King of Fruits Festive

 Although I don't really like Durians #King of Fruits# smells, not because of smelly but because of the aroma are too strong too wash away from your mouth, hands, fridge or even rubbish bin *swt* that make me geram! *ggrrrrr*
Still Malaysians L O V E it so much #I means majority#, however, westerners may find it awful till they cant breathe. While we Asians whenever we pass by Durians stalls, we take extra deep breathe to smell the aroma *lolx* then we will make our assumptions whether it taste good or not based on the smells. Yes the stronger it smells it taste more better!!!
Me and Boyf bought D604 and Hor Lor types which we are more familiar with as this is our very first time bought Durians *lolx*, previously of course the parents bought home like a boss with few big bags contains Durians and we are waiting with saliva dropping. It was cheap and taste nice, we were looking Musang (fox) type which kinda popular this year but run out of stock so whatever it is bought few packets to feed the addictions first *satisfied*XD
Then MummyQ bought back Ang Hae (red shrimp) type, it feels like heaven~
To know more varieties of King of Fruits a.k.a Durians please click here.

Place: Everywhere
 Then of course we continue to hunt for more Durians varieties in town! We found Durians Mille Crepe Cake!although we were so full for another round tummy felt like going to explode real soon yet without any hesitation we ordered the cake=.=" and the price are affordable too.
It tasted ok only,it's enough to feed your craving. If the icing sugar and cherry replace with the Durians paste then it will be more better! And it was a lil bit too dry=(
There is still another Durians dessert but we really couldn't feed our tummy for another round so we make it to a point where we will go there to try their Durians Wrapz

Place: Gurney Plaza Basement, stall name is Lucky Desserts
 Before we head back home, we drop by to Rotiboy to buy some breads for later suppers at home, and eyes were so evil that I saw Durians tart *swt*=.=" without knowing my action, I've already took one tart on my tray.
Although I just said I'm too full for another round but once I paid for the tart, I pop in half of the tart in my mouth already *double swt* and Boyf looked at me so speechless, with mouthful tarts I said to him "what? just a small tart it wont be any different compare the Durians Wrapz which bigger than this!" then he said this to me "You're such a tham chaik po (love to eat lady/glutton lady)".
Hmmm...I would said a lil bit disappoint with the tarts, too dry, the smell of Durians not strong enough. The tarts also not compact enough that once you take a bite on it, the tarts start to falls into pieces, it is too airy inside the tarts although the appearance looks nice.
I would prefer they do it this way; instead mix the Durians paste with flour or using Durians flavor powder for the feeling, it would be best if the feeling are the Durians paste, so it would be not too dry.=)

Place: Gurney Plaza Basement, stall name is Rotiboy.
Last but not least we found our all times childhood favorite snack food, Pop Corn Durians Flavours. It's been quite sometimes already since we last saw this snacks, I remember my last time bought it like years back ago when we still going to Chai Thiam Ma (Old Mini Market) and that time I still very young and naive XD *ahem ahem* and it only cost few cents per packet but not Ringgit =.="
Well I must says that it a must to try this snacks although it is just a local products but it will definitely will not disappoint you!

Place: All Season Place Apartment, Ground Floor Shoplots Giants Supermarket Ayer Itam.

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