My Purpie

Full Name: Purpie LokHoQuah
Surname: LokHoQuah
Preference: Pupu
Original Name: Viva Elite
Guidance Name: Perodua
Adopted Center: A.Wangi Center
Blood Type: NIL
Favorite Food: Petrol
Time of Birth: 6.18pm
Adopted Mother Name: Ho Chuin Pei
Adopted Father Name: Lok Dae Mien
Adopted Maternal Grandmother Name: Quah Lay Bee @ Quah Bay Be
Identity Card: NIL
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Penang

I want to announce that I am now the legal mama to my Pupu from today onward, so friends and families please spare me if I said I unable to go out so often already as I got this big baby to take care and feed for 7 years before she can be partly independent. And it is not a easy job although she is just a local adopted baby, she need a lots of money, patience, love and guidance in order to serve me more longer. A day to remember of my commitment to this big baby.

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