Hau You Seafood @ Teluk Kumbar

 Dinner with boyf relatives and sibling during the weekend few weeks ago at Teluk Kumbar. I have no idea where is this place and at first we thought we were lost somewhere at Teluk Kumbar until boyf niece #age13# show her papa the road *close face*#sigh...#. The place kinda hidden with one narrow down road to the Restaurant, upon reach there I was like "WOW" this place seriously amazing to have dinner with family especially so close to the sea! but if earthquake DON'T go!!! #choi choi choi# XD

The scenery pic I took. I really like the environment!
 Uncle Lim ordered Satay from one stall beside the seafood restaurant as starter. And nutmeg for drinks. #forgotten to take drinks photo#>.<"
 Deep Fried Mantis
 Deep Fried Squib 
 Steam & Deep Fried Man Tau
 Starchy Fried Clams
 Sweet and Sour Crab Dip Together With Man Tau
Baked Crabs & Steam Fish

We finished everything on the plate! YUMMY! *slurp~**licked thumbs*. We really satisfied with our dinner, and the price are also reasonable RM200++ for about 10 people, and 20 crabs. Seriously will revisit this place again in future no doubt on that!!

Oh ya...to avoid crowd or waiting place to be seated, it is better to go early in the evening before the sky went dark. This place seriously will be crowded  during the weekend or public holidays.

Address for Hou You Seafood:

84, Mukim 9, Teluk Kumbar, 11920, Penang, Malaysia. 

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  1. I went there before!!!! really amazing!!!tasty n i miss it now~