HOPEww Charity Bazaar @ KDU (PG)

Last Saturday Hope World Wide in collaboration with KDU (PG) organized a charity events to raise funds for the needy, coupons was selling at price of RM50 and RM20. 1st time in my life encountered such expensive coupons *swt* *big eye balls popped-out* usually people just sell at RM10, and I bought one of each coupon.
There are around 30 stalls selling foods from Hope volunteers, KDU volunteers and vendors. Foods are okie dokie overall.
I bought 2 Frankie Pizzas, Shaka Crepe *thumbs-up*, indescribable Chinese pancake #blekz#, 4 different types of Ice-Cream from Nestle, Eu Yan Sang vinegar Kumquat drinks for free #ahem2XD# but its too sour, 4 cans of revive isotonic drinks, 10 sticks of Satay #taste not bad but the sauce big no no# and 1 hot bowl of Gandum dessert cooked by KDU(PG) Celebrity Chef Darren Tan. Ohya there is also Biskut Matahari sold by Hunza Properties actually it is just a simple plain biscuits but it tasted really not bad I got a packet for it and again free =D

However I did not try M.U Burger as boyf is Arsenal fans and not Manchester United >.<" but you wonder where to find, around Chulia Street or Love Lane there is a stall selling M.U Burger too IF I'm NOT mistaken...
There is also some arts and crafts stalls, clown, face painting, henna, portrait drawing, gratitude rocks, sand arts and kids corner. I wanted to do some henna on my hand but there is not design I'm attracted to it #I hearts henna# I did not spend any coupons on those as I found nothing interesting or unique. However I did spend few coupons on garage sales #unbelievable me# if it were books that is okies because I do bought 2nd hand books BUT NOT Clothes!!! I bought an evening dress and 2-in-1 scarf/skirt...until now came to think of it WOW unbelievable...luckily the dress is still in very super good condition and no regret I had bought it...
And there is 5 game stalls, angry bird are one of it kids love that corner and parents willing to spend for their children to play oh my...*hand close my eyes* if so I prefer to play it on my lappie #free##stingy# me, ya I know but at least there is sound effect ma..."eeeeeeeeeeeeeew...pilak plak...!" "weeeeeeee...ngok ngok ngok..." imagine that, more fun!!!

And that's how I spend my morning/noon last Saturday...

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