Fishing Boat in Action

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Fantastic picture captured by le Boyf for le UncleH of mine. He is the proud owner of this little boat, did I mentioned to you that he is fisherman? Yes, he is the fisherman and I'm proud to say that too because he loves what he is doing and he is passionate with his work. These days he is less active already as his health, eyes sight and strength getting weaker to work on this job, he is still on it but just once in awhile. He loves his boat so much that he asked us to take a picture of it to keep as his memories and so we did. This is the pictured Boyf took for him and I'm in awe with the outcome, Boyf really took his effort and I'm proud of him!

Anglia The Real Shandy

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Definitely very good beverage to have during the weekend to enjoy the rest day from the work hectic. It taste even better when serve chilled. It tastes sweet and refreshing. Those that cannot take strong alcohol or high percentage of liquor this is the only alcohol you can enjoy like me myself. I can only drink this to enjoy the weekend because I can't take strong alcohol and is another way of me to stay conscious and didn't show my ugly side. The only alcohol beverage I can have to release my tense and to relax. Thank you Anglia, you are my savior and you are the best!

Harmonious View of Penang City from Penang Hill

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Pretty isn't it my lovely hometown and now it is officially a city. Bravo Penangites we made it! Keep it up!

Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim Part 2

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Previously I have blog about this food court near my GrandMama place but I missed out this few more foods that I like at there so here I am again, click here to read previous post. Thank you.

Although this food court is not a well known place but there is a few stalls that worth the try sometimes. First of all I would like to introduce this Seafood Grill stall, highly recommended but please don't pay a visit because I'm selfish and I don't like my favorite food finish before my eyes. The reason is because the uncle only sell limited amount of seafood only. I usually go for Stingray Grill because it is my favorite of all when it comes to grill seafood. The fish was was fresh, the meats was soft and juicy, it tasted sweet as well because of the freshness. The spices was well mix and it blend well with the other ingredients such as the dipping sauce. It was flavorful by just one bite and it is very aromatic as it was pressured grill with the banana leaves where leave some sweet and flavorful scent in it.
Another stall that worth the try is this small Thai food stall situated outside of the food court. If you are some one like spicy foods then this is the right place for you because their Tom Yum Fried Rice is quite spicy, the rice portion was big but it is a bit too moist but not too sticky, very flavorful and full with spices aromatic smell. Every of the ingredients and spices was well mix and everything tasted fresh and nice plus the colors of it looks very pretty isn't it?
For someone like me who love spicy foods, the tom yum fried rice spiciness alone is not enough for me therefore I need their Sambal for additional spiciness. Their Sambal is no joke, definitely will kill your taste bud, you'll feel numb the more you have it. It has a strong aromatic smell but only for those that like raw chili smell and prawn paste as well as garlicky smell. Something that I won't have too much as well because of the smell but in term of spiciness it is really a good sambal to have.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang.

Angel's Cafe @ Love Lane

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The food here is nothing so special but the price they offer to students can be considered quite cheap as they offer 10% discount for every foods and beverage, it is just a normal cafe - I means like kopitiam only but offer this privilege really draw many students to dine at there plus their cafe was operate at a very strategic location where there is three schools around it, mine and Boyf school was one of it.

We often go there during afternoon for lunch after school before go back home or before go for tuition classes. Some sort of our dating spot back in the days. Sometimes we dine at there for breakfast too if we plan to meet before go to school. Ahhh...those days when we were young and in love and being poor students, no fancy gifts or restaurants and dating secretly.

Breakfast we usually go for simple dim sum they offer at their cafe such as Siew Mai and Loh Mai Kai (Marinated Steamed Glutinous Rice with Mushroom and Char Siew). Siew Mai taste wasn't that great because they also bought from the ready made market, so nothing is so special about it and they also reheated it over and over again that at times you get too soggy and bloated Siew Mai that doesn't look pretty but still edible. However, I'm kind of like their Loh Mai Kai because after over and over reheat it, the glutinous rice has become really sticky and soft but of course the fragrance will not be that strong anymore and the ingredients will not be as fresh as other, it will be much more oilier as well but it was much more flavorful as the the glutinous rice was marinated long enough.
We used to be just students and only have our allowance to spend on for a day, during that time RM 10 is huge amount for us but definitely we have to be careful of what we spend because it will determine our stomach well being from morning until night also our transportation fee to tuition centers.
Fried Tom Yum Maggie was our favorite back then as the portion and price was reasonable. It's the famous meal order by bunch of students back then. It is not too spicy or sour, the noodles wasn't too soggy or hard, taste was not bad although it is not the best but something students will satisfied with it according to the price they pay. Ingredients wasn't that much, mostly thinly slice fish cakes and fake slices of crab sticks meat. Overall, not bad.
Morning if Boyf and me decided to meet then we will wake up extra a Lil early then we met at there for breakfast. As of breakfast, I usually don't take heavy food unlike Boyf who took extra miles when it comes to breakfast due to morning football session with his friends. So I most of the time will order American Breakfast Set. Definitely very simple simple American Breakfast where everyone can cook it at home but buying the ingredients and cook it alone is a lil bit too expensive and all the dishes that need to be clean up is a bit too hasty, I rather go out to eat than wake up super early to cook as well. Overall the food taste are not bad but what matter the most for me is the memory we both shared together.

 At first I tried to write a post about to share but I found that they have relocate their cafe to another place and the old cafe was transform to some other modern cafe for the youngster to enjoy.

Their address is...

*Remark: I don't know the exact address is but I can roughly tell the location. However you have to locate the place by yourself.

The new place is at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. Opposite Goddess of Mercy Temple and beside The Star News office.

New Toy. Mi Band

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For past few weeks I have been having sleep problem, I do have enough sleep hours but I don't feel that I have enough sleep, I was totally exhausted when I wake up. Informed Boyf about this matter and he ordered this new toy for me and himself to track our daily health routine.

After Boyf received the parcel and opened the surprised for me, he asked me to go google about it for more information. Eventually I was captured by it colors then questions Boyf of why didn't buy the colors one instead black is the one he chose, he said he wanted but in Malaysia currently they only have black. After confirm with others, I accept his reason.
Pretty right? How can you not attracted by its colors. Especially the one in pink and green colors. Besides that, as you can see the price is exceptionally cheap compare to its technology.
Here's is the brief introduction of the band from its website.
For exercise use.
To monitor your sleep.
Be your alarm through vibration.
Be your phone security system.
Even there's incoming call, it will vibrate to alert you.
And so. This is how our package looks like and it does look simple with classy appearance.
Here is the band inside the small box. Classic isn't? Yet the design is so simple.
The band, the USB charger and the instructions booklet.
How does it looks? Not bad right? I've been wearing it almost a month and the performance so far still doing fine and I'm happy with it. However, I find something is lacking in this device. Time. It is lacking its function to perform as a watch but what should I expect since it is so affordable. It will definitely do better if there clock functions. Although it is lacking in some parts but as of now. I'm doing and getting better sleep since then as I myself can monitor my health more wisely.

The Cream & Fudge Factory @ KLCC

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Family short escaped to the city after a decade long. Mummy Q was not really pleased with the crowds and said so much changes have happened since her last visit, she just took a few strolls around the mall then decided to stop by a kiosk selling ice cream to have a look at it, The Cream & Fudge. She have sweet tooth and yes I got inherited by it.
Jars of additional ingredients you wish to be added in your ice cream and actually you can do so if you don't mind about the price.Pretty and so tempting isn't it?
List of menu and the choices you can decide and DIY on your ice cream. Is the time you get your creativity on the roll in your ice cream!
Unfortunately I was so dumb that I just ordered Mint Ice Cream mix with Chocolate Maltese!!! Oh Gosh WWHYYYY! Then it would be the same as chocolate mint ice cream, no different at all, I should have add in something else like banana, cinnamon, cherry and etc. Nevertheless, I'm still happy with my choice, because I can never get bored of the taste. The cream wasn't too creamy, wasn't minty enough and the scent also s little bit light BUT one thing that really caught my attention is the sweetness level. The ice cream aren't taste too sweet and the textures also quite soft.

Though slightly a bit over price but once in awhile to get indulge in this should be fine but no too often. However, the flavors will not make me craving it for more, something is missing in the flavors. Put that aside recently they just open another branch in Penang Island and it is located at G Hotel there. The location wasn't strategic enough but I've dropped by to have a try, the staff wasn't very good in introducing their best seller ice cream so I was a bit turn off by it. I will visit the branch because I would like to have my ice cream.

And their address is...
Level 2, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 KL City Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Pere vs Mere

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A scenario which I guess the mother is the head/lead of every household's. No matter whether is a son or daughter, as long as they are the children's they will find their mother more often than they find their father. Not sure does this only happen in Asian countries or it happen to western countries too.

I think it does happened to me when I was younger but as I grow older things has cut down and now mostly the questions I ask is "where's my clothes". LOL. While I hardly speak to my pere because both of us like cat and dog whenever to talk to each other, must be an enemy in our past life. True fact. That which is why I can't connected with my pere nor mere too. As of mere our age gap is too big that I hardly can find topics to talk to her or vice versa. And I hardly can act aegyo or my soft spot in front of them. Have to act tough. Luckily enough I found my another half to ask those questions that I've stop asking my mere. It's quite fun to be like a child again. And I hope this shall continue until death do us parts.

Shan Shu Gong @ Malacca

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A must visit place when go to Malacca for holidays and try out their varieties ice cold Nyonya desserts during the humid weather, it definitely will chill you down and feel refresh. Totally!
Since Penang have its original like here so I decided to try out something different at here that Penang don't have, which is Durain Cendul. The packing and presentation was nice and very unique too but somehow I don't feel its original, maybe to put in a bowl look much more better.
Ta-da~, such a big portion but well I like cold stuffs so it really satisfied me especially during this hot weather. The portion is quite big, the shaved ice is fined, doesn't taste too sweet nor too plain, very flavorful both Gula Melaka and Durian but the coconut textures a bit too thick but still ok as the ice melted and dilute it a bit. Worth the try though and the environment was nice and cozy too hang out.

And their address is...
No. 33, Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca. (Is around Jonker street)

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink

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This year I unable to pay extra to dye my hair as I've spend a huge amount on my hair in treatment, straightening, cut and wash so I have search for other alternative way, cheaper way to make my hair more alive and pretty.

During groceries shopping at Tesco for Chinese New Year, I stopped by at the beauty counter to looks for affordable, good quality and nice hair dye, actually this is my third times dying my hair by myself. First time was using the left over color potion from Boyf, second time was because I was given a box to try it and this is my third time, I bought it by myself and try it, so, I have to carefully choose the brand, the quality and so on. Eventually I chose Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink, is a brand that I put my trust with due to their quality, I've been using this brand since the first time I dyed my hair at hair salon to their varieties of hair products they can offer at the markets.
Inside the dolled up box have:

1. Instructions of how to use and the steps
2. A packet of gloves
3. Comb cap
4. Color paste
5. Color potion, and
6. Color treatment after shampoo.

I just follow what the instructions told me to do as I'm also quite noob in this matter, not a dolled up lady.
The after all the hasty and nasty work done to make my hair pretty and alive. Thanks goodness the color came out to be so nice and pretty. This is the look at the brighter side, more appealing but please ignore the loosing hair at the middle/center-part, you  know hereditary from both parents is unavoidable.
Here is another side of the color at the not so bright side of the room, pretty isn't it? Worth the try and risk that I took. Should do this more often to save some extra few bucks for it instead at hair salon. Looking forward as the day passes by to see how the colors turn to after few wash.