Les Macaroons De Valerie @ 1st Avenue

Bailey's & Chrysanthemum Macaroons

One of my Bestie just opened her very own stall at 1st Avenue in front of TGV cinema at 25/04/2012 (Wednesday) Penang. Together with her boyf and boyf siblings as shareholder.

I'd delayed my wishing to her to Thursday as Wednesday I needed to fly over to Putrajaya to work. So after my work, me together with boyf dropped by at their shop. She's busy servicing the customer's while I just make her stall like my own stall *koff koff* XD

It's been years since we met each other and we were friends since primary school up till now and forever. Never thought of she would be tau ke soh (lady boss) some day.

I tested 4 different flavors; Baileys (alcohol/non-halal), Chrysanthemum, Mint & Opera and it tested nice and fine though a lil bit sweet for me but well which dessert is not sweet right???

Although a bit pricey but it was worth it once you taste it. 

Non-premium macaroons - RM4 per piece
Premium Macaroons -  RM4.50 per piece

Do have a visit #of course buy some# if you have ever drop by at 1st Avenue.

8th Floor, 1st Avenue, Jalan Magazine, Georgetown, 11300 Penang, Malaysia or Click Here!

Last but not least...

Loh2 & KimHock

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