Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink

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Decided to dye my own hair because I'm broke but I need to look good during last Chinese New Year and bought Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink to dye at home and also because of the packaging looks cute!
Inside the box consist of gloves, instruction manual, hair conditioner, comb, dye color and the color mixtures.
After the mixture, dye, wait, wash, condition, blow dry, comb and snapped a picture of it. This is the result, not bad right right? But please IGNORE the bald part of my hair...I'm having bad hair falls starting this years, I think the age has hit me badly plus bad heredity from parents.

That's not the focus part, the FOCUS part is the hair color. Since I do it by myself, some part is not well covered and still can see my grey hairs striking out underneath. Overall, I like the color. Nice try and definitely will try again near future.  

Penang Heritage Murals & Metal Arts

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Busy road in Penang

Few photos of Penang hot spots that I have captured during my very last visit with my pal few years back when we are still full with energy.

Tesco Finest All Butter Shortbread Fingers

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Boyf have sudden craving towards shortbread and many imported brands are expensive which I don't really encourage him to buy so we both decided to buy tesco brand to try out.

It was acceptable but the buttery taste is too strong that after few more bites you'll feel nauseated, you had enough feeling which eventually it takes longer than expected for us to finished the finger as well as the whole box.

It is also very dry, flaky and fragile because when I held it stronger a bit the finger was broke into two then when I took a bite the pieces start to fall apart and it also make me thirst for water later like a lot of water.

Good try though but have the second thought of buying it again.

DIY Healthy Desserts

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I'm sweet tooth person and I won't feel full or satisfied if desserts is not serve after meal so I made my own healthy dessert at home.

I bought some of my favorite fruits at my favorite fruits cart, place the fruits one the plate and scoop few scoops of vanilla ice cream place on it.

Ta da!

Easy isn't it?

And it is healthy too.

My Beauty Regime Fruits

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Besides my beauty sleep, my another regime is taking as much fruits as I can. Fresh supplement to maintain my health and youthful look as I'm getting old.

My favorite fruits are always:

Mango - Fight cancer (family history), keep my cholesterol and diabetes in check (family history), skin cleanser, weight loss, eye care, keep my frequent indigestion in check, heat stroke (Malaysia is one super hot country), to improve my immune system, increase my iron level.

Kiwi - Maintain my beauty skin, to have better sleep, keep my blood level in check (family history) and again keep my frequent indigestion in check.

Apple - Fight cancer (family history), keep my cholesterol and diabetes in check (family history), to improve my immune system,

Strawberry - Improve my immune system, fight cancer (family history), lessen my wrinkles on my face, keep my cholesterol in check (family history), reduce inflammation, regulates my blood pressure, boost fiber, weight management and fight depression.

Grapes - Fight cancer (family history), decrease blood pressure (family history), keep my frequent indigestion in check and reduce inflammation.

Watermelon - To prevent asthma attack, regulates my blood pressure, fight cancer (family history), regulates my bowel movements, keep my skin hydrates, reduce my inflammation and to care for my healthy skin.

Papaya - Prevent my asthma from happening again, fight cancer (family history), keep my bone health in check (weak bone), keep diabetes in check (family history), regulates my bowel movements, reduce my inflammation, prevent heart disease and faster skin healing.

Above mention fruits is the fruit is usually eat especially mango. So, what is your favorite fruits to keep you in check?

Homemade Affogato with Trung Nyugen Coffee & Nestle Vanilla Ice Cream

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I'm sweet-tooth person and I especially love Affogato, a kind of coffee that will fix my both ice cream and coffee craving.

It is quite expensive for buy one and the size any cafe offer offer also small in size so I decided to make one at home to fix the craving.

I bought a very nice Vietnamese ground blend coffee beans and decided to make use of it. Those who love coffee, try Vietnamese coffee, you'll love it but it takes 20 minutes to get the thick texture from the coffee drips and the aroma really makes you energetic.

I'm using the Vietnamese ground coffee beans and also using Vietnamese coffee filter to make the coffee which takes 20 minutes to extract to coffee.

After the coffee extract, just scoop a scoop of vanilla ice cream and throw it in into the mug.

Then it is ready to serve.

Easy isn't it?

Yi Cafe @ 1st Avenue

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Ages ago, I have a friends gathering at this cafe for lunch. It is one very quiet cafe during the weekdays and their cafe location is very well hidden in the basement and recently I wonder their business is still operating, if yes, how they survive as the mall not an active mall too and they are more to fusion foods, not an authentic Japanese foods. Overall the food is not bad. Above is their dessert, Green Tea Jelly. It doesn't taste too sweet but the texture is a bit too hard.
They have ala carte and set meals so we order set meal for ourselves, every set meal comes with dessert and cordial drinks and I requested for Orange Cordial, since it is cordial and standard taste for every cafe so I have no comment on this.
This is their Miso Soup, very light taste, edible but there is no additional ingredients like tofu and seaweed to eat, only have spring onions to add on the flavors.
My main course, Chicken Teriyaki Bento. Overall the taste is okay, the chicken is well glazed with the teriyaki sauce just that the meats is not well marinated so it taste bland and rely heavily on the sauce which later I cannot finished the meal also because there is nothing for me to taste.

Price wise, not bad and worth the try but environment wise, the cafe is too dull.

And their address is...
Lot LG-72, 1st Avenue, 182 Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Noodle Station @ Sunway Carnival

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Boyf was in the moods to bring me somewhere else for our weekend date and we went to Sunway Carnival Mall at Penang Mainland where I never go before. During our lunch break, we randomly decided to try on this restaurant after see their menus of what they offer.
I ordered Spicy Trio Springy Noodle because in the menu it stated is their signature dish. By the look, it does look a bit disappointing, it doesn't look spicy at all and the color looks a bit too light. But the taste did not disappoint me, it is very flavorful and spicy, maybe due to the hot broth. I'm sweaty and felt that my craving for spicy food is fixed.
Boyf ordered their Tom Yam Fried Rice, he said the taste was not bad but the rice texture is a bit too watery and it makes the fried rice looks like in lump and sticky. Also, the presentation is a bit too plain?
As for drinks, I ordered Babycino, all I can say is, it tasted not bad.
Boyf ordered Ice Mocha Blend and it taste so nice compared to mine! The aroma is to strong, the taste is to thick but at the same time it tasted sweet too, if only they can lessen the sweetness then it would be awesome already.

And their address is...
UG-25, Upper Ground Floor, Sunway Carnival Mall, 3068 Jalan Todak Pusat Bandar Sebarang Jaya, 13700 Penang, Malaysia.

Random Drawing using Paint

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Super Duper Zuper Lighter

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MummyQ bought this at morning market just for fun and to show me. 
Ridiculously big lighter. Bigger than my hand.