Glucolin Glucose Drug Addict

Recognize this fella? I bet most of you will say yes!
Remember when we were young and always sneak into kitchen just to eat the glucose powder instead mix it with water?
Well, last 2 weeks when I was seriously fall sick, doctors advice me not to take any intake of foods for 1 day except glucose T_T
At 1st I take it fun things but 1 whole day without any solid foods really killing me so I kept sneak in into kitchen and ate the glucose powder #like and drugs addict# to hold my hunger>.<
Yes! I still did it!
Some meds I need to take #take note!!# yup some meds only, there is still some meds on the other table *cry/sob/cry*
After the 1 day hunger day passed by muah lovely boyf bought me to McD to ate their Chicken Porridge and it was like...*heaven* to me. Lol, I know it's funny but this is how I feel, awww~I just je'taime McD, you just brighten my sick day.

After became labor worker, I only realize I'm not really a person who like to be out from the office and working with who play the huge role too. I need my weekend and finally this week I smell my weekend #happy# yet soon it's going to be Monday blues #sad#

Working too hard have it's negative impact too so don't work so hard, health comes 1st, ignore the rest!!!

Therefore, I'm going to continue nua-ing my bed XD

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