Sushi Tei @ Gurney Plaza

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It was the first time we craved for Japanese foods because both of us not really a fans of it then we decided to take a stroll around the mall to see what's Japanese restaurant available and then we saw this super long queue of customers waiting to be seated so we decided to give it a try.

As usual we only order foods that we only will eat them and it is solely cook 100%, we dislike raw or uncooked foods. Even when we dine in at Japanese restaurant, we only order foods that are fully cook. Above picture is something that I really like and definitely will order one whenever I dine in Japanese restaurant. It is Inari Kani Mayo, it tastes sweet, very flavorful scent of the bean curd and it is cold, best to eaten while it is cold because it is very refreshing, plus it is slightly salty so it helps to open up my appetite.
Next what we ordered is, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Lobster Salad and Salmon Salad. Here I only managed to captured egg maya and tuna mayo as the rest it is in our growling stomach. For lobster part, it is a bit too chewy and not compact enough as the ingredients fall here and there after once bite. Salmon and tuna taste almost the same except the smell, tuna smell are slightly strong but it was well manage and mix well with the mayo but I prefer it was serve cold/chill then it will taste a bit better so does the egg mayo, the serving was warm which I don't really like it but still edible and taste quite not bad plus the ingredients is quite full and pack, however the rice is slightly too sticky.
Boyf ordered California Roll which is almost, most of the times his favorite because it is simple and nice to eat plus it is basically wrap with with his favorite ingredients. But I didn't eat it because I don't really like it unless I have the sudden urge, for this I have no comment.
This is the ultimatum our super favorite sushi at there, we will definitely order this every time we dine at there, this dish will never be miss out from out list. Never! It is Golden Roll, the best sushi I ever had because it has mango on it and mango is my favorite foods! It tastes sweet and juicy, lil bit of spice, crispy and very flavorful. One bite you'll feel the freshness and of course the sweetness also come from prawn that they they roll in it. This is just perfect. The fruits fragrant, the sweet scent and crispiness was well combine. Highly recommend by me. Worth the try. Or a must try one.
I also ordered Chicken Katsu Curry Rice because I love Japanese curry to bits! Although it is not spicy but it tastes real good. However, I'm quite disappointed with their serving here as the taste didn't came out from what I expected it to be. The curry taste is light and kinda watery. the vegetables was cut to bug and rough and it is hard to chow down, also the vegetables was hard to chew, Chicken was ok but I think they over fried it as well and the rice is hard and also dry also the serving is a mess, I think their meal is not their specialty, all their sushi and so on was nice and good except meal, the main course and set meals.

And their address is...
No. 170-02-02, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Passion Of Kerala @ New World Park

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First I has it like in years 2008 ans since then I've been in love with their foods and totally become their fans. Ex-colleague brought us there and recommended us countless of times then one day we agreed to go, Thank god it doesn't disappointed me instead I've become their loyal customer since then. Above is Papadum crackers that will always serve you as F.O.C appetizer first. It comes with quite big portion for 2 person and we always take sometimes to finish it but it taste quite it. Not oily, very aromatic and flavorul plus very crunchy.
Mango Lassi is definitely our favorite at there, we did tried out other flavors but nothing beat their mango flavors, It's bomb it to and I love it very much! It is so flavorful and aromatic yet it is not too sweet either. The textures is thick as well and you may find it hard to drink once it is serve but you can let the ice cubes melts a lil then stir it only drink if you prefer it a bit more watery however the taste won't taste much.
Here they don't just serve plain white for you, they have their own rice vegetarian set for you and it also comes with few side dishes. Banana Leaf Set - Papadom, Morro, Dhal and Curry. If you think with the side dishes is enough for you to go with the rice then there is not need for you to order more dishes. As for  me I only eat few from there many side dishes and I usually only eat their stir fried long beans and bean curd and it taste good especially bean curd while long beans was a bit overcooks and it loose the crispiness while other I have no comments for what I didn't taste them. For rice part, they have tomato and white rice, you can choose which you prefer and they will scoop for you. The rice was ok but not flavorful enough for tomato rice but is is light and fluffly.
We ordered Chicken Masala as our extra side dishes and because I would like to try it out and damn it taste really good, ,just take a look that the color, really sexy and hot! It was really well marinated and the meats really well absorb the flavors. the meats was soft, moist and juicy and it is flavorful as well plus the spice really filled up in your mouth. Mix the sauce with the rice and eat together with, heaven! Love it so much here and the portion they gave for only 2 person is slightly a bit too much.
Because this is the first time I bought Boyf to there and he is scared the the food we ordered is not enough then he decided to order few more dishes though I has warned him. Next I ordered Bawal Sambal/Sambal Promfret because I need to intake some fish for my health conscious. Gosh, the fish meats is so soft, moist and smooth although in side the meats is not as flavorful as the masala chicken the if you mix together with the gravy after peeling it then it should be fine.
MC Nair Fried Chicken. Boyf will never ever miss out them, he is like a kid in adult body, he love them to bits! And of course he ordered it despite I tried so hard to stop from ordering so much but failed. Yup we ordered that and it came out to fantabulous fried chicken! It is so crispy and it is so smoky, of course the best part is eat while it is still steamy hot. Very flavorful, aromatic and the chicken meats is so soft and juicy as well plus it is so crispy that you can hear the sound when you bite then the fragrant just go through your nostrils and it is just good! One more thing I like about it is, it is not so oily though it's been deep fried.
They will also serve you Three types of curry - Dhal, Chicken Curry and Fish Curry for you to mix the with rice and eat but mostly I only prefer chicken curry because it taste best for me because the taste it most suitable for me, spicy, the textures was thick and very flavorful, While fish curry have the fishy smell in it so I don't really like it, for dhal, just like normal dhal only nothing much so different except the textures is more thick.

And their address is...
102-C-3, New World Park, Jalan Burma, 10050 Georgetown, Penang

Pancake's Corner @ Lintang Slim

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I've always love this stall Chinese pancake since I was a teenager when MummyQ first introduce to me. A that time the stall still stationed at Anson Road market but soon he moved and I was disappointed and sad that wasn't able to eat again but MummyQ as a mother will never give up on finding what her daughter favorite foods. Finally she found it and be blessed as he decided to operate his new business venuw is just newr to my grandmother house. Wooooray!!

Above pictures is their simple menu hanging up at their stall and to be honest, their stall is pretty noticeable with the surrounding customers also their stall is really simple at it is.
My all time favorite is Crispy. I will always order this at least two just for my own. It is like crackers but made of pancake ingredients when the based is harden, then sprinkle with finely chopped roasted peanuts and brown sugars. That's it, it is done, and ready to be serve! While it is best to be eaten while it is still hot and crispy.
Boy ordered Chicken Ham + Pork Floss with Mayonnaise. It is very soft for the pancake, very flavorful and aromatic. Well that is already expected from this stall but the combination here is well balance and blend. The ham was juicy and the floss it moist. Once you bite it, everything just burst in your mouth, everything. Just so nice, speaking of it now I'm craving for it terribly. Is an addiction to me you know, even Boyf said he finally found the best Chinese pancake in town and he is loving it.

And their address is...
Jalan Lintang Slim, 11600 Georgetown, Penang (Just in front of Joo Huat Cafe) - Famous Kim Leng Loh Mee

Types Of Allergies

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Was not feeling well for the past few weeks regarding my gastric and colon so was visiting one clinic and saw this few posters regarding types of allergies in very simple, understandable and brief way. Immediately I thought that I should snap some photos of it and read about it also to show Boyf that he possibly have allergies as well plus I can share it out through my blog. Many people lazy to read or understand the medical jargon and this will make them lost interest in reading for themselves regarding about their health which is very important for them to know about it and quarterly at least well-equip  with the brief information.
Hmmm...have you read through already? I hope it help you all at least 5-6%. So have you experience any allergies? Well I have few and I fond out more after reading it and I'm glad that I found out about that and I definitely will be more careful next time. That's all I want to share now besides foods blogging. I hope this will be more beneficial than foods posting.

Kapitan Classic White Coffee @ Gurney Plaza

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Boyf and me totally have no idea of what to have for our lunch at Gurney one day and many restaurants are so packed and crowded with people and we decided to go one restaurant at the end of gurney place basement corner to try out this restaurant as it is not so packed with customers and the service seems fast plus their concept is almost like Old Town White Coffee so we gave it a try.
Boy ordered Cham Iced which is coffee mixed with milked tea. I love this beverage very much but I decided not to order and Boyf need coffee to stay awake. I recommend it, seriously. For coffee lover you'll definitely find it very satisfying. It is so thick in textures and very aromatic! The scent and textures will glued or stick in your mouth and it is so bubbly. Just one glass and it will make you awake and happy.
Red Beans with Brown Sugar Iced. I ordered this as I like this types of beverage as well. Very unique and taste good. Although the soya milk taste a bit plain but the red beans did a good job in covering it.but not that best, just acceptable. The red beans was soft and sweet, I prefer if they can blend it together with the soy milk? Then it definitely taste even better rather than just bits of chunks of the red beans here and there and I need to scoop it. Plus they should have help to mix or stir the brown sugar syrup for me as I find it difficult to mix the beverage well because of the red beans blocking plus there is too many ice cubes and the end of the bottom the beverage taste super sweet!
Boyf ordered Stir Fried Chicken with Three Variety Seasons for himself and he said just acceptable, not much complaints or compliments but he did said it does not taste the so-call three variety seasons, he said it just taste like Kung Po Chicken. I didn't try also so I have no comment.
Crispy Cheesy Nuggets for our appetizer but end up is our main course snacks because it was served after our main course was served to us. Crispy is just what they proclaim as I don't find it crispy, it is soft and the meats inside its soft, juicy and quite cheesy but not aromatic or flavorful enough plus the combination is not so suitable, I means some nuggets does pair up with cheese and it taste good but for this is one, it is just acceptable more over the chili sauce for us to sip with doesn't go well with it very much. We ended up ate it without dipping the chili sauce.
Penang Curry Mee is what I ordered because I suddenly craving for it so badly. Yes it is indeed Penang curry mee taste but it is more to Penang vegetarian curry mee taste like. Seriously no kidding at all maybe because for this restaurant it is halal restaurant and there is no pork is allow, I bet is the broth that make it taste like this because majority for other non-halal seller will use pork ribs to boil the base. Overall, it is really taste not bad, there is the scent of the aroma and quite flavorful, it tastes sweet as well but I prefer it will be more spicier? Because it doesn't taste spicy and the smell of spiciness is very light. Overall, is not bad but it is weird to have eggs in the noodles.

And their address is...
No. 170, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney 10250, Penang (*Gurney Plaza Basement)

Emptied My Phone Gallery

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Was a bit free during the work time for about an hour or two so decided to warmed up my super duper zuper rusty fingers after for almost 10 years of not drawing especially human figures. Comedic character I still okay with it but not as real as before, now I prefer doodle more as it is more easier and looks cute and funny.

I drew Sandara Park from K-Pop girl group name 2NE1 as I'm going to attend their upcoming concert in Malaysia and this is my first concert I ever go for the quarter of my life and I decided to draw one to keep as a memory. I choose her because I totally love her hairstyle, so cool!!! Her hairstyle never fail to make my jaw drop to the ground and feel shock and amaze. Although the outcome really make me disappointed but at least the mirror does not though it is not clear as the one I drew on the paper. It may look real retard but I'm happy as well because I never learn drawing from any art class except for coloring class during my toddler years, plus the only ever art classes I attended is during my primary and secondary school time which is the class I love the most but then I did not end up in this field, way opposite from what I'm working right now, still I love arts.

So what do you think of it? Totally retard right? I know and I accept the critics because I feel so. Hope I have the time to sharpen back my fingers? I miss drawing~~~T_T *sob sob*
This year Chinese New Year clothes, we as in me and Boyf totally burned our wallet to the MAX!!! Besides bought some from online, we also spend a big amount on expensive clothing. OMG. That's our haul at the end of the day and we are paying the price now though we are happy with the clothes and the quality plus all the items above are from the discount price. Kinda happy but heartache as well. First time ever in our quarter life. No more next time, we shall control ourselves better. It is totally evil. Evil temptations. Don't  you think so ladies and gentlemen?

GSC Movies Snacks @ Gurney Plaza

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Both me and Boyf are slightly different as we don't really like watching movies with popcorn or I should say we don't really like popcorn, not that we hate or dislike it, it is just not our favorite snacks to eat while watching movies as it kinda disturb our hearing whenever we bite it and causes us sometimes missed the movies conversations so we switch our snacks to something more quiet but luckily it was nice to eat.

Usually we will buy Mash-potatoes, it's an instant mash-potatoes from Maggi brand but it was nice although it's a bit watery and less compact from the potatoes. It's watery due its gravy not because of the mash=potatoes so I'm fine with it. The mash=potatoes was so soft and moist and so flavorful, I know its instant so it is incredibly taste a lots better than some home-cooked but still I want to compliment it as if you're not good in taste or quality even it is instant food, it won't taste good as well.

Second food will be Boyf all time favorite snack in the cinema, Chicken Meatballs. One stick comes with 3 meatballs and he usually order large one, fatty Boyf he is. I like it but I even more like it if it was serve warm, usually when we bought it, its starting to cold and really a bit turn off to me. Still it's very addictive meatballs, it flavorful, bouncy, soft and  juicy inside the meatballs plus the Chili sauce drizzle all over it, well the Chili sauce is quite spicy so we definitely like it very much and have always request to put more of it.

And their address is...
Gurney Plaza Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)

Honda Showroom Hawker Stalls Junction @ Sungai Pinang

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So there's one hot spot for breakfast near my house and many people will drop by at there to have their breakfast before off to work though the place doesn't look so hygiene/clean and it is always crowded with customers no matter what time it is. Some may be view its unhealthy as there is lots of vehicles driving pass the place and some of the dining table wasn't that really clean as well, sometimes you have to clean the table by yourself as well so basically it is not that clean only but many are dining at there for morning breakfast.
So there is this Wan Tahn Mee stall that MummyQ said taste not bad so I give it a try, so all I can comment is it really taste pretty good but if they use better egg noodles then it should be even better as the noodles they use is more suitable for more clear watery type. The food they prepare here is more to thicken sauce type not the watery type that's I said the noodles will be best if it change to the more suitable one. Overall I like how the sauce was prepared and it taste pretty nice to me, personally as I like this type of Wan Tahn Mee but I'm aware that some people don't like this type of Wan Tahn Mee so this is my personal opinion, it is bitter, sweet and salty, quite aromatic and not that oily as well but the presentation a bit dull despite the plate and the chopsticks they use is so appealing.
Another is Fried Fish Meat Maggie, which all I can say is acceptable but not the best and the hygiene of their stall is the worse (?) compared to others? It is kinda dry although, I personally prefer more gravy so it will helps to smoother the foods for easier to eat and digestion. Plus the noodles is kinda hard to chew on as well, more like it wasn't well cook before it went in for the fried. Not so aromatic as well, you only be able to smell it when it is near to your nose, taste was just not bad and the fried fish meat is a lil bit cold inside despite it was recook with the noodles and the outer layer was a bit soggy when it suppose to be crispy and juicy at the same time but there was none. However it worth the try and they also offer other varieties to order. Should give it another try next time.
There is three famous foods at there and one of it is Curry Mee, I started to eat their curry mee since I was a teenage girl and now I'm in my 20's I've always like their curry mee because it taste really good but has stop for awhile because my health gone bad at certain point and recently I went there to eat again and I found that the quality and quantity kinda drop a bit but it is still taste good. And whenever I eat curry mee, I will always ask them not to put in blood jelly and cockles as I don't eat and hate it if some that also offer cuttlefish I'll also will not put it in, I'll just put in prawns, and fried tofu also beans sprout with a lots of chili paste. Although it may look like watery but the aroma and taste is really strong and thicken plus it is quite spicy as well however it is slightly oily but that is what make it taste good. Oh the soup taste and testures kinda thick and sweet too, I guess they must be boiling the soup based for a very long time.
Duck Herbal Soup Vermicelli OR Duck Drumstick Vermicelli which direct translate it from Chinese Hokkien Ark Tooi Mee Suah. This is the most famous foods at there and most of the people who come to dine at there is because of this. It is also one of my favorite as well, it is healthy for you and it is nice to eat as well, yummylicious! The broth is really thick in textures and the aroma is really killing and the best things is when it was eaten during it is still hot, it really warm out your cold body and lessen your swollen face in morning, in other words it energize you up during morning. Basically many people order chicken meats rather than duck but I don't know why it is call so for the dish name. Not only drumstick do they offer, they also offer many other parts of chickens, ducks and pork as well which is a good thins so you many other choices. I usually don't order drumstick but spare ribs as it taste even better as the marinated meat are more easily soak with the soup taste. They boil the based and marinate the meats for overnight, that's why it taste so good plus  Plus the vermicelli they use is really smooth, soft and bouncy? If you know what I means as I really don't know how to describe it. Overall this is the best! In Korea it is Jjang!!!
There also have Loh Bak, is like morning heavy snacks. The lok bak here really taste not bad but the quality has dropped compared to the last time and the Taukua is what I like the most because it is very soft, aroma was strong, moist and not airy plus not oily and it is very compact not to missed out it very bouncy! Second dish I like the most the the lok bak itself. It is very well marinates with the Chinese spices, moist, soft and very compact and again it is not too oily despite being fried for the second time and the thin bean curd layer that wrap the marinated spices minced pork was crispy and not burn despite being deep fried. Gravy and the chili sauce was good because it is quite spicy and I like spicy, the gravy that look like glue alike doesn't taste too sweet also nor too thick in textures as well which I like it that way. Like usual I'll order century eggs as well because I love eating it and for me it is a must for dishes like this, more over they handle the century eggs smell pretty good as the smell was strong and they able to lessen the smell a lots with marinated ginger.
Another stall is this Chinese stall selling Chinese Nasi Lemak, which is slightly a bit different from Malay Nasi Lemak as they offer the traditional basic type but Chinese offer more varieties types which more like economic rice but with limited selection or options however the traditional type is still maintain which is the sambal enchovies, hard boil eggs and slices of cucumber still you can choose not to want that because it is up to you to choose what you like to eat. I will still o with the basic but without cucumber, I will replace it with other dishes like pork ham or so and of course Chinese nasi lemak will be more expensive than the Malay nasi lemak double to price. The taste really not bad and quite aromatic also quite spicy but I personally prefer Malay nasi lemak no matter what or Chinese nasi lemak have more option for dishes. There you can choose the normal white plain rice or nasi lemak rice, they offer both but I will always go for nasi lemak rice which taste better and more aromatic! Still I think Malay nasi lemak is the BEst!
Here is the morning breakfast I like the most at there, most simple breakfast but it is also the complete breakfast for me, most yummylicious breakfast! It is Toasted Bread! Yup toasted bread but it is not any ordinary toast bread it is more like burger Malaysian style burger, we just called it toasted bread. They have many choices for your to choose and different choices different price and the most expensive is not more than RM 5.00. As simple as it is yet it taste really nice and yummylicious especially when it was serve and eat while it smoky hot. It really warm up your morning blue and just feel so energized. The bread is so soft and smell so nice, so flavorful as well but it is kinda oily then top it with your favorite choice, I always go for bacon + cheese + egg = heaven!!! Everyone should give it a try, it is just worth it! Fingers licking good! Omg, I'm just getting hungry by just thinking of it!
Another simple yet delicious food here is Roti Canai. Yes, here have multicultural breakfast you can enjoy almost daily. I wish I just work nearby here. As a reminder, if you want to eat this stall roti canai, my best advice is, never ever come after pass 10.00am as it will be already sold out and they start cleaning their cart/stall. What I like here is not because of their gravy or curry but the roti itself. It is crispy, thin in layer, soft, very flavorful and the smell it just so nice also not so oily. As you can see from above picture, I ordered Murtabak and inside the ingredients is so compact and a lots like shredded chicken meats and minced onions yet the eggs is so soft, flavorful and moist. It worth the try, truly. Plus their service is fast and friendly. However, I still prefer their roti canai better.

And their address is...
Jalan Sungai Pinang, 10150 Georgetown, Penang (Just in front of Honda Showroom & opposite of KIA motor service center)

Sunrich Unity Tom Yum Steamboat @ Prangin Mall

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Another spot for its best steamboat to have during rainy day definitely is this restaurant for its super duper zuper spicy Tom Yum Steamboat, no one can ever resist their tom yum and no one ever will come out from the restaurant without sweating, red face and sausage lips. They have ala carte dishes/meal as well which you can order if you don't feel like eating steamboat on that day but mainly what offer at there is tom yum. Best advice I can offer here is, for those who can't really take spicy food it is best not to go or please order more drinks. So what we usually order here is herbal drinks like Chrysanthemum or Winter Melon. The drinks is never enough for us when the spice hit us so badly, it will best if the lessen the ice cubes and fill in with more drinks also the drinks is slightly more sweeter as it helps to lessen down the spice in you later.
So these is all the side dishes for the steamboat, it comes with several packages which you can choose from and we choose the most simple and suitable for both of us. So here is side dishes: thinly slice pork meat and chicken, maggie, frozen foods like vegetables fishballs, varieties of fishballs and meatballs, deep fried bean curd, egg, prawns and varieties of vegetables and etc...
So here is the BoMB! The Super Spicy Tom Yum Steamboat! Or shall I say here is the monster? By looking at it already tempt me so much and making me so craving for it so much as well. The color of the tom yum really look fierce doesn't it? This thing is one scary soup but it is also the best soup for those who like spicy food and it is really good to warm you up during the cold and rainy day. This monster really can make you you sweat and adrenaline flush, it can be notice during half of the meal time and by that time your lips start to feel numb and swollen.
Deep Fried Chicken Wing With Plum Sauce, this was given to us free-of-charge (FOC) because one of the side dished is was finished back then and we was in luck to tried out something good. It was delicious, it is quite crispy for the outer layer, and the meat is soft inside also it is quite flavorful. It was nice, sweet food served after hot and spicy foods is just fabulous This is one restaurant that won't disappoint you with the tom yum soup, worth the try..

Their address is...
Lot 33-3-65, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong. 10100 Georgetown, Penang

Happy Ma-Velous Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day 2014

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 Blame it on me for not wishing everyone the Chinese New Year greeting, first of all before Chinese New Year I'm really busy with many stuffs around here and there and I can even lost track of time. After New Year, things started even get busier as Chinese New Year approaching soon, many things to be prepare and buy plus spring cleaning, a total busy days from my side until my eyes bag almost reaching my jawline.

So here's me in CNY Team for my company events and we are trying our very best to deco the Chinese New Year deco ideas from our advisor and things got bored and mates was tired so I joked around with Snowman head as if it is for lion dance performance. Then they got all excited with it and asked me to wear it whole day but well, they just joking.
Here's our simple Chinese New Year decorations that took or brains juices and our energy for weeks also this decorations definitely have its purpose. More over all this deco we worked it out with out sweats, energy, concentration and strength also days and nifghts but now Chinese New Year is over and we have to take it down so I'm kinda a bit heavy heart actually so I took picture of it. We do all the deco from raw materials, is like nothing to something and it has its purpose. Is like Santa & Childe games where the Santa have to take care of their child and the child have to find out who is their Santa is. While tweak it a bit for this game, it is the same just we change the name to Choi San Yeh (God of Prosperity) and Villager. People's can write their new year wish and wishes from their Choi San Yeh too and hang it at there. We called our deco as Horseh-Go-Gold just like Mary-Go-Round, but ours is the paper cut horse going around. So how was it?
Valentine's is yesterday and it also coincides with Chinese Valentine's Day which is Chap Goh Meh (15th Day of Lunar Calendar) it is also means that the last day of Chinese New Year, This year I didn't prepare much so does my Boyf as both were busy working especially him who have to travel outstation. While me just bought him Hersey's Kisses Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher as a small surprise. Many people doesn't have the mood to work yesterday and everyone in my office is like waiting for the clock to strike 6pm as there is many celebrations going on in one day. Both of us just wear our working attire and headed to hotel restaurant without any prior booking and well it is just a buffet dinner and we have time at there although the foods wasn't that pleased with the price we paid for it.

M's bought everyone of us pink roses and he even gave one to our cleaning auntie, so sweet of him! Well he's been real sweet and nice to everyone. Thank you M for the roses although I'm not a big fans of flower's but I really appreciate it as it shows you love all of us despite the price rose that high just for that particular day and you still bought for us. Well as for T's gf thank you for your cute cup cake that you secretly deliver for T's all the way from KL and treated as the cup cake! It was adorably pretty and I was so reluctant to eat it but I did and it taste really nice! Thank you for the cup cake and I hope I did well to presented T's the surprise gift you prepared for him. Hope you two stay lovable, cherish each other, deep in love each day and sweets forever.