Antique? Not quite yet!

I bet 80's people seen this mobile phone Don't lie lololol XD. Its been years ago since I last saw this phone, yup I know we still can find it in market or some elders are still using this phone. But hey young adult like me *ahem ahem XD* have has long lost contact with this phone, until when I was given by my ex colleagues, yup ex as I just resigned from my current job for another challenge in another place, wish me best of luck ok? Ok back to this topic. When the mobile phone touched down on my hand, I was ermmm...kinda speechless or blank actually, not that I never used before, my memory of using it just lost in some where in my brain, have no total reecall on it plus please lahh...the numbers and alphabet totally missing on the buttons, people who like me slow as turtle need time to adjust back okay not that I'm stupid. 2 weeks I've been using it, still I got mess up. Okay no more for now ex colleagues turn, muahahahahaha *evil laugh lololol* it was a hotline phone for my department where people call for help!!! Once you were handed this phone, you life will be in miserable *true story* 24\7 on call though I'm not a doctor and salary totally different from doctor *sigh* but lucky I am that now no more yooohooo...
Even though just 2 weeks but I have fun using this phone...memory of old time just flash back like flash cards lololol.
Last but not least technology make you even dumb on the other side, so never say you're good in technology means you are clever.

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