After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins

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Few months ago, Jing's was away for some short escaped from work and she bought us some chocolates and I really appreciates she still remember my flavor liking. Mint. It looks like an expensive chocolates because of its packaging and name but thankfully it is an affordable one else, I definitely will feel guilty.
I unpacked the plastic and open up the box to looks the inside packaging and it looks beautifully arrange in smooth black paper bag and the chocolate looks so shiny.
Doesn't it look expensive chocolate to you? It does to me.
The milk chocolate was sweet, shape in thinly square shape and inside of it have have this chocolate mint ganache filling. It have a smooth chocolate taste as well but if you ask me will I buy one and keep at home to eat? I will say no unless I have many relatives in one roof because inside one box I keep eating but it never finish...I suggest they sell smaller box for individual like me alone to enjoy.

DIY Tug & Pull Dog Toy

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Seriously I have too many unused clothes especially I have keeping my primary and secondary school, those clothes still in good and wearable condition just slightly worn off, even we donates our unused clothes to the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) but we still get goodies from all the events we participated so the clothes keep piling up. Coincidentally, Yoshi lost her play toys during that time, first I decided to buy one for her but who's knows the inflation in Malaysia was so serious that the price of Tug & Pull for dogs is so expensive in the market now. *Sigh*

So I decided to just simply make one for this naughty girl of mine to play with me, I just go to the next room wardrobe to dig out some old and unused clothes.

Materials needed...

1. Unused clothes
2. Pencil
3. Ruler
4. Scissor
5. A pair of hand

The steps...

1. Layout the unused clothe on the table
2. Cut out the sleeves and collar/neckline part
3. Measure and draw each lines with 5cm apart
4. Cut each lines carefully according to draw lines
5. Layer all the stripes together, top of each others
6. At the end of the stripes, tied a dead end tightly
7. Then braid it tightly with the pretty hand
8. Tied a dead end at the another side of the stripes
9. Cut out any excess
10. Tadaaaaaaa~is ready to use

It is just that simple although it doesn't look glamorous pretty like the ones in the markets BUT it is something we can help to save a few bucks instead of carelessly. And my naughty daughter LOVES it so much that she keep playing with it. Hard work get its best repay! It doesn't matter what others comment on this but as long as my daughter is happy and loves, I feel worth it!

P.s: The left picture of the fatty teddy girl just join the fun being in the photo because simply I find it cute! My companion while doing the crafts.

Bamboo Catering (M) Sdn Bhd

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Few years back when I was just a fresh graduate and I accepted a short-term worked period while waiting for better opportunity, during that time all the staffs was invited to celebrate Teacher's Day where this is the first time I celebrate it as a academic staff instead of a student side of view.

So, the admin invited this catering vendors to served all the academic staffs and this is the first time I heard of Bamboo catering. Many know and aware of this catering and many is satisfy with their food quality, services and price range. I can see why they compliments this catering because I'm a satisfied customer of their's.
It is a buffet style so there is no serving presentation but their food serving colors is nice.That's not the important point, the important point here is the foods tasted nice! Usually catering buffet foods as I experience so far is always very disappointing or so-so only but bamboo catering really doesn't disappoint me yet. Their foods give me a good impression and more open up to buffet catering.
Their vanilla and chocolate sponge really spongy, moist, flavorful and fluffy but the scent or the aroma of the cake is too light but what do you expect when it comes to catering buffet vendor, the cakes itself is already above the expectation from me to them.
Ice shaved was ok only nothing so special about but I like simple ice shaved and I love munching on ice, I'm an ice addict so their ice shave kinda fix my craving at some point.

Please the link at here for more information. Thank you!

Hotel Siswa @ Kampar

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Hotel review this time!!!

During my undergraduates year, my final year, my last paper, I decided to moved out from my rented house and stay in this budget hotel to keep my focus in studies to avoid my distraction as many have finished their papers, started to party and packing and left the neighborhood which make me felt insecure and I lost my focus because I wanted to go back as well. I do not want to retake my papers so I just move out and stay in this hotel for dew days.

Their exterior doesn't look bad but wasn't very appealing, I didn't put on high hope for this hotel but with the price they offer and the facilities, environment, design of the room, cleanliness and their service impressed me. Not to forget the room is very spacious!
My room window view. It looks very greenery which good for your eyes and give a calm feeling.
The bathroom also very spacious and have this very homey feeling.
They have this small TV in the room as well. It does make me feel like I'm in my room.
We even have space to roll around on the floor to study and they have this simple hanger for us to hang our wet towels. Their room definitely make you feel like as if you are at your room, well that is the feeling they gave me.
Overall, it is a not bad budget hotel. Instead of hotel I think their concept more to

For more information, you may click here for their facebook account and here for their blogspot.

And their address is...

No. 3, Jalan Siswa, Taman Kampar Siswa, 31900 Kampar, Perak

Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim Part 3

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In my previous posting, I did mentioned that I misplaced some of the foods photos which you can refer at here. So, I managed to find the photos and 're-color' it for better looking pictures.

Actually this food court really not a famous place to be well-known but it is a place where the neighborhood often dine-in place, if you are not icky picky person type, you can actually the foods here tasted not that bad although the environment of the food court might turn down your appetite. The foods price they offer at there wasn't very expensive, which I refer kind cheap to have that amount of portion, taste and varieties.

There is a stall selling Chu Char/Seafood who manage by an elderly uncle who also hire elderly people to be his helper which as waiter, cashier and menu order taker. Their food is really cheap, the taste is Okay-la-not-so-bad type of feeling and of course not really presentable type of food you can find in restaurant. Sometimes you can find that you are doing some good deeds indirectly when you dine or order his foods because he also hire drop-out school people to help him. 

Me and Boyf also MummyQ often have take-away from here, but rarely dine-in at here due to the environment. 

Our usual order is this Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaf with Sambal. It might not a familiar dish for some but I grow up in a small village which this dish is very common dish for us to the extend I got bored with it and started to hate it but MummyQ loves it very much. I usually love spicy food and have very strong taste or after taste of spiciness but here the flavors is more likely to lightly mild level and the the sauce is a bit too watery.
Pai Kut Ong (King Spareribs) which something I like because this dish somehow remind me of my childhood. This dish is more to suit the Malaysian taste, it is similar with sweet and sour pork but the taste of it is different, very decent dish for children to adult. Uncle pai kut ong tastes better than sweet and sour pork, I definitely recommend you to order this than sweet and sour to avoid disappointment but still a bit too oily and the meat is hard to chew.
I have always like Fried Beancurd with Minced Meats and Mushrooms because I find it in this simple dish, it have all its proteins and vitamins. Uncle dish was Okay, the flavors was mild and smooth which it is suppose to be, what is lacking here is the beancurd is too airy, low quality beancurd he buy there but what to expect when all the food is cheap.
I love eggs but uncle's egg often disappoint me,no matter what eggs I order, above picture is Fried Eggs with Onions. It always got burn, inside the eggs is too airy and it contains too much oil. At times I wonder I'm eating the eggs or I'm slurping down the oil.

When I said cheap, it is cheap. Above 4 dishes plus 3 plates of rice for three person is only RM12, how on earth to find such CHEAP chu char in the city? This is definitely the MOST cheapest chu char I encounter so far with reasonable taste. It definitely worth the try if you wasn't picky with foods.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang

Collection - Death Notes Figurines

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Just a lame excuse for not updating June and July post for being busy. If you are passionate, you will not miss it out but true enough to admit that I'm lazy in the month of June and July is the month I'm starting to get real busy that I started getting not enough sleep, most like I'm in zombie state but now things getting to slow down although my work still have many deadline to meet.

As a compensation, here is the another figurines collection of mine.

Is a very cute figurines, it is a animated Death Notes character which I really find it very cute and fun to play with BUT I seldom play with it because I really treasure them, I want to keep them in good condition.

Probably one day I will put it on glass display when I have my own house, it will be girlie geeky house then. 

Fishing Boat in Action

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Fantastic picture captured by le Boyf for le UncleH of mine. He is the proud owner of this little boat, did I mentioned to you that he is fisherman? Yes, he is the fisherman and I'm proud to say that too because he loves what he is doing and he is passionate with his work. These days he is less active already as his health, eyes sight and strength getting weaker to work on this job, he is still on it but just once in awhile. He loves his boat so much that he asked us to take a picture of it to keep as his memories and so we did. This is the pictured Boyf took for him and I'm in awe with the outcome, Boyf really took his effort and I'm proud of him!

Anglia The Real Shandy

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Definitely very good beverage to have during the weekend to enjoy the rest day from the work hectic. It taste even better when serve chilled. It tastes sweet and refreshing. Those that cannot take strong alcohol or high percentage of liquor this is the only alcohol you can enjoy like me myself. I can only drink this to enjoy the weekend because I can't take strong alcohol and is another way of me to stay conscious and didn't show my ugly side. The only alcohol beverage I can have to release my tense and to relax. Thank you Anglia, you are my savior and you are the best!

Harmonious View of Penang City from Penang Hill

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Pretty isn't it my lovely hometown and now it is officially a city. Bravo Penangites we made it! Keep it up!

Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim Part 2

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Previously I have blog about this food court near my GrandMama place but I missed out this few more foods that I like at there so here I am again, click here to read previous post. Thank you.

Although this food court is not a well known place but there is a few stalls that worth the try sometimes. First of all I would like to introduce this Seafood Grill stall, highly recommended but please don't pay a visit because I'm selfish and I don't like my favorite food finish before my eyes. The reason is because the uncle only sell limited amount of seafood only. I usually go for Stingray Grill because it is my favorite of all when it comes to grill seafood. The fish was was fresh, the meats was soft and juicy, it tasted sweet as well because of the freshness. The spices was well mix and it blend well with the other ingredients such as the dipping sauce. It was flavorful by just one bite and it is very aromatic as it was pressured grill with the banana leaves where leave some sweet and flavorful scent in it.
Another stall that worth the try is this small Thai food stall situated outside of the food court. If you are some one like spicy foods then this is the right place for you because their Tom Yum Fried Rice is quite spicy, the rice portion was big but it is a bit too moist but not too sticky, very flavorful and full with spices aromatic smell. Every of the ingredients and spices was well mix and everything tasted fresh and nice plus the colors of it looks very pretty isn't it?
For someone like me who love spicy foods, the tom yum fried rice spiciness alone is not enough for me therefore I need their Sambal for additional spiciness. Their Sambal is no joke, definitely will kill your taste bud, you'll feel numb the more you have it. It has a strong aromatic smell but only for those that like raw chili smell and prawn paste as well as garlicky smell. Something that I won't have too much as well because of the smell but in term of spiciness it is really a good sambal to have.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang.