Never Have I Had This Wish...But I Do Now In Here...

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I used to have a bigger picture of my career until I joined this company. I'm totally LOST!

I no longer know what I'm doing anymore.
I felt like I'm at the rock bottom.
My division was thrown like a unwanted ball game.
I'm like a disaster Club Sandwich between Beef, Fish and Rotten Egg. Which I don't eat Beef  because I'm sensitive to it and Rotten Egg.
I feel like I'm left out from the vast market. 
I may be or may be not value to current company.
If I'm value to the company or my department, I'm no longer have the value to others market. Because in this company, they're in their own world. An Alienation World. 
I may be added value here due to my past experience but my value here doesn't apply to elsewhere.
My head is in the mess.

For the past few weeks after the announcement, my night is hell for me. It is no longer a calm or peace night. I face with palpitations and sweating when I'm asleep. Woke up feeling breathless or shortness of breath.

I can't wait the clock hit 6PM so I can end my work day.
My heart sank every time I need to sleep because tomorrow will come and the feelings will hit me again. 

1 1/2 years ago I blurted out to my management FIRE me! 

Now, I'm hoping to get new job. To leave this place. Desperately.

Yes, whoever that read my post might think I'm selfish. Why?
  1. Many people are to let go by the company due to sizing down or company closing/closed down. 
  2. Many people are unemployed now, you should be grateful that you still have job. Honestly speaking, I'm grateful I still have the job despite all this pandemic thingy.
  3. Why are you stealing people jobs when you have a job? No, I'm not stealing the opportunity of others. I'm letting go mine to secure another place so this jobs of mine can find it's rightful owner.
  4. I'm not greedy, I do understand the impact of costing. I'm applying jobs that offer the same wages I'm earning now. Wages that value for my experience and knowledge. 
  5. Many will think that my wages are high but sadly no.
If you are in a position that constantly make you feel like you are walking on a eggshell, don't know whether tomorrow or day after tomorrow you will still be here even the company is doing well, that constant uneasiness feeling for everyday for the past 3 years+ is eating you inside. It is not because you are not a good employee, you are good, you did your due diligence, your honest work, commit with sincere integrity and deliver your best effort. Still never once, you feel the solid ground. Maybe when you first join the company, you'll feel the solid ground but not long. Soon, you'll feel that the ground are actually a sand dunes.

This is a business without any products. A business that have no identity, the identity is just an empty shell though looks promising. 

An organization that doesn't care or matter its support employees. Only care those heads that are earning for them, for them these heads matters. The support heads are not. Our well being are being neglected. I'm not trying to lie but if the opportunity come across to anyone of you to be part of the team. You'll experience it. It is an honest words that all my support team will agree to it.

Every organization surely have their challenges, definitely have their difficulties, have their own story to tell, have their value and so on. But if all these doesn't click with yours, this place doesn't belong to you. It needs to find it's rightful person.

Every journey have story to tell and there must be a reason why you land on it to experience it. There must be a lesson. Surely yes I do. 

People manager - is words that easy to say and type it out but to do it, it is not easy at all. I think I did a lot of bad things to my past employees that I only met once, a good people manager in my whole career as at today. I do miss her leadership. Last manager was not so bad although she went almost nuts while working at here. As of current manager, S -  was the worst ever, she's the bottom 3 list. 

Under S my world has crumble. While F are playing around. M, I don't know yet but in previous company we doesn't click. But M definitely is way better than S. 

Organization + the management team = I want to leave. 

I'm a true believer that all employees matters. After-all, we are all just an employee. Even if you are the boss of your company, you are the employee of yourself.

Perhaps my time with the company about to end. A reset of time is needed, people need to move on. Doesn't matter if you are a pioneer team, the company is not yours. Do not attach any feeling to work.
That's my lesson, it will eat you up inside. This apply to everyone, including if you are the owner of your own company. There's a saying in Chinese that "The reason you are here is to pay your debts. Once your debts are cleared, then only you can move to next life", I my debts is about to clear soon. 

Your personal well-being is important. Every position is replaceable but you are not replaceable. You are the only one.

To recruiters out there!


When you review resume or CV of candidates, don't judge by how long they stays in the company. This is so old school. The world have change and this is a new era. 

Definitely there must be a reason why they left so soon or why they decided to leave/left/ or what we used to call as Job Hoppers. I'm once a recruiter. I'm once judging candidates this way too until I learnt a lesson from a candidate. Until now, although we no longer a colleague but we are friend.

Get know them. Don't interview for the sake of interview. That is not how it works anymore. 

You need to fill a position with good attitude not skills. Skills can be develop if the person have good attitude. 

Why I said so? Because I've attended so many interviews and no news or response from them even I dropped them a follow-up email. 

Tell me which part I fall off that I didn't meet your expectation and what can I do to secure the job? 

Even you unable to feedback to me because your hiring manager just tell you no without any feedback. At least, drop me a simple email saying I'm unsuccessful. That's good enough. 

Quoted from Angelina Ong LinkedIn

Trending on my wall this morning: The worst interview questions. Let's have some morning humour as I try to answer them here. [Don't penalise me, this is just for fun! LinkedIn version]

Q: Why should we hire you?
A: LinkedIn said that I'm a good match for you

Q: Why should we hire you?
A: LinkedIn said that I'm a good match for you

Q: Is your asking salary negotiable?
A: Of course it is, they taught us to always put higher so that you will feel like you won a great deal by pushing down my worth

Q: Why do you want to work here?
A: LinkedIn said that you're a good match for me.

Q: What's your greatest weakness?
A: If I tell you the truth that my greatest weakness is ice cream, will you still think that it's irrelevant? Or will you think that it's honest? LinkedIn forbids, but Facebook said #keepitreal

Q: What would your last boss say about you?
A: Probably nothing good if I am having this interview with you behind my boss' back, I guess.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: LinkedIn articles suggest that I'm going to be CEO of a company coz I have a morning routine.

Chill. No hard feelings. In real life, If I'm not interested in the job, I won't send in my resume.

Life is...

No Comments » many monthssss ago since my last posting? I'm not sure either but definitely too long that I don't even remember.

Surprisingly I still can remember my login. Haha. The moment I managed to login, I noticed I have many draft of post I've saved but never got the chance to do the write-up.

Why I decided to write a new post instead of my continue with my drafted post?

Well, this blog definitely not a food blog but because I love food too much, it becomes more like foodie blog but, this is me blog.

The reason I decided to pen down this blog is because I think I've reach my early 30's crisis recently. Not because of life direction lost or my life went wrong, this point I still have my clear picture of where I want to be in my life and how I want it to be. Of course, sometimes I do lost track but I do find my way back for this point.

My crisis is about work. I feel that I'm neither here or there but I'm versatile and adaptable in every situation. It's good, I know but this is not the point either but correlated.

Ok, let's get it right. I know if my post ever come across to certain individual who is reading this post, Don't Judge Me! Each individual are nurture and cultivate differently based on how they are bring brought up by the family, the socially environment they were, who cross their path before and etc. From this, it shape and individual. Hence, I'm facing this crisis.

I've been brought up by very humble small and conservative family. Even there's conflicts, we just close one eye and let it bygone, just take it like it never happen before, everyone is quiet and lay low. Even the topic happen to come up again, we will be given the signal like don't mentioned about it or this is elder topic so you young people back down.

I was once extroverted kid but about age 10, there's some change of activity in my life and hence I'm all alone at home. I'm the only child. No one to talk to so, I'm quiet and never land myself in any sort of conflicts or confrontation before. My family and relatives always said to me that, stay away from any sorts of confrontation, just do your work. That's how I've been programmed unconsciously become more operational employee than managing employee.

My current status exactly like that above traffic light. I'm in red, yellow and green zone. All at once light up and don't know how to move around. Should I move or stop or slow down?

Because of my immediate superior mismanagement, weak in managing the department I'm in now. My department is in hot boiling water that potential to be remove from organization chart yet [let's name as S] S still have no awareness on this. Not sure S ignorance or in denial or pure lost direction to the extend that S still feels she's doing alright.

3 weeks ago, we have our department meeting and announcement during the announcement it is mentioned potential changes in my department yet S told me everything is okay, not changes from our end. In the meeting, our HOD have dropped biggest hint on how to improve yet S didn't step up or change at all, still remained the same S.

S didn't aware at all at certain colleagues are in dire of why S still here.

With S behaving such, high potential I might get transfer to other department or potential I might lost my job during this pandemic time where unemployment rates are getting high. Many companies have freeze their hiring headcount and many too have their business closed down, international brand company files for bankruptcy. Not to forget many companies start to downsizing their headcount for cost saving. I have my commitment to deliver in my personal life. With S thinking, self hypnotize S doing good job in delivery what the stakeholders want is actually jeopardizing my future. Yet S have no sense of it.

HOD and D have started to put me in the loop in many things to deliver on what they want me to deliver even assigned me to partnership with ER department for delivery work task as requested by our HQ team. Thinking of this, will I be safe if I deliver what they assigned to me?

At the same time S whom have no sensible common sense too pass me many things that once S said will take over but at one point unable to deliver, pass me the task. I'm still doing the task though.

What S want me to deliver some are red light from HOD and some are yellow light. S still my immediate manager so as an subordinate, I still need to deliver. Of course it doesn't pleased my HOD.

An indirect proper self development coaching was given to me by my HOD, I really do appreciate that. However, I have my insecurities and fear and my concern was brought to A as I need to clear all this mess from my mind. I'm neither here or there but to protect myself, I have to do what's for once I think it's okay, there's no need to do so. But given the circumstances now, I'm learning and even given the permission for A to whack and scold me if I chicken out.

I'm doing so is to protect myself. Given one day if I become a people manager but failing to protect myself how am I suppose to be able to protect my people? I can't let my people to suffer because of me. That is very selfish act.

Certainly I'm very uncomfortable but for own self good, I must even one day S might say I'm rubbish. Nonetheless to say,  S do spread unnecessary talks around and making people misunderstand me. But to be honest, the truth actually start to unfold and is true that truth will reveal one day, just time to play its game.

I've never wanted to be or have any thought of becoming people manager on my own. Even to this age. Yes, many might have goal for this position or even higher but for me, I prefer the learning and experience journey. Throughout my whole life, I've never accountable for anyone since I'm the only child. I cannot imagine I have subordinate under me, how to take care of them etc. I don't think I can or capable of taking up that role as well. My self reservation and highlighting problem issue wall is very strong.

Since I'm been programmed to be more operational by nurture. I'm afraid of questioning, challenging or addressing, it has always have this fear in me as I don't want to trigger or offend anyone. After all, we all only cross path for short period of time as colleague, I want to remain as good colleague, instead of troublemaker colleague.

I thought I'm doing well, until to this date. For not doing so have putting myself into boiling hot water due to S mismanagement.

Life is...

I thought I've learn to untangle many robes in my live and starting to see straight robes but life, does have its turn around with you. Out of sudden, out of nowhere there's additional robe came into your life and start tangle itself. Hence, you have to untangle again and again.

I'm not ready but I have to learn else when can I be ready? Work has become not only you know how to work but knowing how to manage your work. Manage work definitely sound easy but in real life it is not as simple as the sound.

Life is...

It's good to be alive because you get to experience all this but if you didn't help yourself to stay afloat then you will drown and nobody will help you once you are drown or dead. Replacement will take after you.

It hard but I've decided I'm gonna do this.

Happy New Year and Happy Rooster Year 2017

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Seriously I'm getting really lazy to update my blog now these days. I know I have a lot to updates and I do save drafted out post that I really want to share out but I seriously getting lazy, plus with only one computer and share by me and Boyf, I really don't have alone time with computer do to anymore posting like I used to when I have my personal laptop. 

Anyhow let's have a quickie updates on my last year 2016 Resolution Checklist whether I achieve it or not.

1) Work more smarter & wiser - Still need to improve
2) Play smarter 
3) Earn more - (Checked!)
4) Save more 
4) Blog more
5) Active in healthy events 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas) (Checked!) - Japan/Ipoh/Kuala Sepetang/Terengganu
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts
9) Get a house 
10) Be healthy
11) Exercise more (Checked!)
12) Learn extra languages
13) Learn some make-up - I tried but failed
14) Strengthen my compromise and tolerance
15) Cook/bake more 
16) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan
17) Clear my CC loan
18) Repay study loan (Checked!)
19) Join some crazy games or sport
20) Collect more of my favorite collection (Checked!)
21) Be more giving than just receiving
22) Less lazy around

Basically out of 22 I just manage to do 6. Although I only able to achieve 6 but I felt last year I really do live my life a better and fuller one compared to previous year, I did not regret anything about it and did not disappoint any single moment of it .

So my 2017 Resolution Checklist will be...

1) Get a better career opportunity. (Time to move on for better prospect)
2) Save more. (Time to save up for house)
3) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas - Go to places never go before)
4) Get a house. 
5) Be healthy. (This year did not start well, medical problem starting of the year)
6) Exercise more. (Downloaded an Apps, hopefully it helps!)
7) Learn extra languages. (Downloaded an Apps, hopefully it helps!)
8) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan + House plan.
9) Clear my CC loan. (Going to end soon. Let's pray hard!)
10) Repay study loan. (Be more consistent)

I will not be greedy this year, but really narrow down to half of it because I really want to achieve the mentioned items. Those that not in the list doesn't mean I will not work in it but less focus. Quantity doesn't means quality right?

As of this Rooster year, overall my fortune are all not bad. I just hope I can get a better job this time round, like I said, time to move one for a better prospect. This year Chinese New Year are much more less happening compared to last year because the date fall on the weekend and economy are so so bad that people are not looking forward to it except for those working outstation and it is the time for big reunion. Unlike for me, I particularly doesn't looking forward for Chinese New Year because I just doesn't like social with people I'm not familiar with even they are relatives and questions they ask, I just reluctant to answer. 

I don't particularly dislike or like the celebrations however, I want this year to be a great year for me. Let's hope for the best and wish me all the best.

Wishing everyone have a prosperous, abundance and good health for this Lunar Year.

Wedding Aisle & Backdrops

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As for my wedding aisle and backdrops I want something which can be DIY like curtains but to design it this way I need a stand or a bar to support it so, I need someone to help me to build it up? Of course I will pay for the work done and hope the person will only charge me with minimum payment.

As for shades, I always love for umbrella as below picture show, seriously sweet but I guess the cost is much more expensive than just set up canopies or tents rental. I think I will just opt for whichever cheaper but definitely must be according to my wedding theme, not just any tents or canopies if I were to choose that option.

My theme? Of course garden wedding with only close families and friends.

Penang is turning into concrete jungle soon and I think it will be quite hard to locate affordable garden to hold a wedding but I still put on hope.

Why I didn't choose Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel, Lone Pine Hotel or Suffolk Home since they offer this services?

Reason/Answer: Price. Is. Expensive.

Any better ideas than below pictures? Please share it with me.

Wedding Photo Booth & Prop's

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These day many wedding have photo booth and event managements' mushrooms up the business with many awesome and pretty ideas and different charges for different designs and requirements. It does makes your wedding reception look grand but all this charges is a little bit too expensive and I'm not willing to pay, I do want a photo booth for my wedding so everyone can have fun capturing the moment and we can talk about it later in life but I don't need a grand one, I just need simple booth set up with simple props but of course to do this I need good background like a plain wall or trees then, of course I need to search a venue that can support my ideas, I know I definitely can find such venue but I'm more worry of the venue rental cost.

Anyone have an idea of such venue in Penang with cheap price? Please do let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Remarks: Or I can buy curtains to use as the backdrop then later reuse it for house window curtain OR simple design like the first picture shown OR like the below picture to save photographer fees and charges.

While for the props. I know we can buy it through online and it is consider quite affordable to buy a set of it but after reconsider it, I will only use it once so it is a bit unnecessarily to spend the money for it. I know I know I know I sound very cheapo bride but I do plan to print it by myself, it is hard and I may be exhaust and tire with all the DIY works but I think worth it.

Wedding Accessories & Other Decorations

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Hi everyone, so sorry for the late updates these day as I have been demotivated on writing up although I have so many things to share but due to some reason I have been very demotivated but today I decided to update some.

I'm not getting marry yet nor plan to get marry but many of my close circles of friends are getting hitched from the market and their wedding seems to cost a lot, like about to burn big holes in the pockets. Then it lead me to think simple yet sweet wedding that won't cost much and land you in a big debt as Malaysians know best that now the everything is on spike rise.

Ok, I'm writing this for my future reference as well. I might getting marry one day and I don't want to burden my better half and myself with all the costly wedding expenses just for one day ceremony, I prefer to invest in something like travel or better home.

Many will let wedding planner or artist to decorate their wedding car but definitely they will charge you with the material and services price which I still feel this cost of price is unnecessarily, it might not be a pretty or as grand as the artist decorate it but I still believe simple yet meaningful is all I look for. After all, the wedding is about both of us become one.

I like above simple designs to decorate my wedding car and it can be DIY by myself with some recycle items and cheap materials.  

As for my wedding rings holder, I wanted to DIY it too or use washed off shore seashell, it does look pretty and romantic after some clean up or buy love lock then repaint it to hold the rings which later can be recycle to lock house gate. As for the first picture, I saw it in Pinterest which it was made of flour but not sure I'm capable of making one although it look nice, I decided to opt for something which I am more confident to make one like repaint lock, seashells clean up, mini felt pillow and mini picture frame which later can be recycle to use as earring hanger as well.

I do sound like cheapskate bride. Hahahah...

Instead of heels for bride and and leather shoes for groom, I prefer both of us wear something comfortable for the whole half day which require us to walk and stand for long hours. I don't want later that day after everything wrap up and our legs is too "paralyze" and bear the after effect of pain for few more days.

We both like sneakers so, why not we wear sneakers for our wedding? It is comfortable and unique plus point it is colorful and lively, we can run or dance whichever we prefer without worrying foot or toes blister afterwards. We can add some designs like above pictures to make it more special and even after the wedding we still can wear it to anywhere...reusable...

At the moment, I found this but do share it with me if you have better ideas. No rush, I'm not getting marry yet...

Dog Category

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Saw this Lili Chin's on Facebook sharing and both of us decided to download it for our future use on our house decorations. Yup you read it right, for decoration, we plan to hang these cute illustration of furbaby on our house wall. We would like to relay our thanks to Lili Chin's for her cutely illustrate furbaby. Now I can imagine our future house cutely and lovely decorate.

I love dogs but have bad experienced with dogs, eventually I did overcome it with Ah Boy whom we once take care of him since baby puppy and a Boyf who loves dogs, who still guiding me about dogs. Remember in previous post I did mentioned my furbaby fall ill because of the stupid worms? He was there and hands-on on this matter and console me everything going to be alright. I'm thankful that he is guiding me all these knowledge about dogs and we are going to create warm and cute house in near future.

Dogs. Language / Do & Don't

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For the past few weeks, my baby fatty Yoshi has been losing her fatty appetite and fatty weight which really makes me worry about her, we both brought her to vet and eventually that fatty have worms in her baby tummy, YOU STUPID WORMS! I"M GONNA KILL YOU ALL! Baby was on the medication and now she have gain back her appetite and weight, still I'm sad because her baby fats all is gone, both her papa and me myself are working hard to feed back as much as we can according to her diet so she could gain back her previous weight. 

*Furbaby fall ill & the mama also fall sick*.

My fault also because I felt it is bad to keep her have dry foods always and thought she might be bored to it so I eventually bought tons of wet food for her and is the wet foods that cause her to have worms! Sorry baby, mama bad, no more wet food for you at the moment until you are fully recover and less wet foods for you after recovered. Also if mama got time, mama going to cook you healthy organic food for you. *fingers cross*

Dear all and furbaby parents, above are some useful info graphics for your reference regarding your furbaby behaviors and our do'd and don't to them. Although I have my furbaby for 7 years already but I'm still learning as her parent because as they age, their behaviors, emotion and etc change too, so I really need to pay attention on this as according to their(dog) world not only human world. 

Happy 2016 Chinese New Year & Hou Yeah Year

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This year company event decoration was also handled by M and me myself as the main coordinator, we both started early but we still unable to complete it due to so many unexpected circumstances that happened to both of us despite all the workload to complete before company shut down during the celebrations. Above is both of us working hard to complete the big picture of our monkey king. That's M hand diligently working to cut it.
Here is the 40% of the art work that I able to took a picture of it. The complete set, I wasn't able to take the picture due to really unexpected circumstances incident happened to me and I was on medical leave until the following week I return back to work. But the 100% art work really very nice although so many changes happened compared to our main original plan due to M and me suddenly on medical leave both at the same time and super thanks to my other teams whom lending us their time and hands to complete it.
Very naughty colleagues who Ang Pows my place instead of sticky notes.Really receives their loves to the max although it does makes me go speechless. Also helped me and M complete the 12 zodiac cycle on the wall. Isn't it pretty? All the monkeys was personally colored by each one of the team members in the office, basically this time round of decorations, everyone contributed their idea and artwork.
A closer look at my place! Aren't they are lovely colleagues of mine? Don't be jelly and I'm blessed to have them around me.
2016 economy in Malaysia really go terribly bad that the inflation rate is no joke at all. Everything shrink in size but the prices are sky rocketing. Used to receives really big and good quality hampers but this year really shrink. Anyhow, I'm still really thankful that we still able to receives it, after all it is about sincerity right? Thank you~!
My very first Ang Pow of the year. Frozen ang pow! Really? =.=''
Remember above I did mentioned I wasn't able to complete the artwork? I was admitted to hospital due to suspected dengue which turn out to be serious viral infection and serious acute gastroenteritis. While M was admitted to hospital due to dengue. First I was suspected dengue because in the office including M are about 6 people gotten dengue and they are all just seat around me. Luckily it is not dengue but the stupid viral infection and gastroenteritis also no jokes which until now I still feel the pain occasionally.
Everyone thank you for the beautiful pink flowers and basket of fruits. It is lovely and warmth to receive it. It does cheer up my day at the hospital.
Plus it also makes me feel like a VIP in the ward room =)

That's end of my lunar new year posting and hope the new year will bring me more luck, wealth and health. No more hospitalize and health issues! All I need now is luck and wealth due to the Malaysia weak economy and high living cost. May my wish can be summon this year. Dear all please bless me.

I hereby would like to... WISH everyone a...



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Yesterday, last week, last month and last year I didn't blog much because my work schedule is no joke and if there is time for me, I just give myself a well rest. 

Last year has been a good year for me and I have so much fun! Without realizing it the year has passed with a blink of eyes, time do have wings, they just flew.

Last year Christmas was good because I got the opportunity to in-charge of decorate the office and organize the holly celebration with the entire factory and corporate team. Well you can refer to the above picture of how I actually decorate the office, basically I just turn the whole office upside down and my MD SD just speechless with me because I just turn his Christmas tree into leafless and modern one. 

And last year although is good but still there is some huge disappointment moments happened. Life will never give you a straight line else, there will be no fun right?

So look back at last year checklist and see whether I achieve it or not...

1) Work more smarter & harder & wiser (Checked!)
2) Play even harder & smarter compared to last year (Checked!)
3) Earn more $$$ & save more $$$ 
4) Blog more *hopefully*
5) Participate more healthy event. Is a must to register PBIM 2015! 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas) - at least one (backpack) (Checked!)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts - (Checked!)
8) Become more tougher, brave, courageously & firm
9) 2015 is a year to lose weight
10) Target affordable house
11) Be more healthy
12) Become a responsible citizen. I must do this as I've promised myself but have yet to do it (Checked!)
13) Read more books (Checked!)
14) Save more $$$ as well
15) Spend more time with loved ones (Checked!)
16) Exercise more
17) Improve my languages 
18) Become prettier. I mean at least able to put on some make up. Learn.
19) Improve my fashion sense and shop more (Checked!)
20) Become better person (Checked!)
21) Strengthen my relationship with other although they are people that deserve a slap in their face. Compromise and tolerance Angeline. Compromise and tolerance. 
22) Be happier person and don't ever allow anxiety disorder and depression happen again (Checked!)
23) Learn to cook/bake more (Checked!)
24) Improve my driving skills (Checked!)
25) I think is time for me and Boyf to take more photos of ourselves 
26) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan (Checked!)

Total achieve: 13/26 (Half)

Half was ticked = consider not bad for me, especially someone so lazy like me. And 2015 I became a certified trainer for my company. BIG achievement for me and it help to unlock for better opportunity.

2016 checklist will be...

1) Work more smarter & wiser
2) Play smarter 
3) Earn more
4) Save more 
4) Blog more
5) Active in healthy events 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts
9) Get a house
10) Be healthy
11) Exercise more
12) Learn extra languages
13) Learn some make-up
14) Strengthen my compromise and tolerance
15) Cook/bake more 
16) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan
17) Clear my CC loan
18) Repay study loan
19) Join some crazy games or sport
20) Collect more of my favorite collection
21) Be more giving than just receiving
22) Less lazy around

That is for my this year checklist. Do you think I will be able to make it? For some definitely will say this is easy peasy but for me this is never easy because my commitments is too much and self development is not a day or two can be done or achieve. Above all checklist is more to tolerance and discipline also self development. Hopefully I can make it! *Fingers cross*

P/s: Diet and lose weight will never ever in my list already because it is impossible for me and being slim is have no point if the health is not good.