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Saw this Lili Chin's on Facebook sharing and both of us decided to download it for our future use on our house decorations. Yup you read it right, for decoration, we plan to hang these cute illustration of furbaby on our house wall. We would like to relay our thanks to Lili Chin's for her cutely illustrate furbaby. Now I can imagine our future house cutely and lovely decorate.

I love dogs but have bad experienced with dogs, eventually I did overcome it with Ah Boy whom we once take care of him since baby puppy and a Boyf who loves dogs, who still guiding me about dogs. Remember in previous post I did mentioned my furbaby fall ill because of the stupid worms? He was there and hands-on on this matter and console me everything going to be alright. I'm thankful that he is guiding me all these knowledge about dogs and we are going to create warm and cute house in near future.

Dogs. Language / Do & Don't

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For the past few weeks, my baby fatty Yoshi has been losing her fatty appetite and fatty weight which really makes me worry about her, we both brought her to vet and eventually that fatty have worms in her baby tummy, YOU STUPID WORMS! I"M GONNA KILL YOU ALL! Baby was on the medication and now she have gain back her appetite and weight, still I'm sad because her baby fats all is gone, both her papa and me myself are working hard to feed back as much as we can according to her diet so she could gain back her previous weight. 

*Furbaby fall ill & the mama also fall sick*.

My fault also because I felt it is bad to keep her have dry foods always and thought she might be bored to it so I eventually bought tons of wet food for her and is the wet foods that cause her to have worms! Sorry baby, mama bad, no more wet food for you at the moment until you are fully recover and less wet foods for you after recovered. Also if mama got time, mama going to cook you healthy organic food for you. *fingers cross*

Dear all and furbaby parents, above are some useful info graphics for your reference regarding your furbaby behaviors and our do'd and don't to them. Although I have my furbaby for 7 years already but I'm still learning as her parent because as they age, their behaviors, emotion and etc change too, so I really need to pay attention on this as according to their(dog) world not only human world. 

Happy 2016 Chinese New Year & Hou Yeah Year

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This year company event decoration was also handled by M and me myself as the main coordinator, we both started early but we still unable to complete it due to so many unexpected circumstances that happened to both of us despite all the workload to complete before company shut down during the celebrations. Above is both of us working hard to complete the big picture of our monkey king. That's M hand diligently working to cut it.
Here is the 40% of the art work that I able to took a picture of it. The complete set, I wasn't able to take the picture due to really unexpected circumstances incident happened to me and I was on medical leave until the following week I return back to work. But the 100% art work really very nice although so many changes happened compared to our main original plan due to M and me suddenly on medical leave both at the same time and super thanks to my other teams whom lending us their time and hands to complete it.
Very naughty colleagues who Ang Pows my place instead of sticky notes.Really receives their loves to the max although it does makes me go speechless. Also helped me and M complete the 12 zodiac cycle on the wall. Isn't it pretty? All the monkeys was personally colored by each one of the team members in the office, basically this time round of decorations, everyone contributed their idea and artwork.
A closer look at my place! Aren't they are lovely colleagues of mine? Don't be jelly and I'm blessed to have them around me.
2016 economy in Malaysia really go terribly bad that the inflation rate is no joke at all. Everything shrink in size but the prices are sky rocketing. Used to receives really big and good quality hampers but this year really shrink. Anyhow, I'm still really thankful that we still able to receives it, after all it is about sincerity right? Thank you~!
My very first Ang Pow of the year. Frozen ang pow! Really? =.=''
Remember above I did mentioned I wasn't able to complete the artwork? I was admitted to hospital due to suspected dengue which turn out to be serious viral infection and serious acute gastroenteritis. While M was admitted to hospital due to dengue. First I was suspected dengue because in the office including M are about 6 people gotten dengue and they are all just seat around me. Luckily it is not dengue but the stupid viral infection and gastroenteritis also no jokes which until now I still feel the pain occasionally.
Everyone thank you for the beautiful pink flowers and basket of fruits. It is lovely and warmth to receive it. It does cheer up my day at the hospital.
Plus it also makes me feel like a VIP in the ward room =)

That's end of my lunar new year posting and hope the new year will bring me more luck, wealth and health. No more hospitalize and health issues! All I need now is luck and wealth due to the Malaysia weak economy and high living cost. May my wish can be summon this year. Dear all please bless me.

I hereby would like to... WISH everyone a...



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Yesterday, last week, last month and last year I didn't blog much because my work schedule is no joke and if there is time for me, I just give myself a well rest. 

Last year has been a good year for me and I have so much fun! Without realizing it the year has passed with a blink of eyes, time do have wings, they just flew.

Last year Christmas was good because I got the opportunity to in-charge of decorate the office and organize the holly celebration with the entire factory and corporate team. Well you can refer to the above picture of how I actually decorate the office, basically I just turn the whole office upside down and my MD SD just speechless with me because I just turn his Christmas tree into leafless and modern one. 

And last year although is good but still there is some huge disappointment moments happened. Life will never give you a straight line else, there will be no fun right?

So look back at last year checklist and see whether I achieve it or not...

1) Work more smarter & harder & wiser (Checked!)
2) Play even harder & smarter compared to last year (Checked!)
3) Earn more $$$ & save more $$$ 
4) Blog more *hopefully*
5) Participate more healthy event. Is a must to register PBIM 2015! 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas) - at least one (backpack) (Checked!)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts - (Checked!)
8) Become more tougher, brave, courageously & firm
9) 2015 is a year to lose weight
10) Target affordable house
11) Be more healthy
12) Become a responsible citizen. I must do this as I've promised myself but have yet to do it (Checked!)
13) Read more books (Checked!)
14) Save more $$$ as well
15) Spend more time with loved ones (Checked!)
16) Exercise more
17) Improve my languages 
18) Become prettier. I mean at least able to put on some make up. Learn.
19) Improve my fashion sense and shop more (Checked!)
20) Become better person (Checked!)
21) Strengthen my relationship with other although they are people that deserve a slap in their face. Compromise and tolerance Angeline. Compromise and tolerance. 
22) Be happier person and don't ever allow anxiety disorder and depression happen again (Checked!)
23) Learn to cook/bake more (Checked!)
24) Improve my driving skills (Checked!)
25) I think is time for me and Boyf to take more photos of ourselves 
26) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan (Checked!)

Total achieve: 13/26 (Half)

Half was ticked = consider not bad for me, especially someone so lazy like me. And 2015 I became a certified trainer for my company. BIG achievement for me and it help to unlock for better opportunity.

2016 checklist will be...

1) Work more smarter & wiser
2) Play smarter 
3) Earn more
4) Save more 
4) Blog more
5) Active in healthy events 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts
9) Get a house
10) Be healthy
11) Exercise more
12) Learn extra languages
13) Learn some make-up
14) Strengthen my compromise and tolerance
15) Cook/bake more 
16) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan
17) Clear my CC loan
18) Repay study loan
19) Join some crazy games or sport
20) Collect more of my favorite collection
21) Be more giving than just receiving
22) Less lazy around

That is for my this year checklist. Do you think I will be able to make it? For some definitely will say this is easy peasy but for me this is never easy because my commitments is too much and self development is not a day or two can be done or achieve. Above all checklist is more to tolerance and discipline also self development. Hopefully I can make it! *Fingers cross*

P/s: Diet and lose weight will never ever in my list already because it is impossible for me and being slim is have no point if the health is not good.  

Mars VS Snickers

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I know usually gymers will have this before any gym exercise or marathoners eat this for energy booster to complete the marathon.

Here I am here not a gym nor marathon person but I have this because sometimes I crave for it.

I'm not big fans of chocolate but I never dislike them either too. I need them especially during my menstrual cycle, not always but sometimes the cycle really kill me internally.

After few years of trying both flavors and determined which is my favorite flavors, I guess Mars tastes better but Snickers are good during my menstrual cycle.

During the internally killing process of my menstrual cycle I will have Snickers but if for fun and craving fix, it will be Mars.

Can you share with me which is your favorite?

Actually I still don't know which is my favorite because I just them to save from the menstrual pain...

Mi Band

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Got this surprise gift from Boyf few months back when I'm having difficulties with my sleep pattern out of no reason, and he bought me this device to track my sleep pattern and at what time the sleep got disturbed.
 The band, adapter/charger and manual book.
Nice right? And so sweet of him to noticed my disturbed sleep, all these times I thought when he sleep he will sleep like a dead log but he notice. I have been complaining to him that he is not details and sensitive toward me but I guess I'm wrong, he cares and notices me, just that well, a man is a man and a guy is a guy, they show loves differently and this man of mine is one typical guy that don't show loves or affection openly, he show by all his actions.

Thanks to this device I now know what is the problem and have fix the trouble maker, since then I sleep soundly and manage to gain back my concentration and alertness. 

It is easy to wear, it just takes few hours to charge the usage and is waterproof. Besides, works as sleep tracker, it is very good for those who love exercise to track your health and an alarm too. 

I'm not a healthy person so I don't wear it often, like whenever I got sleep problem I only wear it to sleep to track. Maybe I should start some exercise and utilize.

Is it cheap and can be bought from Mi website too. Please click here to direct to the page and here to the product information. 

Kek Lok Si During Chinese New Year

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The Fresh Flowers
Chinese Bottle Gourd/Calablash
Wishing Bell
The Plastic Flowers
Chinese Lanterns in the Pagoda
Red Pentas Flowers
More Chinese lanterns with wishlist
Another pagoda on top of the temple
The Pagoda
Half of the front view of Kek Lok Si

Varieties of Candies from Daiso

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I love go to Daiso to buy their all kind of sweets/candies they offer at their snacks display. I don't know how it taste like but I like to try it randomly, like above picture shown i bought it randomly but it doesn't suit my taste so I give it to my relatives to have it.

Buying candies at Daiso is a gamble for me because I cannot read both Chinese and Japanese (Nihon-go) characters but is a fun gamble for me.
Although above pictured candies doesn't suit my taste but most of the times their candies suit my taste and I often buy from there because it tastes nice also the price per packet is cheap, worth the purchase.

Usually they sell hard candies but the size of the candies is big, way worth to buy from Daiso than local candies in my opinion. It is candies but surprisingly it doesn't taste too sweet either and very flavorful, the texture and taste is thick too.

Recently I bought another packet of candies from Daiso, apple flavor and it really freshen my mouth after an onion marathon for few nights for my dinner.

Since few years back I have started to buy candies from Daiso because of my cheapskate and demanding taste and I really happy to shop at there.

For those who have yet to buy anything from Daiso especially the candies then you can start to buy from there already, really worth the try.

Remarks: I usually go to Queensbay Mall Daiso for candies shopping.

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink

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Decided to dye my own hair because I'm broke but I need to look good during last Chinese New Year and bought Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink to dye at home and also because of the packaging looks cute!
Inside the box consist of gloves, instruction manual, hair conditioner, comb, dye color and the color mixtures.
After the mixture, dye, wait, wash, condition, blow dry, comb and snapped a picture of it. This is the result, not bad right right? But please IGNORE the bald part of my hair...I'm having bad hair falls starting this years, I think the age has hit me badly plus bad heredity from parents.

That's not the focus part, the FOCUS part is the hair color. Since I do it by myself, some part is not well covered and still can see my grey hairs striking out underneath. Overall, I like the color. Nice try and definitely will try again near future.