Wan Nen Cafe @ Macallum Street

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Another place that I would like to intro for cheap, affordable and big portion economic rice is this place, where I've been visiting since I was young, this place definitely a place for rough labor have their lunch meal so please excuse them if they were rude, rough and loud but I can promise you that once of their dishes is the best of the best and many will not know except the labor worker's because many youngster will not visit and have their meal at here due to the environment and lil bit because the hygiene of the place also the appearance of the place.

Wan Nen Cafe formerly known as Ban Leng Cafe, they just change the name few years back and many especially the elder's still address is as Ban Len instead of Wan Nen plus Ban Leng is easier to pronounce than Wan Nen for some.

Of course the waitress or service crew is not as friendly as it seems and very good in manner whether verbally or behavior but bear with it because the food is something worth to try for. For our drinks, MummyQ ordered Hot Nutmeg (Red), and I ordered Cham Pheng (Ice Milk Tea Mix With Coffee). For MummyQ drinks is a bit bland but it was served hot, the aroma of the nutmeg was nice as well, quite strong. For red nutmeg, it does not mean that the nutmeg they use is red color or otherwise, it is the same nutmeg that every see, feel and eat. The color is red is because instead of peeling the skin off, they will rinse it clean before slow boil it with sugar to extract the color, the scent and flavor then turn it into syrup. While my drinks was good just a lil bit sweet, the mixture of the coffee and milk teas was in good ratio.
Above is MummyQ rice and dishes, she picked Stir-Fried Cabbage and Fried Egg. Although this may look like really easy peasy dishes but it taste nice for me though. The cabbage was stir-fried until the vegetables become soft but still slightly maintained its textures, the oyster sauce, the seasoning was well absorb into the vegetables so it's nice to eat, the vegetables smell and bitterness is almost zero here. The fried egg is a lil crispy at the side and it is soft inside but their fried egg is really oily. Then they have their curry and soy sauce mixture for you to mix with your rice and eat, that is their secret gravy, it may be watery but it's very flavorful and nice to eat together with your rice.
For me, it is a bit embarrassed to show you my portion because it is rather big portion for a girl but there is a week I'll eat like a grown men because my metabolism run twice faster before the due of my period so don't judge me. For my dishes, I took Curry Potatoes, Fried Egg and Char Siew together with their special mix curry and soy sauce. The potatoes was soft, well absorb the curry gravy and very flavorful mixture from the potatoes and curry gravy, the fried egg part you can read it from my opinion at above and the char siew is not that nice, it is hard and not flavorful, dry although there is some sweet sauce glazed over it plus the coloring is a bit too much for me. Oh, as you can see my dishes mainly more to carbo due to the peak period metabolism, I took more carbo so I don't get hungry fast else after 1 1/2 hour later I'll hungry again, women menstrual symptoms sometimes can be weird, horrible and scary.
Their highlight of their famous dishes is this Pork Steak (Bak Steak) they only serve them 2 round 12.00pm and 12.30pm, this pork steak makes everyone wait for it, people will wait even though they have selected their dishes but they must not missed this dishes, some even asked when will this dish will be ready to serve and willing to wait for it, some even make an advanced booked on the steak on the spot. No joke, I went there to eat also because of this only else I won't go and bear the environment, this worth the suffer, even Boyf also addicted to it. When I first bring him there, he is so not impressed and got annoyed and mad but after he tasted it, he understand why I bear the suffer. These pork steak sold off within minutes, max at 10 minutes so I always be there early and like other customers will anxiously and patiently wait for it. I alone can chow down 3 pork steaks but I must control myself so only 2 pieces and shared with MummyQ but MummyQ knew I like it so she only ate quarter of it. This pork steak taste tangy, chewy, crispy, very flavorful, the meat was tender and easy to chew, very fragrant but slightly a bit oily. This is a very addictive dish, MummyQ tried to make it once but failed and non of the economic rice stall I tried before have this and so far I still haven't seen anyone selling this except this place, this recipe definitely is their ultimate secret recipe and weapon. Thinking about it and writing this makes me want to eat it know though I just ate my lunch.

And their address is...
Lebuh Macallum, 10300 Georgetown, Penang (Just right opposite of Sri Saujana Flat)

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food Restaurant @ Tan Jetty

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Mei's and her family visited this place and took photos posted it in Facebook and the place attracted me and so I asked her where is the location and how's the foods rating, she said not bad. So one day I decided to go with Godmum and Godbro together with Boyf and MummyQ. It took us sometimes to find the location and parking because there is no sign or so and we decided to go find it since the restaurant is inside the Tan jetty. Luckily, we found it and that time it's still early so there not many people and it's open for business.

When we go for Thai restaurant, we definitely will  order Belacan Fried Rice, it is like a norm for us, it is must for us else we will feeling like missing something. Like many others belacan fried rice their serving is also almost the same, the belacan fried rice will be served together with omelette strips, stir-fried black soy sauce pork, shallots, fried shrimps, strips of sour mango and spicy chili padi. To eat this, all you need to do is mix them all up, mix well and it's ready to eat. It tasted not bad actually, sweet and tangy with a lil bit of spicy from the chili padi but the flavor and fragrant is not strong enough in my opinion. The rice is fluffy and was well fried but it is just not aromatic and not strong if belacan taste also it is not hot or warm.
Stir-fried Tou Mio which is one of our Asian vegetables and I like this vegetable so I ordered it although my Godmum and MummyQ against it because they have weak teeth to chew it, this vegetables is naturally a bit hard and it's slightly have the crunchiness. The vegetables was nice, quite flavorful and it tasted fresh with slightly a bit chewy but a lil salty, also usually this vegetables is not oily, so it's good.
Because not every restaurants' offer Clear Seafood Tom Yum or well known as White Tom Yum so we decided to ordered this try it out. It actually taste not bad because the lemongrass taste and fragrant is quite strong plus it is served very hot so it brings the flavors stronger, it also taste tangy and a lil bit of spicy. Since we ordered seafood so it come with varieties of seafood but I only eat fish meats and some peeled prawns that Boyf peel for me, it tasted quite fresh for me. However, when you mix the soup with your rice, you'll feel a bit weird because it doesn't have the orange red color of the normal tom yum do but still it goes well with your rice.
No matter how we will always back to the basic or maybe it became our norm that we will always order Belacan Fried Chicken if we cannot decide which chicken dishes to choose from the menu. When it was served on our table, we were all in awe because of the strong aroma smell of the belacan and the color looks so pretty. It is crispy, inside-out of the chicken meat and skin was well marinated with the belacan spices, the meat is tender, and it's not so oily as well but because most the pieces being served to us mostly bone so I find it quite hard to eat it and since it is in public area I cannot eat like monster glutton way. Anyway, worth the try.
Because we shared the belacan fried rice among the 5 of us so we still a bit empty inside out tummy, then we decided to ordered Pad Thai which is more like Thai fried Koay teaw but it taste sweet and the koay teaw is is more chewy and a bit thicker. Like I said it taste sweet, if you want a lil bit of spiciness then mix well with the chili flakes. Personally I don't really like it because it is oily, the noodles was torn in small pieces, I'm not used to eating koay teaw that taste sweet and it's so chewy that most of us forced ourselves to eat the left over.
Here is how the restaurant environment look like, there is an open air area and non open air area, end of the restaurant is the sea, so apparently you'll have sea view no matter where you sit. If you are lucky, you'll have very beautiful sea view when the sea is high tight else you'll see a very muddy sea view which is not so pretty and the sea smell is extremely very strong. Also at the end of the bridge, there is public toilet which the view may caused you to lose your appetite because what comes out from your bottom is straight to the sea and you may accidentally see the un-pretty scene but many will not got there, the percentage you will see the scene is only 5-10% because the restaurant have their own washrooms so does other houses at there.

And their address is...
97A Tan Jetty, 10300 Weld Quay, Georgetown, Penang.

Happy Mid-Autumn Everyone

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Happy Mid-Autumn Everyone~! It's been years since my last celebration for this auspicious day, my family did not celebrate this occasion because we don't have big family, my maternal grandma side do have big families but ever since she passed away, all of us already go separate ways whole for my paternal grandpa side we never celebrate it together because of some reasons. Me and MummyQ alone is a bit odd to celebrate because we both cannot eat mooncake too much so no points to buy it, we both everyday seeing each other and have meal together quite often so, celebrate it or not it is the same for us.

I only played lantern up to grade 3 which is like standard 3 then I never hold it anymore until I'm in my uni years where my friends wanted to celebrate it and would like to give our relationship have some good memories of it before we all graduate and be parted. To be honest, there is a lil child in me that I really fo feel happy celebrating it and holding the lantern again, it's fun and warm also it looks so pretty dangling around.

I remembered that day quite clearly, after class ended, me, Boyf, Chi, Jing, Lime, Lime's bf and Wai went to Tesco for some groceries shopping like buying some snacks and beers, since Lime provided lanterns and candles so we did not buy any but did buy a piece or two of mooncake to share among us. After everything is completed, we went back our own hostel for some rest, bath and dinner before we meet up for the small gathering and setting up the area.

As you can see from above picture, there is a hut in the pathway facing the gigantic beautiful lake and there is our small gathering is, beautiful and romantic isn't it? One by one slowly showed up, all came with couple's except for Jing and Sun. Then we started to set up the lanterns that Lime bought at the hut by hanging it then together we lit up the candles and wow it looks so pretty.
Then we gathered around for some small talks and snacks and beer. After that we decided to to play some simple games along the pathway like flicking bottles caps and so on then end the day with long walks with the lanterns. Simple but for me it is an unforgettable memories although it only for few hours. Maybe when I have my own house, I'll do this again, with some mooncake that might made by jelly and some few snacks then invited close family or friends to gather around or maybe just the three of us celebrating it - me, Boyf and MummyQ. I hope that day will come soon.

Golden BBQ Steamboat @ Nagore Road

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Going through some old photos that I kept back then in my very old pendrive and I noticed these few pictures I kept in a folder about friends gathering and inside the folder I have a very old photos of me and my friends that we used to have our gathering at this bbq steamboat restaurant. Seeing this old photos reminds me of how long I've did not go there already and kinda miss it, both memories of laughter and the feeling of feeding each other.

Ok, let me start with brief introduction. This is the very first bbq steamboat I had and it is kind old style, with single gas stove placed with grilling pan with a small steel bowl on to of it to filled with soup for steamboat purposes while the bottom grilling pan will be wrap with aluminium foil for bbq and the aluminium foil can be replace once there is burned mark on it which is a good thing.

They offer varieties of foods from frozen to fresh to raw which you makes you have a lot of choices to choose. They also have varieties of popsicle for dessert and chocolate fruits fondue and some dessert-of-the-day. Too hungry to wait for your foods to be cooked? Don't worry they also have ready cooked foods to serve you such as dim sum, fried noodles, friend snacks and so on. So, you don't have to worry that you'll starve yourselves at there. Oh did I mention that they also have unlimited butter for grilling? Yes, they did. Unhealthy but definitely good.

Though they have many selections for poultry and meats as well as their frozen foods but their seafood and vegetables rather limited for me but they offer rather wide selection for noodles. That don't bother me because as long as I have my refillable vegetables wrap for my meats then it's good plus usually I only go for poultry and meats and have a lots of them. There I will also hunt for their popsicle and tried all I can before I called it a day and they have my favorite popsicle which is sweet and sour plum popsicle and I usually can't have enough of it.

It's been year long since my last visit and recently I passed that place and it is no longer at there anymore, how sad...

Do I miss this place? Hmmm...to be honest not really except missing the old times. Why? Because the price they charge is quite expensive with the food and beverage quality, environment and service which make me have the second thought of going there when there is other place that can offer me better than that right? That's business nature, when there is competitor you have to improvise and be better than them else there goes your business. In business world there is no time to be arrogant and keep your pride high up because anytime anyone can take over you, well it apply to anyone even if you are just an employee but in business you have to look after your employees' welfare that's the different.

Delifrance @ Queensbay Mall

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Everyone was talking about trying their chicken pie because it is the best so do I that I wanted to try it out but I only go when the crowd has been lessen after some time because when too many flocks goes at once the quality of foods may drop so I went a lil later than its opening however, I guess I'm still a lil early back then because I still unable to grab one for myself to try, so I ordered Tuna D'licious BCT Sandwich to try since I'm already at there and I'm so hungry to look elsewhere to eat. I can say that, it is good! Although it look really simply just that simple but it is good and fulfilling. Just a quarter of delifrance banquette, lettuce, tomatoes and a lot a lot of tuna mayo in it. I think the bread and the tuna play a very big role here because the bread was soft in the inside and a lil crispy like at the outside, the bread also have this pleasant scent of smell of fresh baked. Another is the tuna mayo is chill, well mix with the mayo, it doesn't have strong fishy smell, and smooth. Worth the try though.
Mushrooms Soup is a must for me to try because I saw one lady ordered it and it looks the mushrooms soup that I like and it looks delicious with so much chopped mushrooms in it plus it's good to have soup while eating dry foods such as bread or biscuits as it helps to moister the dryness and it's easier for digestion too. The mushrooms soup was nice but not hot enough for me, I prefer it is served hot rather than just warm? That's my personal preference, no harm but I like it that way. Fragrant a bit light but the taste wasn't, it taste creamy, smooth with a lots of varieties chopped mushrooms which make the soup naturally sweet. However, the portion is a lil small for me. The garlic slice was nice, very buttery and garlicky also very crispy and very aromatic but the smell and taste is a lil bit too much to go with the soup.
Bot f ordered Creamy Chicken And Mushrooms Baked Cheese Rice, I only took a tiny bite of it so I really couldn't remember very well how it taste like but he likes it very much and he finished the whole bowl in no time. From the way I see it, they're very generous is giving cheese and cubes of chicken meats and the presentation also look not bad.
As for dessert, we ordered Oreo Cheese Cake, last piece and it is cake-of-the-day which also comes with beverage as a set. The presentation doesn't look too good but I really would like to try it out, the presentation and the cutting of the slice of cake is a bit rough. It tastes nice though despite the presentation but a bit dry as you can see from the picture surface, maybe the cake it already few days ago? Or there is a possibility that the presentation fridge is too cold that it dried up the cake moister. The oreo is a lil bit too soggy but the taste of the cake is still good, though it slightly dried up but still it melts in your mouth and it still tastes nice with it creamy oreo scent.
For our drinks, we ordered Ice Peach Tea and Mango Juice. As for this drinks I will comment much because they just just cordial drinks to make it and it taste the same like any other restaurant's offer but I can just can say that their mixture ratio is perfectly good.
Hot Cappucino that comes together with the slice of cake like I had mentioned at above oreo cheesecake part. Hmmmm...I can say that it actually taste not bad but of course not as good as Starbucks or Coffee Beans or so however, it is acceptable. Fluffy foam of milk, the scent of coffee beans, smooth but the aromatic scent of coffee is kind of light and the milk tasted light too. Those who cannot take too much caffeine or have acidic gastric problems I think this deifrance able to offer a cup of coffee that you can enjoy without much worries.

And their address is...

1F-106, 107 & K1, 1F-78, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

My One Piece Collection - Thousand Sunny

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Many years ago, well not many just a few years back I received a very surprised present, a very big present from a courier service company and once I opened the box there is a card stated there from stranger. Hahahaha...surprisingly, I'm not someone who have the pretty looks neither intelligence nor wealthy enough to for someone to admire me but the writing definitely not someone I know writing. Curious me open up the wrapping...
And...Ah-Ha! It is my one of the favorite manga object? It is One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy precious sail ship after Going Merry - Thousand Sunny, build by their nakama Franky the Cyborg. Seeing this I definitely, 100% confirmed who is the admirer/stranger is, it is my most beloved lovable Boyf. Who else know I like One Piece that much? I've been collecting their comics since late 2001 until now though I know we can now read it through online, I'm reading from online but I'm collecting it as well. Receiving this really makes me happy because I've been wanting to have some of their collection but seeing all this pieces makes me having cold sweats and worry. Why? Because I don't know how to build them.
The Box design, the top and the sides designs also the ship features. Now thinking it back then, pretentious to be stranger sound very romantic to me but now it kind of sound funny great lovable memories from him who tried so hard to be romantic. Anyhow, he tried his best and I really appreciate it very much. How can I not love him? He's such a lovable human panda to me.
This lovable human panda of mine of course will and definitely build the ship for me. At first, he had so much headache on how to build them and the instructions paper were all written in Japanese words which he couldn't read or understand. But he tried his best to build the ship for me, by guessing most of the time by just looking at the pictures shown in the paper. He took almost a week with spending most of his free time to do it and above is the progress of him building my ship model. He look very nerd hor back then? XD
And Taaa-Daaaaaaaaa!!! After all of his hard-worked and concentration also countless times of trail and re-try it is finally DONE!!! The front and the side-side view. Boyf said we actually can send it for painting which will will the color looks nicer compare to just stick with prepared stickers, and I agreed with that after we google it out and find few shops that offer the paint and we also find those that helps others to paint their collection but the price is very @.@ expensive, extremely expensive and some they will also implant mini grass on the ship dock. I really like the idea and I've see the results but we don't have the budget back then so we dropped the intention and just stick it with its original stickers and decided to paint it in the future. 
The Side View
The Front View

The Back View
The Overall View (Well. I tried to captured the overall view at my best)

Unfortunately, currently the display isn't that pretty anymore...

Why??? Hmmm...good question.

1. MummyQ was cleaning my room and accidentally knocked down the stand few times which causes the flags pole got broken.

2. While I was cleaning it, I accidentally the pirates flags pole.

3. Boyf accidentally broke the ship dock mini tree while he tried to helped me with fixing with the broken pieces.

4. Dust invasion into my lovely ship grrrrrr!!!

5. The currently place I put the lovely ship now is not presentable and is not a nice place to display it though I can see it everyday.

I very regret that we build this ship because I didn't think further that my house doesn't have any display furniture that allow me to keep it safe and clean. I should have waited. No matter how long I should have wait so it won't be in its current state now T.T

But we both also decided that once we have our own house, we're going to fix it and also build up others of One Piece collections that we had bought. I hope this dream and wish of mine will come true some day.

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Ipoh

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We definitely kind of like to go Ipoh, Perak to have some foods and at the same time meet up with our good friends who is at their hometown. We definitely have the best tour guide for food hunting at the reasonable price and create great memories from it.

Chi brought us to Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum instead of Foh San Dim Sum House, at first I did asked why since we're there and many tourist's often go there, tourist hot spot but Chi said Foh San is a bit overrated and Ming Court is just opposite Foh San and the price is slightly a bit cheaper since it is not a tourist spot. Ming court is a very humble place with lil hiding appearance, I think not many will notice it unless they're Ipoh people or a frequent traveler at there. Indeed it has a very humble environment, going there is like going back to 80's with the surrounding and decorations. It is a very warm happening restaurant, their servicing was fast and friendly and loud too.

I would like to sincerely apologize for having such few photo despite we are having feast and eat a lots of dim sum, the reason why is because our mouth are way faster than my camera click, we are so hungry that morning and whatever served on out table, in a lighting speed we finished it all in no time. The only photo I able to take was above picture where we are already half filled our stomach, half filled yes and more to go. Everything was so so good and fresh, for friend foods such as Deep Fried Shrimp - it is so crispy, non-oily, very fragrant and the prawn is so fresh that it tastes sweet and juicy. Har Kao was not bad, the juices burst once you bite the wrap but the skin is a bit thick for me. As for Steam Fishball, I've never a fans of fishball due to my digestion and gastric problem but their fishball definitely got me munch on them without worry, why? Because their fishball is so soft, bouncy, fluffy, juicy and do not have strong fishy smell which really suit my taste.
Then as for dessert, we ordered Black Sesame Soup because it is Jing favorite and Chi would like to have some too at that time. While me? I've never actually try this before so I just ordered a bowl and shared with Boyf for fear that I might not like it and will not finish it later, well just give it a try and it's good for health also skin. The sesame aroma was strong, the texture was thick and silky smooth, doesn't taste bitter nor too sweet either, it is very nice to have this especially early in the morning in cold weather but I don't think this is my favorite dessert although it tasted really nice because I'm not a fans of sesame but it definitely once in awhile will make you craving for it.

If I were to go to Ipoh again and able to wake up really early in the morning, I will definitely go there to have my early breakfast. Ya, you need to be early because of the crowd and limited seats for you and sometimes you might even need to share table with others, I hope you don't mind because I don't mind as long as the foods is nice.

And their address is...
36, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Mama Nasi Campur @ Anjung Selera Sungai Pinang

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Another hot spot to have nasi melayu is definitely this Mama Nasi Campur, it will not disappoint you I can promise you that. It is affordable and the portion is big. During lunch time this place will be so crowded with the customers from various race, religion, age and gender, it is a very happening place. I've been eating their nasi campur for years and has been their loyal customer, not only me but Boyf as well and mak cik recognize us also call us a very cute nickname.

So you ca see from above picture, they offer varieties of dishes for you to choose and each dishes price vary from others as well as their taste. They offer from vegetables to seafood to meats to fruits to dairy as well.
More closure of the dishes, pretty isn't it? They're good in displaying their dishes which may lead you to crave more foods and open up your appetite.
Another photo of another side of their dishes. Varieties choices you have right? I will be lying if I said that I never had headache when it comes to choosing my own dish.
But I think I had my own favorite and I always choose them whenever I see they're still available. I always asked for take-out instead of dine at there because I house just nearby and it is just a walking distance.

I always go for small portion of rice, it is because if you don't they will give you a very big portion of rice, if you asked for small then they will lessen it a bit for you so, for heavy eater like me that's enough. Their rice is always steamy hot, moist, fluffy, and freshly cook smell from the rice. Usually I'll go for their Sambal Telur, whether it is fried or hard boiled egg, it's fine for me. I like it because it is a very simple dish filled with sweetness from the spices, very aromatic smell and very flavorful. Not so spicy but is enough to taste a lil spiciness from it.

Second dish that I'll go after is their Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken, it's been my favorite since at young age, not only from this stall, wherever I go for nasi melayu or nasi kandar I'll order this, I think it is my old habit that hard to change even now I'm already reach my adulthood but my heart and feeling will never change. I like it because it taste very flavorful, sweetness from the spices, spiciness, aromatic with slightly a bit of saltiness which really open up your appetite and taste bud. And this dish, the chicken usually very well absorb with the spices and very well marinated before the cooking start so it definitely my favorite. However, thanks to Boyf recently I have been their Fried Chicken fans, especially when it is freshly just come out from the wok. Many who is their regular customers know very well the time when they will cook it and these customers including me will be queuing up for that. That chicken definitely is a must to try, It is crispy, well marinated, tenderness of the chicken meats, very fragrant from the spices. The skin definitely will become your addiction.

Another dish is their Spicy Fried Anchovies. Many like Sambal Ikan Bilis which is spicy anchovies but I think their spicy fried anchovies worth the try as well but only for those who like spicy. Though it does not comes with gravy or sauce, it is just a very dried deep fried with anchovies then cook it again with chili padi and is a bit dry to just eat with rice but don't worry because I think at the end many will put a lot of curry in it so it will go well. This anchovies is very crispy, it has the taste of saltiness and it also has the taste of spiciness, I mean real spicy which will trigger your taste bud as well. It is a taste that I like.

And their address is...

Jalan Sungai Pinang, 10105 Georgetown, Penang. (Just station in front of AAM (Automobile) shop)

Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim

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Since young I've visited this food court countless of time due to my granny house is at that area though the foods and beverage is nothing to brag about and comment much but it is a place where I have some memory with. For this post many may not like it as I'm not writing about delicious foods but just an average food plus a place not many people know about except residents around there, so I would like to apologize in advance for writing this.

If you ever want to have something that is very economic in price and portion, this food court will definitely offer you that. Above is Chicken Rice (Three Taste) which consist of three different types of meats - Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork and Char Siew (Honey Roasted Pork). I ordered this for two person - me myself and MummyQ but the portion will definitely shocked you when they serve it on your table, though I ordered for two people portion but they served us with almost four people portion which me and MummyQ definitely unable to finish it and we shared it with Boyf. They also offer you cabbage soup, a very normal soup but of course it doesn't really taste that awesome, sometimes there is flavor but sometimes it taste as bland as plain water with cabbage scent. While for the meats, it is hard to chew and you definitely need a strong jaw to chew it, the flavor also not strong and not crispy (for roasted pork) plus the meats smell is a bit strong, I guess they're not expert in eliminate the smell. As for char siew sauce it is tooooooo sweet to my liking taste however, it taste slightly fine if mix with the soy sauce. As for their rice, it is a bit too big portion for me and the texture is too moist and sticky (too much water while cook it) but I'm fine with that.
Another food that is very economic is the western foods. Acceptable portion with affordable price. They offer varieties of selection here and the price not more than RM 13.00. For an example, I ordered Chicken Maryland and the price is only RM 7.50 although the presentation wasn't that nice and neat but I don't care as long as it is editable and I have fond memory have it. The layer of the chicken has been mashed until thin before it go to deep fried and because of that the chicken outer later is crispy while the inner layer is easily to bite and chew though losing most the moist therefore it is a bit dry for the meat.The bun wasn't rehear so it taste just fine but I think it will taste better if it is warm up, while the fries I prefer they sprinkle more salt in it because it taste a bit bland and oily but the fried banana is the best though the size is rather small, it always taste sweet and smooth and very fragrant. One more thing I like is their mayonnaise, they use ordinary mayo from the market store but they blend in their secret ingredients in it. It taste very refreshing, sweet and tangy which helps to open up my appetite.
Boyf ordered Hawaii Chicken nothing much compared to mine just that his meal was added with a slice of pineapple and barbecue sauce on top of the chicken. Boyf said this is the first time he had such economic western food and it is editable.
Boyf also tried out the food court Nasi Kandar but the nasi kandar is not as grand as normal nasi kandar restaurant, it is just a small stall station outside of the food court with just very selected dishes to choose from and of course I have it too but sometimes the taste might be vary from times to times which means their style of cooking is inconsistent, sometimes it taste good but some other times it taste not that good. However, their very kind and always give a lil more whether may it be the dishes or gravy. Above is mine share with Boyf because I had eaten before that. Boyf took spicy soy gravy chicken which is my all time favorite no matter which nasi kandar or malay food stall I go I'll order this, fried gravy anchovies and okra (ladies finger). The rice was warm and fluffy but not aromatic but it's fine as the mixed gravy able to cover it. I like it when the gravy is over flooded I think those who can eat spicy food and like nasi kandar will definitely agree with the way I eat this. Okra was good but still lacking in absorbing the curry aroma and what I like from there is the anchovies although there is some place that this dish taste better but I still like it, it is slightly still have its crispiness although the anchovies has been absorbing the gravy, I like this texture and it taste slightly spicy and sweet. Overall it is acceptable for its price and portion.

Actually there is a lot more pictures I want to show about the foods I had at there but I seems like misplace the photo somewhere and couldn't find it but I will definitely fine the photos and share it with you and there is a photo I must share with you because although the place doesn't have many nice food but definitely there is two stalls that the food is really awesome and I must definitely share it with you. I hope I can find it ASAP so I can share it with you.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang

Jonker Street Night Market @ Melacca

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When for a short trips back then with the cunning gang + a triple dates among some of the gang. Basically two of our your guides which is also our uni friends be our tour guide of the short trip and thank you very much SJ for your hospitality. This trip most of the time is go for food hunting and some heritage walk so nothing much I can write about but I took some foods photo that caught my attention.

First is this Spicy Spiral Potato Chips recommended by SJ. We only bought 2 sticks and shared among 10 of us. Just thinking of it make me feel like having it once again especially when you need to boost up some of your energy. As you can see from the above picture, the size of  chips and the amount of portion given is consider quite big. It is crispy and very flavorful with the spices covered the potatoes also have its spiciness but not too spicy. However, the chips is slightly a bit thick but that's ok with me, the only one thing that I'm not ok is, it is very oily!!! They should have dry it with tissue towel or drain it first but I also can understand why they unable to do so because the crowd is too many and they need hurriedly make it done because the queue is quite long.
This drinks definitely recommended by me or maybe it is just me who find this bottles of drinks taste good or may be there is possibility that it taste good to me after the long humid walk around the night market. It is a very refreshing drinks and definitely worth the try. It is the 60's Fruit Tea stall.  I like the taste of the drinks, it is sweet, very pleasant scent from the tea and the fruits, it tastes very tangy and the scent literally can clear your bad breathe after having chicken rice. They also sell in carton and you can choose your favorite. Writing this makes me want to drink some now especially the passion and guava flavors.
I think many like this especially kids even me and Boyf like it very much and I think it is one of those childhood candy we have as well. It is called Fruit Candy Stick while in Cantonese it is called Peng Thong Wu Lou and Chinese called Tang Huo Lu, if you watch Chinese or Hong Kong historical dramas sometimes they will show this candy as well at the commoners marketplace. Basically it is just fruits covered with rock sugar and when when the rock sugar is harden then it is ready to be eaten. This stall sell two types pen thong wu lou, - One, is with various fruits in one stick and another is a stick with just single type of fruit. Boyf and I just bought one with various fruits and shared. It is crispy, sweet, have this fruity scent and when you bite it, the juices from the fruits burst out with its natural sweet if you continue to chew, you'll be able to to taste the crispiness and sweetness from the rock sugar.
This is Gula Ketuk, I think in English term is called Candy Stones while I as I remember I was told since young by the elders that usually in hokkien it is called Kok-Kok Th'ng because of its sound while making it into candies. It is a caramelized candy make in bulk like in a big pan like you can see from above picture and sprinkle with sesame. They will only make the candy for you once you placed your order, as you can see from above picture there is tools placed in the pan like a nail and hammer. They will knock/hammer the candy bulk and break it into small pieces and there you go, you can already have a taste of it. It tasted sweet with sesame fragrant and it is a very hard candy, never chew it just slowly suck it to enjoy, that's the purpose of this candy, slow down and enjoy the sweetness and aroma.

And their address is...

Jalan Hang Jebat