Spectacle and Flower Chocolate

 Remember this colorful chocolate?
80's kids will do remember, I think XD
I boughtt this chocolate sometimes back in Ipoh, Perak where I done my internship at there, such as memory for me, although it does not taste yummy but still I love it!
I used to finished all the chocolate and make a hole both side of the aluminium foil/plastic there and tied it with rubber band...
80's SuperKid come to save the world~

Today I suddenly feel like eating it #PMS craving# ya I do have this weird symptoms, anyone else out there same with me?

And so I remember when I was small kid times, this chocolate only cost around few cent, 5cent maybe? Now 20-30cent although it is still cheap but compare to my time walao...inflation?*thinking* hmmm...

The most cheapest chocolate in the world with so many chockies in it and the memory was so priceless...=D 

This chocolate can be buy at old mini markets #anywhere# or supermarkets maybe? Go have a look around, it still exists in this world =D

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