PSC-KDU Lego Robotic Challenge

 Yesterday 23.06.2012 again KDU(PG) College held another major event of the year which is in collaboration with Penang Science Council (PSC), together with other primary and secondary schools. A total of 5 teams from primary schools and 23 teams from secondary schools around Penang involved in this competition which organized by KDU(PG) College Engineering Department. 
 I was stationed at the ground floor by BossJ together with other VIPs, attended by Madam Yenni Lim from B Braun, Mr. Rajesh Purushothaman from National Instruments (NI), Ms. Anitaa Tan and Ms. Yoon CL from BizWise Consulatant, Mr. Choo Wai Heng from DreamCatcher, Mr. Chu Jenn Weng from Vitrox, Mr. Syawal from Motorola, Mr. Lee Chong Yeow from BCM Corporation, Mr. Ong from Seagate, Mr. David Lim from Brady, Mr. Jeffrey Huang from Qdos, Mr. Pratheep Kumar Arumugam from IBM, Dr. PC Teoh from Wawasan Open University (WOU), Mr. Lim Ka Tiek from University Science Malaysia, and others VIPs

And do not missed out our Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. 

This is also my 1st time to met him personally #great experience# Thanks BossJ for asking me to worked on that day. At first I thought he would bring along with his security guards, police force or so to escort him since there is press and public during that day, but he appeared to be just him and his driver and he seat side by side with his driver, I was like "WOAaaa..." he was very casual, humble and friendly. Ohya he even open the car door by himself #I think I need reconstruct my thinking or thought#.

Note: No politics or sensitive issues or offend here, just that this is the 1st time I met my CM and I'm so thrilled, just to express my feeling #not interested in politics# sorry if I ever say something wrong or offended my readers. I did it not on purpose. 
 All the VIPs was then escorted to events of the day. 
As you can see from the all the pictures I uploaded, I was also stationed near with the primary school students. They were so adorable and so clever, some were so nervous they couldn't smile, some were stress until fall sick during that day, and some were so happy-go-lucky. I don't how;s the secondary school students feeling as they was stationed at another place. My previous ex-schools also participated in this competition, my mentally support was all goes to them, I wish I can be there to watch their competition too *sad face* SXI & CLS students no matter what's the result, remember you are always the best.=D

Games started at the primary schools stationed, their Lego Robot was put into man-made wood football field and there it's goes "GOAL~!!!" Cheers echo-ing the college. Everyone was so excited, teachers, parents, emcee, judges and the kawaii students. OH MY kids nowadays are much more intelligent compare to my time. >.<"
 We are also served by the KDU(PG) College students who pursue their Hotel and Professional Chef Training at their very own Restaurant Bon Appetit at KDU(PG) College.

I ordered Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Accompanied with Mash Patato and Sauteed Mixed Vegetables.

Comment: Overall just editable, mash potato was too plain there is no taste at all, Mushroom sauce too watery and the taste kinda plain too I couldn't taste the mushroom sweetness, vegetables are fresh but it doesn't taste like sauteed instead more to steam or just boiled the vegetables, and chicken was okay just need to marinate it more longer.
There is fresh cuts fruits, Bread Butter Pudding Served with Anglaise Sauce and Assorted Puddings. I ordered Coconut Strawberry Pudding, and the comment is very nice!*thumbs up* the textures and the taste are so balance. Keep up the good works future-chef-to-be!=D

This week is just so amazing to me, I met our Malaysia Deputy Minister of Higher Education YB Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah and our Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. Life is going to be so exciting if we continue to live, it is so worth to live on, everyday new things are awaiting for us to explore and learn although it maybe very tough and harsh on us. 
I guess my luck are just slowing coming to me eh?=D My shining Luck faster come to mama~XD

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