooth as I'm tight with my MummyQ ridiculous rules *sigh* so currently I'm 'eating grapes', if you know what I mean lol.
So, any good recommend for me to work in Georgetown? Anything besides Sales and Marketing? Or business partner with me? But to be true I did not have any fund to open any business on my own although I have 2 business dream I would like to own. *Double sigh*

Okies Dokies back to our main topic here. Food.

Yeap, Hero Burger Bakar, new found favorite food around Penang Island just to be specific it is in Georgetown area. Guess where is it?
So here is the list of their menu, not much of varieties like any others burger stalls you see at the road side and the price are a bit more expensive than any other burgers you found at the road side. The price are almost are the same as Nando's ala carte burger to sets which is RM7.50 to RM20.00. But bet you wont regret to pay for it!
You can choose to dine in or take away so I choose take away...let's see the burger.
Tadaaa~ looks awesome isn't? Just admit it I know you just swallow your saliva...XD
Well the taste tastes just as awesome as the pictures looks like NO JOKE. I ordered marinated chicken and Boyf ordered Beef patty, according to him beef patty taste nicer than mine marinated chicken, oh well what to do I'm all allergic to beef and mutton, pathetic isn't? T_T

Okies for testimonial time:

Bread: Really soft, the aroma of the bread just great with some spread of butter, it taste really fresh.
Eggy: A very thin layer of fried egg, but not any types of fried egg you saw at the economic rice stalls. It doesn't crunchy but just soft and fully cook, just able to soothe your watery mouth. Ohya, they do  not wrap the egg together with meat like normal burger stalls, they seperate it.
Vege and cheese: Vege just like any other burger stalls vege just a lot more and the cheese smell good actually and it melts in your mouth.
Meat: Just okay compared to Street Grill Burger which taste much more better. They should have marinate the chicken a bit more longer and use really big fire to grill it so the meat able to bring out the aroma and the meat will be more tasty and soft not chewy.
Sauce: Awesome just awesome! As you can see from the picture it's like my burger under floods of the sauce. They mix it with mushroom, black pepper and chili sauce. Yummeoooh~!!

Now let's go with Street Grill Burger...

Beef patties and chicken meats are on grill, they really grill it in big fire, if you where there the smoke might really choke you up. It looks good right? Well its taste awesome too!!!
The list of the menu they have and ignore these old price tag, they just increase their price not long ago but still cheaper a bit than Hero Burger Bakar.
Yum yum just like its looks like *slurp*XD
Like always I ordered chicken and Boyf ordered beef patty, they do not marinate the chicken but they will cook the meats together with the sauce once you order. Just like the picture says it all, it taste really nice.

Judgement time:

Bread: Not really soft compared to Hero burger bakar, they unable to bring out the aroma and the bread just plain. And the size of the bread smaller than Hero burger bakar as well
Eggy: No egg at all.
Vege and cheese: Vege just like any other burger stalls vege just a lot more and messy as they just take put on the bread really rough and the cheese just normal.
Meat: Owwwwyeah~! The meats really taste awesome compared to Hero Burger Bakar just like I said before fire really play an important role when it brings out good food. Meats are soft, the aroma of the meats and sauce able to bring out not just to our nose but taste bud as well, just so so nice.
Sauce: Not bad both stalls uses the small sauce; black pepper, mushroom and chili sauce just that simple but I guess Street Grill added some secret recipes on their own as the sauce taste a bit unique. And their sauce not as much as Hero burger bakar but still they able to bring the moist of the bread through the sauce.

If you asked me which I prefer most? well it is undecided, it will be just awesome it Street Grill Burger meats combine with Hero Burger Bakar overall ingredients except the meats then it will be unbeatable.

Hero Burger Bakar address:
Astaka Stadium Bandaraya Food Court, Georgetown, Penang.

Their business start at 6pm

For more information please click here.

Street Grill address:
Sungai Pinang, Beside Ocean View Apartment, Junction near Burger King shoplots, Georgetown, Penang (they operate their business through blue mini van park at the road side).

Their business start at 7pm.

For more information please click here.

That's for today post. Thank you for reading=)

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