Awful Morning

Every morning I need to drag myself to wake up, to work. I'm not early bird person, so it was like dragging me to hell, well working life is like hell especially #if you know what I mean#. MummyQ said early bird's get the worms and it is good for health, in my opinion, I'm not a bird and I hate worms, what if the worms late wake up too? So the bird's are so f***[pardon my language ahem XD] as there is no foods available, so like crow dig rubbish and eat? Aah well ...I'm eating rubbish everyday #if you know what I means#. Well as for health, panda eyes popping isn't a good sign telling you are in health even you already took 8 hours of beauty sleep, different people have different sleep timing, don't you guys agree?
So everytime I try to slip in myself into my blankie and pretend the sky is still dark *lolx* and find a position that can make you doze off like a flip of fingers. Alarm then jumping as if no body could hear it scream, put in dooze mood, continue cuddle with my bed. MummyQ then knock my room door as if plan to break down the door so I could wake up, there it goes my every morning weekdays routines or even weekend if there is calls ask you to work. Awful morning.

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