Kafe Fountain @ Lebuh Carnarvon

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This cafe is also one of the famous spot for dinner among the locals, myself too like this cafe because they offer one the food is my favorite dish. The cafe environment has improve a lot, more brighter, cleaner and the servicing also a lot more better since the last time I visited this place like few years back. Also here there is varieties of food you can try as well.

MummyQ ordered ABC Ice Kacang which is her all time favorite as drinks rather than dessert, yes weird her and I ordered Carrot Milk same goes to Boyf as well. The carrot milk is a bit bland but sweet, the taste is a bit too light, still it is very refreshing drinks during the hot and humid day. MummyQ shave ice is a bit loose and not compact within the ice, it is very sweet and the ingredients also lesser than what I expected it should be.
MummyQ ordered Char Siew Rice and she said is very disappointing as the char siew is hard and dry plus MummyQ have loose teeth that is why she find it very difficult to eat. MummyQ comment that the rice is merely a plain white rice and the sauce isn't savory enough, however she did finish her meal with the help from mine meal. Hmmm...maybe char siew isn't their best dish, next time I should give them another try for their roasted chicken.
This is my favorite, Bak Khi/Pork Soup. Many will not go to this place and have this because for some it doesn't taste what they expected it should be, Boyf doesn't like it but I really like it and many went to this cafe also not because of this soup but because of their Loh Mee or well-known as Vinegar Noodles.

It may looks like a very simple soup but it definitely not easy to cook as many do not sell them. Bak khi basically is pork meatballs that was coated with special mix ingredients into starch flour then cook together with long/hours boiled pork bone soup with chopped cabbage in high volume of fire. Because the meats was coated with starch flour and when being cook in the soup, basically the soup texture will slightly thicken up - not too watery nor thick in texture. The chef must be good in controlling the fire so the soup texture is at its best condition, the meats is fully cook but still maintain its tenderness and the cabbage must be soften and well absorb the soup flavor. It may really look simple but this need skills. I can say here offer one of the best bak khi, at the affordable price, definitely is my favorite spot. To be honest, I can just have this as my complete meal, it's quite a healthy meal just that it is too much starch in this meal.
Boyf ordered Fried Rice but we have no idea how it really taste like because he seems very hungry and finished his plate in a very short time and he ordered another plate of it which I assume it should be taste good else there is no reason for him to another another plate, right? Or maybe he is just too hungry and need rice for the fill and since he is super hungry, anything taste absolutely good. I should try it out one day...

And their address is...
168, Carnarvon street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang

McDonald's @ Greenlane

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Talk about fast food business, I believe this well-known restaurant is well recognize globally by the elderly as well as very young toddler, it doesn't matter the age, gender, citizenship or so, everyone likes eating it. Yes. It is McDonald's. There is no exception for me as well for falling into this fast food chain.

In Malaysia of course we do not have pork burger like any other countries due to the respect of other religion but still we still have many other selection to try. One of it is Fillet-O-Fish Burger, I personally very fond with this burger because as my memory remembered the first burger I had in McD's is this burger and that was during when I'm still a small young child. Nobody will not dislike this burger even the elders' likes it, MummyQ she likes fillet-o-fish too! The bun that is so soft and smell the of warm aroma really makes one feel warmth inside heart. The melted cheddar cheese and pickled mayonnaise really mixes well and the fish fillet is always that soft, not really oily and smell extremely pleasant. Well who doesn't like it? I extremely love this burger!
Another non-stop craving for their food is the ice-cream itself. The vanilla ice-cream definitely is the best affordable ice-cream anyone can have, the ice-cream itself is the based for their many other flavors of ice-cream and that also prove that their vanilla ice-cream is their strong weapon to compete with other fast food chain industries in dessert category.

Above is my Lime Vanilla Ice-cream, photo taken long long time ago when Shrek 2 movie premiered in theater. No matter what flavors it is, their ice-cream always makes me crave for it, whether it is Sundae cone, McFlurry, Cornetto or whatsoever flavors they came up with as long as it is not something I'm allergy to. The ice-cream is one strong in vanilla flavor, super smooth and soft and the texture is thick and creamy.
McDonald's have their own menu only for morning breakfast and I like their morning breakfast menu too! I like all of it but I particular fond with Big Breakfast and Sausage McMuffin With Egg because that is the silly lovable Boyf often buy for me for breakfast when we were in Pre-U time before he fetch me to school. I did not took any picture of Big Breakfast because now I seldom eat them for breakfast due to the price matters but I can tell you that it comes with scramble egg, golden hash brown, toasted English muffin and chicken sausage. All of it I find I find it that I can have it with cheaper price through Sausage McMuffin just a slightly different.

I chose this is because it is cheaper and for me it is easier to eat, Sausage McMuffin With Egg comes with chicken sausage, cheddar cheese, fried egg and toasted English muffin, there is no hash brown but if you order set meal then it will comes with hash brown and a cup of hot or coffee which is almost the same as Big Breakfast. These days I prefer this besides because of the price matter, it is easier to eat and it taste even better as all in one muffin. The cheese is melted, the sausage chicken patty is well cooked, it is so flavorful and juicy, tender. the fried egg is soft and fluffy as well then eating them all together it just create really pleasant and smooth flavors and taste.
Me and Boyf have became their die-hard fried chicken especially their Spicy Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) McD. Not to say I'm being bias or critical but McD offer better spicy fried chicken compared to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), I still like KFC because both have their own distinguish unique flavors but I mentioned because KFC also offer spicy fried chicken just that I personally prefer McD because it offer to what my taste goes.

For those who can't really take spicy foods it is best not to try McD spicy fried because it will make you go fire. Me and Boyf love spicy food so we definitely have no problem eating it. The chicken is very well marinated with the spices, the skin is crunchy, spicy and not really oily, the meats is tender, soft and well seasoned. Once I tried it, I got hooked until now, it is definitely worth the try but to only those who can take in spicy foods.
One last food that I like from McD is their Twister Fries which I only can have it once a year when Chinese New Year is around, this fries is specially created to pair with their Prosperity Burger but I often change it to this fries whenever I order other burgers' but of course there is surcharge for it. This fries is shape in spiral shape, coated with their secret ingredients flour, then deep fried it. It taste a lil bit of spicy maybe due to its pepper, it is very crunchy and not oily, very addictive fries for me. I seriously can't wait for next year CNY just so to have this fries.

There is many McD restaurants in Penang but I particularly only prefer to visit the one in Green Lane whici the address can be refer as below...

2506, Jalan Penang Free School, 11600 Jalan Masjid Negeri, Jelutong, Penang.\

Fried Snacks @ Free School Road

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Snacks is never healthy but still everyone love it, is an addiction. I'm not a big fans of snacks but once in awhile I do crave for it, I'm a fans of local snacks especially fried snacks. One of my favorite place to buy those fried snacks is at free school road and is under a big tree, a simple set-up of push-cart business, although the place may not look hygiene but when it comes to handling the foods, they handle it with care, a proper care and the cart is clean too so, I think there should be no worries of having it plus I had it since young and I did not experience any discomfort or sick after eat their fried snacks. This push-cart actually is quite famous around that area and some even make a trip to buy this back for their family as tea-time break.
Whenever me and Boyf pass by that area and show the business still operating, we will make quick visit and buy like a bag of it with varieties of selection, of course we only buy those that I can eat and not allergy to it.
This is Fried Thee Kuih which is Glutinous Rice Cake being slice, sandwich with two slice of yam, coated with egg and flour then down to the super hot wok for deep fried. This glutinous rice cake usually we only have it during Chinese New Year as this is a Chinese New Year Cake we Hokkien people called it Thee Kuih while mandarin we called it Nian Gao.

It's very savory taste, sweet and chewy from thee kuih, pleasant fragrant from the yam and very crispy texture once you bite it. Of course I remove the yam because I'm allergy to it but the smell it still very savory and it still taste very good despite I took out the yam slice, nothing much is lacking after doing so as well which they preserve the quality quite well.
This is my favorite, I just can't get enough of it. It is a Potato Stick, is like cheese stick but this is made of potato, sweet potato. It has the natural sweetness from the potato, very savory taste, crispy at the outside, smooth and soft at the inside. Is a perfect snack for me.
Next the Curry Puff, well it may not be the best curry puff in town but it's worth the try. The fragrant was mild, quite flavorful, but not spicy enough, the ingredients is very compact with potatoes and curry, the pastry was thin, crispy and the curry puff was wrap very nicely. It definitely a perfect tea-break snacks and today I bought a bag of it as well for my tea-time and a surprise for Boyf after he finishes his work.

They have their famous Deep Fried Banana/Pisang Goreng but recently my timing wasn't that good, it is either finished or they did not sell on that day due to they unable to buy a good quality bananas to fried and sell but I hope I will the chance to eat it again. Due to unable to buy good quality ingredients sometimes the selection of choice is being reduce to 30% which is very sad and disappointing for me.

And their address is...
Jalan Free School, 11600 Georgetown, Penang.

Arsenal FC Asia Tour 2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Part 2

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It is a short trip but we needed a place for a rest and a place nearby the stadium, after some researched we found this hostel that is very convenience for us as the Light Rail Transit (LRT) train is just nearby. By looking at it, actually the exterior doesn't look that bad at all or very grand but the surrounding there is nothing much to see or walk around. 
After the football match, we are super duper zuper hungry and luckily there is a Mamak restaurant down the road just beside the hotel. The surrounding is nice, not too noisy and clean, service too not bad, fast and friendly and the price is affordable too. Boyf ordered same as mine just that he chose beef while I chose Nasi Briyani Ayam and Ice Lime Juice. The rice is fluffy, the color was nice, ingredients and spices was well mix and blended, portion given is quite much. It doesn't taste spicy but it is indeed very flavorful and aromatic. However, the chicken isn't well marinated as the taste is a bit bland, still there some taste from the nasi briyani but it wasn't strong enough although the meats is tender and soft. It also comes with some side dishes like curry and marinated onions, I didn't taste both of it as I'm too hungry and just chow down the rice that is in front of me.

For the juice, it tastes well and good, very refreshing drink after some humid, sweaty and tiring day also good for dry throat after hours of cheering. The ratio is just nice, doesn't taste too sweet nor sour and it is very chilling.

Well, I never dislike lime juice or lemon juice although the acidic fruits isn't something my gastric can handle well.
We just go for Standard Double Room. For us, whenever we go for a trip, we never go for branded or expensive hotel or a hotel have awesome interior design. We just need a decent place to sleep in and rest for the next day. Sorry for the messy room picture but that's how our room looks like after unpacked.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the design and arrangements. The room is clean and well maintained although the color looks a bit dull but it is cozy enough for me.
They all have the basic necessities toiletries for their guest as well and the bathroom is clean and well maintained, the design actually looks better than what I expect it to be. That's me, who changed into my sleepwear after a good and relaxing shower.
Another angle view of the room with the silly nerd Boyd resting before bath and with his face showing "I ain't gonna show my handsome face." look

Overall the hotel is nice to stay, the service crew's was nice and friendly, very professional, efficient. The exterior and interior design is good and nice for me, provide all the basic necessities that I think is essential and I needed the most, the hotel is very well maintained and the price is also reasonable and affordable for short trip for backpackers.

For more information regarding the hotel, kindly click here to check it out.
That's me before having the good shower, wore an Arsenal shirt, training session pass, entrance ticket and Arsenal clown hat just to show off. I have a good time watching the match although I'm not a fans of football.

Arsenal FC Asia Tour 2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Part 1

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3 years back? Well I think so. Boyf was so excited back then when he knew his favorite team Arsenal will come to Malaysia for a friendly match with Malaysian team but he was a bit worried whether to go or not because there is replacement lecture class but that's not the main concerned, the main concern he have back then is whether will I allow him to go or not and who can he trust to buy him the entrance tickets.

Of course I allowed him to go, I'm a very considerate and nice GirlF but with one condition. A very simple condition, that is I'll tag along with him. For sure he's very frustrated and got annoyed because I'm not someone who like football match so why want to tag along? Thankfully for his understanding, he allowed me tag along. I wanted to go so badly not because the footballers' is handsome but I would like to experience watching a match live and I promised my GradMama before that I will bring her to watch football match if there is a opportunity comes in future but unfortunately that wish didn't come true. So, with heavy heart I indirectly fulfilled our promise by watching the match with Boyf.

 Above pictures is our entrance tickets and training session admission pass we got it out of luck, meaning we can enter the stadium earlier to watch them conduct their training. Awesome? Yup. After watching their training, other audiences are allow to come in for later live match and that's when I captured the sunset shine into the stadium, making me feel warmth as if GrandMama shine on me telling me she's watching the match with me. It's a very beautiful scenery for me.
The stadium seating arrangements and the interior.
Right above me is the stadium shelter during the day and night view. Pretty isn't it?
Their warm-up body session and training with their coaches. This is the best pictures I have in my phone camera gallery. That time I still did not have a proper camera yet so this is the best pictures I have.
Arsenal mascot, Gunnersaurus Rex. In short gunner. He's cute isn't he?
The goal keeper doing his excessive training with their coach. Seems like a very tough job after seeing the body being throw here and there just to block to ball from entering the goal. It must be hurt to be hit by the coming ball moreover need to block the high speed and hard ball. No wonder the goal keeper usually equip with safety wear.
The football club manager Arsene Wenger? Am I right? I'm not sure whether I spell it correct or not I saw it few times in football magazines and arsenal book that Boyf bought before. I shall check it through Google. Okie is correct. Hahahaha...watching their match but not knowing who they are. Typical girl who's not interested in football or sports. And the handsome footballers waving and clasping as a sign that they have a good training.
Both team after some rest and changing of attire, formally enter the battle field with pride and honor then sing both national anthem? Well for Malaysia, yes it is our national anthem but for Arsenal I'm not too sure as I can't remember clearly plus their team have other country citizens so I don't think they sing their national anthem because it will be a disgrace to others so I'm guessing they sang their own club anthem. After some formal hand shakes and introduction, games start!
My view towards the battle field.
End of the game, both thanks the audiences for supporting and cheering for them.
Arsenal won, well that's already expected from me and the footballers was taking their shirt off to show off their chocolate abs, praising their each others for the good game, clasping and waving to the audiences. 
OH oh oh!!! Though we did eat something before we go for the match but my tummy metabolism is working hard so I'm getting a bit hungry even before the match started so Boyf asked me to buy burger from the mobile seller as he's lazy to walk out and wanted to watch the training session, well I'm ok with it since I never try something like that and Boyf said when come to watch a match like this one must try this feeling although the food is not awesome.

I though there will a cart or someone carry a box or a basket selling food or beverage but the sales person is someone bolder than that, no cart or anything, he just carry the mineral waters and burger in a big bag plastic on his shoulder. I bought the burger but the burger doesn't look appetizing or good, and yes it doesn't taste awesome as well but still it is editable, just enough to filled my hungry tummy.

IQ Puzzle Beads

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This is one of the game I used to enjoy when I was still an undergraduate student. I only play this game when I have to study for my exams, only that period of time, other times mostly I spend the rest of my day on social medias. I only play this during the exams period.

I played this game before during my high school years when my GodSis who went to study her teacher diploma programs back then and brought back this game for some academic purposes, she let me play for awhile and I got hooked but unfortunately I have to returned it back as it is not mine and is the school property, I shouldn't take it just because I got hooked with it. However, I did look around so I can buy it but it's hard to find...

Fortunately during my first year of university. my university organized an event called 'Mind Festivals' where we can attend and hear speakers' talked about how to improve our memory and analytic, fast calculations and many more. Not only this festival offer seminars but also many interesting mind games and visuals. Very interesting event and I did not regret to attend it even though it took my precious morning sleep.

I went with the cunning gang, the gang of mine, after few talks that we attended our brain was so loaded and call it a day and will attend the rest of the talks the next day so, we decided to walk around the hall to look around the interesting stuffs. At one point all of us was attracted to this particular stall that was set-up at there, we visited the stall, goofed around the academic play stuffs then I saw this IQ Puzzle Beads. Snapped! I told Boyf that I want it and we asked for the price, it was below RM 15, ok it was within our budget so yup and yay!!! I bought it. Really happy.
Above is the picture of the grade analysis book. It started with 10 beads then as the level going higher the lesser the beads is and the more challenging it is.

Of course many will ask why play this during the exams period where study/revision is already tiring enough. Well that's the reason I play it, because my course involved with many theories, too many theories and memorizing it wore off my brain functioning due to this reason I need a game that make my brain work, a game that play an active role to make my brain working, doing the thinking and so on rather than just focusing in memorizing the terms from the piles of books which is very dreadful for me. My way of study is:

1. Plan the syllabus or chapter to study
2. Time-out/break session (must firm with self-disciplines) as many will feel lazy to continue after some rest.
3. Drinks a lots of waters
4. Eat a proper meals
5. Have enough rest.

This is the way I do my revision, while others may have different way of study, I have a friend that need to listen to classical music while study while some others need group study. There is many ways to have an effective study methods, find one that suit you, try all the method possible then choose the one suited you the most.

Talking about it makes me miss my study life, anyhow although I finished my degree life but I still keep the IQ beads with me in a safe place. I think I need to take it out again to play again as I haven't finish all the levels.

Childhood Electronic Games

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Was reading 9gag and I saw this Minesweeper game that everyone have in their computer, hmmm...I can't be sure these days still have it or not but I can be sure that the past model of computer surely have this game. It used to be passing time game for me. This game actually require some analytic in order to win without clicking the bomb but for me I never play it that way because I'm too lazy to do so, my way of playing it is always randomly click it, I rely and fate? Hahahahhaha...no la...I just lazy plus if it bomb nobody will die nor I will be losing any money from it, right? Anyone still playing it?
Anyone have this as their possession before when their are young? I used to have one because MummyQ don't allow me to have real life pet so I rear an electronic pet. This thing is called Tamagotchi, I believe is quite hard to find one these days because there is more advance electronic games available at the market now. In my time, this electronic game is the most advance and who ever own one is one rich kid - well the parent is rich. I'm eye-ing for really long and begged MummyQ to buy me one but she never buy me one. Buy because I have Godbro who like this so he had one from my Godmum and seeing we always fight to play the game so, she eventually buy one for me but not the original one like what Godbro have but instead a fake one that she bought at market. Well, I was very young back then and I don't even know what is original or fake or whatsoever as long as I get to play one then I'm happy. I don't remember I still kept or have them until the Spring cleaning but I decided to let go of it (threw away) because it is already badly spoil. Ah those day...I miss it so much. Hate being an adult, never wanted to be an adult!!!

Books I Would Like Have

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I get to read these books it is all thanks to the person who is good at nothing although in appearance that person is successful and have this books at the so called library but to me that person is good but nothing worth, a person not is not a human at all. What a waste that these precious books own by that person but it's ok, thanks to that person I learned my lesson hard that I need to take Luvox and Xanax to fix my depression and anxiety disorder but also thanks to that person I learned to get to know these books, if I have these books I will learned in a right humanity path instead. For me it is a books on how to be a successful person as a human created by Gods' and not measure by wealth. Learned that assholes!!! That's the different between us!!! You take advantages of people and fully utilized on how to used them to gain your profit while I let you took that advantages of me because of what I prefer to work in that field, therefore, I'm mentally suffered. Now I had left, I'm at ease although the consequences I bear to huge that I hardly can repay back to my loved ones but because of that I gain my wisdom, be a wiser person, be an understanding person and I will never ever take advantages of other people for own profit or benefits, I have my own live philosophy and I will follow it although it will not land me wealth in terms of materials but it land me wealth in terms of being a human which it is more value and priceless to me.

Dear Assholes,

Karma gonna hit you one day, some day, maybe not this life but might be your future life. I'm not going able to see that to happen and I'm not interest in it either but I want to wish you luck. An advice from me, being more experience, being more older, being more wealthier than me doesn't mean that you are a better person. There's more better person in this world and that person doesn't mean that they all come in the same hierarchy. A beggar can be a better person too. A psychological person can be a better person too. But I bet that you'll never learn this lesson. So, good luck to you!

P.s: Don't be bothered by above comments, it is just a way for me to lament my anger and disappointed toward someone that I used to looked up to and respect but now it all went to excretion.

Still I want to have these books with me in near future because it gave a good lesson and because of the books as well I able to go through the dark journey with that company. It gave me strength and positive energy, I feel at ease every time I read them and I really want to have those strength and energy back! Hmm...it's not easy to find them but slowly I believe I will. Law of Attraction! Peace & Cheer!

From now I'm going to be better, better meaning that I will let it go, let go of all those sadness and negativity that they caused me because I don't want any relapse from my depression and I'm getting better after months but anxiety, I'm still fighting for it! So wish me luck!

My Beloved Convent Light Street Canteen Food - Economy Rice

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I've spend a good 13 years in this school since kindergarten years until I finished my high school.  I admit that I have a deep feeling and fond with this school, all the good and bad memories, this school is one of the root I grow up up with, the root that make me live, have friends that I dear for, equip me with knowledge and historical building that I grow up with, does that mean I'm indirectly part of the history? I hope so.

Although we have primary (junior grade) canteen and we shouldn't go to secondary (senior grade) canteen just because there is boundaries we shouldn't cross the line but I often sneaked to senior grade canteen after school to buy their foods because they have more selection. When I'm at my senior grade, my weight went up really fast because of the canteen great food, I just can't have enough from it and even bought back home sometimes for late lunch and dinner.

Of course I didn't get to take many photos of my school awesome foods because during my time, the technology wasn't that advance yet and we have very strict rules needed to be follow. Above photo were taken when I revisited my school for some matters and coincidentally some of the stalls still available and I just drop by to buy their Economy Rice, because by the time I went there is almost time they finish operating their business and nothing much left over so I just packed my rice with whatever dishes being left over. I took some deep-fried nuggets, deep-fried won tan (dumpling), chicken fillets and some sambal gravy. Although it is a very simple dish but for me I basically-partially grew up with this simple food so, to me this food is very memorable and nice to eat. The taste actually is pretty nice, the chicken fillet is tender although it may look dry and very less coating but it is flavorful, deep fried won tan is a bit sad but still is one of my favorite because its crispiness and non oily, best snacks for me, the sad part is because the meats is really little but because of that it makes the best snacks, just like Korean flat dumpling. While for nuggets, is just normal nuggets we can get it from frozen store so nothing much to comment about it and the sambal gravy is very flavorful, not really spicy but able to taste the spiciness and thee color looks good too.

Talking about that makes me really miss my school and the foods especially my favorite spot where I often sit at there to ease my fatigue after school hour, when I'm at there I'm at my most peace of mind. I wish I never grow up.

Glutinous Rice Cut - Muah/Muar Chee @ Lintang Slim

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My grand place may not be famous for anything and may not have famous foods around that many people will recognized but as for me who partially being groom and grow up from that area I find there is few foods that I'm very fond with and find some of the foods taste really nice but just not famous or well-known by people only.

So, today I would like to introduce this Muah Chee - Glutinous Rice Ball as what people often refer it but for me I prefer refer it as Glutinous Rice Cut because the shape isn't really in round ball shape, moreover the glutinous rice paste is being cut into small pieces by pastries cutter.

I've tried many places muah chee but still I think nothing beat this old aunty muah chee, maybe because of her experience in making, this muah chee is absolute yummy! The picture may not look convincing and that picture was taken when I'm still using my very old phone camera, I've already tried my best to make the picture look more appealing and that's the best I can do.

This aunty muah chee, the glutinous rice cut is so very smooth and moist, super soft although there is some oil used during mixing the ingredients but there is no trace of oil in it so, I assume the amount of oil the aunty use is at the correct ratio, however, when you see the glutinous rice being scoop up from the barrel, you'll be able to see the glutinous rice looks sparkling shining. Okie dokie, let's continue with the other ingredients. The crushed peanuts is definitely nice, it is not really powdery and there is still rough chunks of the peanuts so you'll can taste both texture of the peanuts which I personally prefer this way of serving, it is very aromatic, the stir-fried peanuts then later being pound freshly the taste is really different. Plus it doesn't taste too sweet
and the sugar that the aunty use is superr fine sugar so it blend/mix well with the peanuts.

It has been awhile since I last had it and MummyQ informed me that the aunty did not operate her business that often anymore due to her very old age and now she just operate her business like once or twice in a week only. But before she completely retire from this small business I really would like to have it once again.