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Name: Ho Chuin Pei
Preference: Angeline
Gender: Fe-male XD
Age: unavailable XD
Birthdate: 29 Nov (Sagittarius)
Race: Chinese
Religion: Buddhist
Nationality: Malaysian, Penangites
Love: Travel, Eat, Pink, Soft Toys, Sleep etc...
Posting: Chaplang (mixture)

Description: I'm shorty and plumpy just like jigglypuff, very bubbly but not to strangers I'm a very happy-go-lucky person and my mood rely on my outfit color also I'm a very clumsy person who don't right??? Silly is part of me, love singing but it would kill those who listen to my singing *cry* I hardly remember people names and sometimes mix up their name. Sorry~*pull ears*. So I will nickname them for me to remember them more easily. I also have problem in recognizing people.

I love outing activities ya I know I'm lil boyish but this is me love me or love me not??? But I got lots of people love me *koff koff* and of course I totally dislike bugs and exotic animals, they look creepy and scary to me *shivering*

Since at very young age I'm a very lazy and dislike books person so mummyQ send me to English school instead of Chinese school. Although I'm English educated but my English are level are shyyty *cover face*, my Hokkien, Cantonese, Bahasa, Mandarin language are fail so which language I speak and communicate with people??? I seriously wonder and wonder how they understand me, must be very patience person if not Penang graveland/gravepartment will be never enough *lol*

Graduated from Convent Light Street (Kindergarten - Form 5), Saint Xavier's Institution (Form 6 a.k.a Pre - University) and University Tunku Abdul Rahman [UTAR]. I pursued in Bacherlor of Social Science (HONS) Psychology and Counseling but I do not know how to counsel and psycho people. My interest is on interior design and culinary arts, I know I know but I seriously did not regret taking that course.

I love arts & crafts and interior design, every time I see house plan or the house itself I will have wild imagination on how to deco and design it and how to do it. I don't like books but I like magazine and comics a.k.a manga, I do have some collection of comics and whenever I read magazines, I cut out and collect useful information and file it as scrapfile istead of scrapbook.

I hope the arts & crafts therapy can expand more as I find very useful, but currently there is only arts therapy. =C. In Malaysia or Penang I find it's really hard to find arts and crafts supply which is cheap and affordable unlike States where they have Dollar store, Walmart or Target. =C

Now I have to be slave (working) to clear up my debt a.k.a loans from the governments *cry* and bank *crycry*. There is goes all my salary, no extra entertainment and shopping for me *crycrycry*

I love good foods, no doubts as a Penangites but only cheap and nice foods, especially hawker stalls foods, well since Penang as well famous for its hawker stall foods/ street foods. My favorite is desserts. I'm allergy to beef, mutton and a lil bit allergy to yam and seashell foods. However I still munch seashell foods and yam but big no no to beef and mutton. I have weird eating habit as I love pork and fishes but if there is strong smell of it, I won't eat them and lazy to eat fish as there is too many bones also I love hot, spicy, sour foods.


Sorry if I late reply as I do not frequently online.

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