Amazing Me and I know I am

After 4-5 years did not drive, finally today I drive.
What more amazing is that I fetched along student parents and this is my 1st ever experienced to fetch people. What more amazing is my driving is ok ok not that bad yet actually #surprise me# but if you ask me to drive manual car then for 200% or may be more you will see I'm in hospital with mummy condition. Don't laugh it is true (sad face). But the bad is my parking skill *shake head* haiz...

Not to brag something lame and stupid actually but silly me. For me this simple thing actually are very memorable thing for me and I blog it to actually laugh at myself after few years. I know I'm weird but ya I'm weird and cute XD

I always scare to drive big or long car, so I always long to own a small or drive a small car like perodua viva or myvi, if possible mini cooper may be??? *day dreaming* oh ya my dream car is beetle, ford fiesta, nissan micra and mini cooper. Ok back to the topic, today I drove proton wira which is normal car size which my first feeling hit me was nervous and scared moreover I need to fetch student and their parents which consist of numbers of people, I totally have no confident but yes I cannot to show it out.

And surprising me who is short temper person can be so so so super duper zuper patience towards such ridiculous parents, and this is my 1st encountered such parents. Seriously they did cause me some headache but what to do that is my job scope and they pay for my salary. No more silent is golden but patience is wisdom.

Now I seriously understand why so many people take the risk open their own business rather than makan gaji. Hiaz...making me feeling like wanting to open my own business but what business to undertake leh??? *thinking*

Okay today I experienced twice precious lesson and memory that unforgettable. A very good post to post up=D

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